Childrens Rocking Chairs


Kids love it when you rock them, while reading a story or just to sleep, and that rocking sensation can be translated in their very own childrens rocking chairs. In plenty of styles to match your kid's personality, show them this collection and let them pick out their own rocking chair. They will love it, and you will appreciate how much use it gets.

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Our Picks

Rocking Hammock

A simple, but useful piece of equipment designed for providing comfort to young users. It is a hammock that has got a solid wooden frame with a rocking function. The comfortable surface is made of cotton.

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Kids Rocking Chair

Kids Rocking Chair

A rocking chair for kids or - your small princess! High quality wooden construction and the prettiest white and pink colors. Crown, stars and ribbons add the style. Great piece for your daughter's bedroom or a gift.

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Childrens Rocking Chair

Childrens Rocking Chair

Now you can adorn your children's room with this gorgeous rocking chair for little ones. Made of sturdy wood and beautifully hand-painted, the chair comes with a slatted seat, widened armrests and well-shaped rockers.

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Rocking chair for toddlers

Personalized Painted Rocking Chair for a girl or a boy. The pictures are examples of custom owl child rocking chairs I have painted. You can choose

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Rocking chairs childs rocking chair with serendipity motif

... > Rocking Chairs > Child's Rocking Chair with Serendipity Motif

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Children's Rocking Chair

Children's Rocking Chair

Lovely traditional rocker for kids aged 3-4. It's of wood with a glossy brown finish. It features lathed both legs, arm front supports and back side stiles. It has a rounded seat, a wavy top rail, straight crossbars and back's central slats.

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Kid's Rocking Chair

Kid's Rocking Chair

It is a kids rocking chair that has got a light finish and solid wood construction. It is a perfect addition to your kids room. If you looking for great rocking chair, you need to choose this one.

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Hoohobbers Rocking Chair, Blue Mesh

This rocking chair is the perfect solution for anyone who likes to relax in this type of place. Gentle rocking calm nerves, soothe and provide a full rest. It's the perfect way to to regain your strength.

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Guidecraft Playoffs Collection Rocking Chair

It is a colorful rocking chair that has got a sport motif and solid construction. It is perfect as a gift and as an addition for your kids room. Everyone will be impressed how cool it looks in your home.

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Gift Mark Deluxe Children's Spindle Rocking Chair, Espresso

This rocking chair is available in five colors to choose: cherry, espresso, honey, natural and white. It has got a solid wood construction and traditional design. It adds comfort and elegance to any home.

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Childrens Rocking Chairs

Buying Guide

When you’re considering the safety of children’s rocking chairs, you will need to incorporate a few common sense rules for their safe use. Parents have been using rocking chairs in nurseries for centuries, generally without any specific emergencies.

However, whether you purchase a rocking chair sized for adults or a small one specifically for children, you’ll want to supervise your child so they do not fall. Making sure that the rocker is properly anchored to the ground is also a good idea, to ensure that the rocker does not fall on top of your child.

You should choose a children’s rocking chair that’s designed for their age and that meets relevant safety standards.

For added comfort, consider picking one that includes supportive cushioning, but without compromising on the firmness of the seat.

For a more traditional and nostalgic feel, you can opt for a wooden model instead, especially if it’s mainly going to be a decorative piece rather than something you can see your child using every single day.

Children’s rocking chairs are most commonly made from wood. The most common type of softwood children’s rocking chairs are made from is pine, with oak and teak being the most common hardwoods.

Unfinished pine is ideal for a toddler’s room, as it is non-toxic and contains no VOCs, so it won’t irritate the child’s skin or mouth if they chew on the wood while teething.

Children’s rocking chairs can also be found in various other materials, such as wicker, plastic resin, injection molded plastic, fabric, and HDPE lumber. Plastic is an excellent option as it is easy to clean and comes in a variety of fun colors. HDPE lumber is an affordable yet durable wood substitute that offers the low-maintenance appeal of plastic with the cozy aesthetic of wood.

Best Ideas

Alphabet Kids Rocking Chair

Alphabet Kids Rocking Chair

A rocking chair for kids. Made of wood and finished in pretty white and green colors with nice pictures and alphabet letters. Carefully made and a great addition to any kids room or nursery. Also a wonderful gift.

Baby Doll Bedding Heavenly Soft Child Rocking Chair Cushion Pad Set, Blue

Adorable child's rocking chair pad that will add timeless old-world charm to the piece. Crafted of high-quality soft touch dotted minky fabric filled with polyfill to provide maximum comfort. Ties on each corner keep the pad in place.

Little girl rocking chair

Children's Rocking Chair Giraffe

Baby Doll Bedding Heavenly Soft Child Rocking Chair Pad, White

For ultimate softness that makes any rocking chair comfy, try a removable pad covering the seat and backrest - you'll be surprised how it boosts the comfort. This pad is white, it is reversible, and it has pockets for snacks.

Measurements 20 w x 21 d x 28 h

Measurements : 20"W x 21"D x 28"H

Gift mark childrens rocking chair by oj commerce3700w 54 90

Gift Mark Childrens Rocking Chair by OJ Commerce3700W - $54.90

Sundvik childrens rocking chair ikea rocking helps develop a child

SUNDVIK Childrens rocking-chair IKEA Rocking helps develop a child's sense of balance and the brain to sort sensory impressions.

Gift Mark Deluxe Children?s Spindle Rocking Chair, Natural

This fabulous rocker is going to give your little ones a soothing and fun rocking motion experience. Crafted from solid hardwood, including durable rockers, spindle stretchers, curvy armrests, a slat-style back, and a round edge seat.

Lovely childs rocking chair for childrens furniture classic

Lovely Child’s Rocking Chair for Children’s Furniture, Classic ...

Child Rocker Slat Seat Black

It is a piece of furniture created for young users. This rocking chair features a solid wooden construction, a comfortable seat and a supportive backrest. The size of this chair is 14.5L x 20W x 23.5H.

Jack-Post KN-10R Classic Child's Porch Rocker Red

It is a classic child’s porch rocker that has got a red color and is safe for your kids. If you looking for a great kids chair, you need to choose this one. It is a fantastic choice.

Gift Mark Child's Double Slat Back Rocking Chair, White

This adorable rocking chair is hand-crafted from solid hardwood, and covered in a beautiful, white finish. The chair provides smooth rocking motions, and is very well-made, so it's going to cheer up your little ones for a very long time.

Jack-Post KN-10W Classic Child's Porch Rocker White

This adorable rocking chair in a white finish has a maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs, and can be a great gift for your little ones. Crafted from sturdy wood, the chair is eco-friendly, and provides smooth rocking motions.

Guidecraft Tea Party Rocking Chair

This small rocking chair is going to put your little ones in a cheerful mood. The chair is hand-carved and hand-painted, with sturdy wood construction, and well-contoured rockers that ensure smooth and relaxing motions. An excellent piece for tea parties.