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9 Awesome Ideas On Sleeping Arrangements For Triplets

Triplets share an undeniable bond that needs to be nurtured even as they grow out of infancy and into their teenage years. Sharing a bedroom is one way to keep them close but can also cause a challenge when it comes to designing comfortable sleeping arrangements without overcrowding the room.

Not only will the size of the bedroom be a major factor, but also whether all three children are the same sex or not. You'll also need to account for their differing personalities, which continue to develop as they get older. Otherwise, you may find yourself changing the room layout over and over again until you find something that works for all.

These days, you can create your own solution and keep all three happy by considering the many options available. These might include purchasing one big bed, a set of separate beds, or a triple bunk bed that can be configured in various ways. Here are nine awesome ideas on sleeping arrangements to consider for your triplets sharing one room.

The 3 Bunk Bed High Solution

Who doesn't love bunk beds, especially kids? If you have relatively high ceilings, consider the 3 bunk bed high option. Find the best quality triple bunk bed you can and stack it high. Be sure, however, to allow at least two feet between the top bunk and the ceiling, so the child sleeping on top can sit up in bed.

You'll also want to ensure your triplets are old enough to navigate the ladder or stairs to the top bunk without slipping or falling. This access to the higher bunks needs to be as safe and stumble-free as possible. Also, make sure you have fixed railings on each of the top two bunks. If you want to add a little privacy, add a curtain to each level.

Not only is this a fun sleeping arrangement for your triplets, but it is a huge space-saver, freeing up needed space in the room for them to move about and play.

Twin over Twin Triple Bed
Twin over Twin Triple Bed

The Corner Bed Arrangement

Corners often lead to wasted space in a room, but they don't have to. Utilize a corner in the bedroom by placing right-angling beds here. This can include three different height beds, or a double bunk bed snuggled in one direction and a single bed in the other. As a bonus, this option allows for drawers or other storage solutions to be added under at least one of the beds.

Corner Bunk Bed for Triples
Corner Bunk Bed for Triples

Three Separate Beds Approach

If the shared bedroom is wide enough, you may want to consider adding three separate small beds. Place them in a line across the room at equal distance and decorate them the same or slightly different to reflect each triplet's personality. This slight separation provides each of them with their own sleeping space, lessening the possibility of being awakened by a tossing and turning sibling during the night.

The U-Shaped Arrangement

Instead of lining up three small beds with equal distance between them, arrange them in a U-shaped configuration, leaving space in the middle of the room for play. This way, your triplets can still see each other at night, which may help them fall asleep easier as well as stay asleep all night. The U-shaped sleeping arrangement layout is also ideal for those late-night conversations that only triplets can share.

U Shaped Arrangement Beds for Triplets
U-Shaped Arrangement Beds for Triplets

Bed-Sharing Plus One Bunk

If two of your triplets are the same sex, they may want to sleep together, especially while young. You don't have to separate them or move the other sibling out of the room. Consider a bed large enough for two with a single bunk bed set across the top of it. This saves space and provides the type of sleeping arrangement each triplet is comfortable with.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle
Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle

Bunk Beds Plus One Separate Single Bed

Another sleeping arrangement option, particularly if you have two boys and one girl (or vice versa), is to pair a double bunk bed with a separate single bed. Place the single bed on one wall and the bunk beds on another. This way, they are all still together but have their own separate space. This also makes it easier to decorate a room for both girls and boys.

Bedroom Idea with Metal Bunk Bed
Bedroom Idea with Metal Bunk Bed

Double Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed

If you are particularly limited on space, consider a double bunk bed with a trundle bed option. During the day, the trundle bed is tucked under the bottom bunk, allowing for more space in the room to move about. At night, you simply pull the trundle bed out and turn down the covers.

Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle in Grey
Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle in Grey

Triple Trundle Option

If cramped so that you can only fit one small bed in the room, consider the triple trundle bed option. This space-saving design folds away, tucking two of the beds under the third. Not only will this be fun for kids, but it opens up floor space during the day for play. When night rolls back around, simply pull or roll out the two trundle beds tucked away and let them crawl in.

Built-In Bunks

If you are good with tools and carpentry and have empty space between rooms, consider cutting into the wall and creating built-in bunk beds. This will free up practically the entire room for storage options, desks for homework, and a crafting station to keep your triplets busy for hours. While this solution may take considerably more time and effort, in the end, it may provide the optimal solution for your situation.

Built-in Bunks for Triplets
Built-in Bunks for Triplets

In essence, when creating ideal sleeping arrangements for your triplets in the same room, work with the space you have. Get creative and find ways to configure beds to not only fit the space but to fit their personalities. Avoid overcrowding by considering vertical options, such as a triple bunk bed, in addition to the horizontal ones.

The nine ideas mentioned here will hopefully get your creative juices flowing. Keep your triplets involved and make it fun for them as well. Ask for their opinions. Work together to make the room a place they enjoy being in, whether it be day or night.

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