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Clamp lamps are wonderful and versitile, which is why they are the most popular lamp choice of most students. They clip easily onto a shelf overlooking your student's desk area, and their neck is easy to adjust. They plug into a standard socket, and can handle just about any bulb, although we recommend a 40 watt LED to keep your student cool. Pick one of these out for someone special.

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Our Picks

Vintage clamp desk lamp

Vintage clamp desk lamp

Vintage headlight desk lamp with clamp mounting bracket, covered with intriguing rusty patina. Distressed green shade matches the Edison bulb exquisitely well. Distressed, industrial style oriented item - indispensable at working station.

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Black metal articulating clamp desk lamp

Black metal articulating clamp desk lamp

I love the combination of an old, rustic desk and the contemporary desk lamp. Very vintage design, beautiful in its simplicity. If you’re looking for gorgeous, contrasting elements this setup might interest you.

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Clamp desk lamp

Simple desk lamp. This metal adjustable lamp due to metal clamp can be attached to desk or table. It is small, movable and battery powered, so you can take away it everywhere. Bright and concentrated light plays its part in every conditions.

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Clamp desk lamp 6

Desk lamp in industrial style. Frame is made of metal and fitted with clip for easy mounting. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and functional design.

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Clamp on desk lamp

A functional desk lamp in a vintage design. It features a cool, rustic look due to a brass structure with a deep golden finish. The lamp can be easily mounted to the desk and you can adjust its height the way you need it.

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Vintage Industrial Gooseneck Clamp Lamp Adjustable Brass Work Light Faries Shade

Vintage Industrial Gooseneck Clamp Lamp Adjustable Brass Work Light Faries Shade

If you’re looking for a piece to light up your workshop and make it easier to work at night, take look at this beautiful, industrial gooseneck lamp, made out of brass with a unique look to it.

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Clamp desk lamp 5

This clamp desk lamp is a great proposition for all those, who like to work or craft at home. If you have your workshop or at least a drafting table, it will suit perfectly your needs. Made from solid oak wood, guarantees sustainability.

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Clamp desk lamp 15

Artemide Tolomeo Table Clamp Desk Lamp in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, USA ~ Krrb

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Industrial Gooseneck Lamp Clamp On

Industrial Gooseneck Lamp Clamp On

Desk lamp with antique finish. Frame is made of iron. Ideal as desk lamp or additional source of light in any interior as needed.

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Clamp bedside lamp

The Clamp Lamp by Pablo Designs: Designed by Dana Cannam for Pablo Designs, the Clamp Lamp uses no fasteners or screws to position itself nicely on the side of your desk. The adjustable head slides up and down the stem and stays in place — just where yo

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Clamp Desk Lamp

Buying Guide

Ideally, your desk lamp’s light shade should be positioned around eye level to minimize glare and eye strain. Desk lamps can measure anywhere between 13” to 40” high, with some being shorter and some being longer. Luckily, clamp desk lamps are adjustable so you can always fine-tune the position of the lampshade for optimum lighting to work beneath. This way, you can place the beam at eye level when writing and bring it closer or further away when working on other tasks.

It’s also good to keep in mind that the taller the desk lamp, the more lit up your desk area will be. So, if you have a huge desk, go for a taller desk lamp such as 41” high with a long adjustable stand to ensure full coverage of your workspace.

A clamp desk lamp should provide enough light for you to read, write and perform other common tasks comfortably. Most people are aware of this, but too much light can be an even bigger problem than insufficient light.

However, the ideal amount of light will depend on the purpose for which you need it. For daily purposes such as reading and writing, 450 lumens will suffice, and for more intricate tasks such as sewing, heavy-duty drafting, and working with small pieces of accessories, 800 to 1100 lumens is recommended.

Best Ideas

Industrial gooseneck clamp lamp

Industrial gooseneck clamp lamp

A simple, gooseneck lamp in an industrial style. It's equipped in a clamp, which you can easily attach to any flat surface. You can also adjust the height of the lamp they way you need it. A top choice for reading and working.

Clamp desk lamp 1

Vintage Clamp Desk Lamp

Gooseneck clamp lamp

Vintage desk lamp that provides headlight illumination. This element of home equipment features a durable metal desk mounting element and a solid frame. It features a small shade that assures good illumination of working space.

Cream clamp desk lamp shop more from the lighting collection

Cream Clamp Desk Lamp. Shop more from the Lighting collection at ...

Clamp on steel and brass articulating desk lamp work light

Clamp on steel and brass articulating desk lamp, work light

Clamp On Task 18" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Clamp On Task 18" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Industrial work light clamp desk lamp clamp on your desk

Industrial Work Light Clamp Desk Lamp Clamp on your desk for the ultimate in task lighting. This industrial chic desk lamp is raw brushed steel with heavy turned hardware and detailed industrial elements. Pivoting adjustable arm raises as lowers to direc

Pink sempe w103c desk clamp lampwastberg comes in non clamp

Pink Sempe w103c Desk Clamp LampWastberg - comes in non-clamp Desk Lamp version too

Clamp desk lamp 22

Small Clamp Desk Lamp

Desk lamp with clamp

Designed by Dana Cannam for Pablo Designs, the Clamp Lamp uses no fasteners or screws to position itself nicely on the side of your desk. The adjustable he

Clamp desk lamp 26

Lavish Home Modern Contemporary LED Clamp Desk Lamp

Clamp desk lamp 21

Restored Antique Brass Clamp Desk Lamp, c.1920

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Vintage clamp lamp desk lamp in blue

Vintage Clamp Lamp Desk Lamp in Blue