How To Choose A Toilet Seat

Toilet seats probably aren't something that occupy your thoughts too frequently. But when the toilet seat you have cracks, it becomes a dire necessity. Thinking this will be a quick and easy purchase, you rush off to the store, only to find a wide variety of materials, styles and features.

Below we'll explore the surprisingly detailed world of toilet seats. We'll also help you make the best choice for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Toilet Seat Material?

Some of the most common materials toilet seats come in include:


Most toilet seats are made primarily of plastic. That makes them lightweight and less prone to warping from moisture. They often tend not to be painted, so paint will not bubble and crack if you get water on the toilet seat. They also tend to be less expensive.  Plastic is easy to clean, too. Choose a plastic toilet seat if you're looking for a no-fuss product with minimal care.

White Classic Plastic Toilet Seat
White Modern Plastic Round Toilet Seat
Gray Classic Plastic Toilet Seat
White Modern Plastic Iluminated Toilet Seat
Black Classic Plastic Toilet Seat
White Elegant Plastic Shell Toilet Seat


These are typically chosen with style in mind. You can add rich texture to your bathroom space with a wooden toilet seat. Some styles may also be molded on the top to provide a different texture, like faux stone.

White Simple Wooden Toilet Seat
White Classic Wooden Rounded Toilet Seat
Brown Classic Wooden Rounded Toilet Seat
Black Elegant Wooden Toilet Seat
Brown Classic Wooden Toilet Seat
Blue Stylish Wooden Toilet Seat


You can also find toilet seats in specialty materials. One example is Polyresin. This can create a clear appearance where you can see straight into the bowl. Often, this material may have objects set into it to create a theme, such as set-in seashells. This is another material with style as the main focus.

You can also find toilet seats that are acrylic. Choose these for their durability. The acrylic may also be used as a glass style coating that gives more sheen; it often covers and protects certain designs on the lid.

Black Modern Polyresin Toilet Seat
Gray Elegant Polyresin Toilet Seat
White Stylish Polyresin Toilet Seat
Blue Elegant Polyresin Rounded Toilet Seat
White Elegant Polyresin Toilet Seat
Red Elegant Polyresin Rounded Toilet Seat

What Is the Best Design for Toilet Seats?

You have many different choices when it comes to the overall design of the toilet seat and the various features from those designs, which we'll outline below.

  • Round vs. elongated toilet seats: Whether you choose a round or elongated seat will depend on the shape of your toilet. Elongated models were made with greater comfort in mind. They also fit into smaller bathrooms with more narrow spaces. Round shapes are common in older models of toilets. Round toilets tend to have lengths of 16.5 to 17.75 inches. Elongated toilets tend to have lengths of 18 to 19.5 inches.
  • Adaptive toilet seats: These varieties are raised and often have handles. If you or someone you live with has mobility problems, looking into this type.
  • Padded toilet seats: Some seats come padded; choose this type if comfort is a priority.
  • Slow-close toilet seats: These have hinges that are designed to close slowly when pressed down slightly. Choose this type if you're tired of carefully closing the seat so it doesn't slam. A good choice for houses with kids, too.
  • Electric models: Yes, there is now such a thing as a smart toilet seat. These often have control panels on the side that run an added bidet function. Chose this option if you like the idea of getting as clean as humanly possible.
  • Nightlights: Some toilet seats also come with an added nightlight, often placed under the lid and will trigger when you lift up the lid. If you often find yourself going to the bathroom at night, this can be a convenient option.

How to Choose a Toilet Seat Color and Style?

Beyond the practicalities, toilet seats also come in a wide variety of colors and aesthetic styles. Below we'll look at some of the top colors and styles you'll find. We'll also cover when it makes sense to consider each.

  • Basic white style: Since this is the default type of toilet seat on the market and a neutral shade, you can fit this toilet seat into just about any bathroom style and it looks like it belongs. Choose this type if you have a casual bathroom space, a light color scheme or a modern space, especially.
  • Woodgrain: If you have a rustic or classic bathroom space with tons of texture in it, wood-style toilet seats can add rich texture and color.
  • Solid colors: You can also find toilet seats in just about whatever solid color you want, from gold to dark red to soft pink. If you have a very distinct color scheme in your bathroom, you may want to find a toilet seat to match.
White Classic Rounded Toilet Seat
Brown Traditional Wooden Toilet Seat
Gray Classic Plastic Toilet Seat
Black Classic Wooden Rounded Toilet Seat
Dark Brown Classic Wooden Toilet Seat
  • Marbled design: Many toilet seats are molded to look like they have a marble appearance. If you have a lot of stonework in your bathroom, this style can fit right in. These also look nice in spa-style bathrooms where natural textures dominate and regal bathrooms with an upscale look.
Pink Traditional Wooden Marble Toilet Seat
Black Classic Wooden Marble Toilet Seat
Brown Classic Wooden Marble Rounded Toilet Seat
Black Traditional Wooden Marble Toilet Seat
White Classic Wooden Marble Toilet Seat
White Classic Wooden Marble Rounded Toilet Seat
  • Set-in objects: Some styles are very unique, with a clear look that has items set into the toilet seat itself. You might find seashells set into the toilet seat or even coins. These are good for funky and artistic spaces.
  • Picture themes: Other toilet seats have designs on the lid, like a Zen style might show a water lily on some rocks. Picture lids are great for matching the theme of a bathroom.
Blue Elegant Polyresin Toilet Seat
Stylish Wooden Picture Toilet Seat
Transparent Stylish Polyresin Toilet Seat
Elegant Wooden Picture Toilet Seat
Blue Stylish Polyresin Rounded Toilet Seat
White Stylish Wooden Picture Toilet Seat

Quick Tips

You wouldn't think shopping for toilet seats could get so detailed so quickly. To keep the process simple, here are some key takeaways:

  • You should first look at your toilet to see if you need a round or elongated seat. 
  • From there, decide which features make the most sense for your situation. For instance, if you've long been annoyed that your husband keeps slamming the toilet seat down, look into a slow-close style.
  • Visualize how different styles will fit into your current bathroom design scheme and match accordingly. For instance, modern and bright spaces can get away with a basic white toilet seat.
  • Your style preferences and feature selections will most likely inform the material. For instance, a spa style in the bathroom might necessitate a marble pattern with a wooden base. 
  • However, go with a sturdy plastic material if longevity and no-fuss cleaning are your primary focus.

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