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4 Bright Reasons to Get a Stiffel Lamp

Whether they've immediately stolen your attention at a friend's place or you've spotted them on the most aesthetically pleasing interior board on Pinterest, it's fair to say that, since you're here, Stiffel lamps must have brightened up your heart.

Well, we can't blame you. Each piece is a true work of art!

However, if you can't quite pin down their charm to something specific or you need to convince someone else in your household, here are four excellent reasons to love Stiffel lamps.

Burnished Brass Table Lamp
Gray Table Lamp
Antique Bronze Table Lamp
Purple Table Lamp
Gloss White Table Lamp

Stiffel lamps are an exclusive statement

Because there seems to be a bit of confusion around them, let's shed some light on what Stiffel lamps actually are:

  • Founded by Ted Stiffel in 1932, the Stiffel company specialized in adding beautiful details and aesthetic appeal to functional lamps, especially those with metal bases;
  • They drew inspiration from some of their contemporary trends (like art deco) to create unique, iconic designs that have survived the test of time;
  • Basically, when you choose a Stiffel lamp, you're making a conscious decorative statement;
  • You're bound to wow both those who know about them and those who are seeing them for the first time;
  • This is because, instead of a common mass-produced feel, your lamp will immediately inspire sought-after, precious and antique vibes.

They're available in a large variety of styles

Even though Stiffel lamps started out in the 30s, they've evolved throughout the decades, adding more modern twist to their most traditional designs:

  • This means that there's now a large pool of Stiffel lamps to choose from;
  • The most immediately recognizable Stiffel designs feature empire or bell-shaped shades, but you can now opt for more contemporary drum options, too;
  • While the base is always made of metal (except for a few extremely rare wooden models), you can find them in lots of finishes, from bronze to brass and much more: perfect to match your room's existing fixtures and palette!
Traditional Floor Lamp
Swing Arm Floor Lamp
Drum Floor Lamp

Stiffel lamps can help you reinforce modern and vintage interiors…

Thanks to their decorative approach and their history spanning back through various 20th century decades, Stiffel lamps are a classic choice in modern and vintage settings:

  • Whether your modern interiors draw inspiration from art deco or the 50s, you're guaranteed to find a Stiffel lamp that preserves the unique characteristics of that time;
  • If you just wanted to add a vintage touch to a more contemporary room, their retro shape alone will work wonders.

… but they can work just as well with other décor styles, too

Don't let their vintage past fool you! Sure, Stiffel lamps are a dream come true in those settings, but they can easily complement more contemporary rooms as well:

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