Wicker Rattan Dining Chairs


Wicker rattan dining chairs are not only sturdy, but they offer a classic country cottage feel that will keep you and guests cozy for years to come. Pair with decorative padding to change up the look for each season, and have an extra set on hand for everyday use. Bring that bit of country charm into your dinner room by choosing from the collection below.

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Wicker rattan dining chairs 16

Dining chair made of rattan and reinforced with solid supports. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

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Rattan dining chairs ikea

I strongly prefer my outdoor setting colorful, so this jubilant collection of wicker rattan chairs couldn't be passed up by me. Classic wicker weave design with arched backs and slightly sloping arms was completed with white seat cushions.

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Kitchen And Dining Chairs

Kitchen And Dining Chairs

If you like wicker furniture, this set of dining chairs may be a special proposition for you. Fitting well both indoors and outdoors, their rattan construction proves to be solid and sustainable for years.

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Wicker rattan dining chairs 23

Ultra-modern dining chairs built through a combination of rattan and wicker. The chairs are also supported by a sturdy wooden frame and come in a neatly glossed white finish for contemporary class. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Wicker rattan dining chairs 2

Well-built and slightly raised dining chairs built from a combination of wicker and rattan for long-lasting service. The chairs come with a high back design and are touched up with a deep-sea blue shade for outstanding vibrancy. You also get a strong footrest below for added comfort.

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Is kubu for you kubu grey rattan dining chairs 2

Is Kubu For You?: Kubu Grey Rattan Dining Chairs

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Cane chair spray painted in coral new bedroom inspiration

Cane Chair spray painted in Coral? New bedroom inspiration

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Wicker rattan dining chairs 26

House of Turquoise: Phoebe Howard

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Rattan dining chairs cottage dining room coastal living 2

Rattan Dining Chairs, Cottage, dining room, Coastal Living

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Wicker rattan dining chairs 33

Beautifully woven high back dining chair built from a stunning combination of rattan and wicker. The chair sits on four sturdy legs and comes with armrests included for comfort. It also comes in a neutral black finish that will blend into your outdoor landscape easily.

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Wicker Rattan Dining Chairs

Buying Guide

Rattan is a complement to various design styles, so it shouldn’t be limited to just one. Created from deftly woven palm fibers, rattan textures are traditionally designated as elements of coastal, bohemian, or country design styles. However, rattan can be used for various styles, either as a statement piece or to create a blended cohesive look.

A design style can more readily be identified by how you utilize the rattan itself. For example, it can be used to create mid-century-modern wicker rattan dining chairs when woven into modern organic shapes over a wooden frame with tapered legs. You could opt for painted rattan to achieve a more contemporary design.

Attach it to opposing materials and textures, and you create a totally different aesthetic. For instance, combine it up with iron, and you create a complementary feature to an industrial design style decor.

As a natural material, rattan is often associated with particular regions and climates, making perfect outdoor furniture to enjoy in many places. However, in the 1970s, it became a trendy material used in bohemian designs and continues to find its way into various home decors today.

Wicker rattan dining chairs are a stylish and low maintenance addition to your entertainment setup. These chairs add a unique aesthetic to your home, whether you’re striving for a boho or coastal vibe. They also only require you to care for them quarterly to keep them looking sharp.

Every three months, wipe down your wicker rattan chairs with a cloth, barely damp with water and a few drops of soap or detergent. Ideally, you should cover your soft cloth in the bubbles from your soapy water, as too much moisture can cause damage to the furniture.

Yes, wicker rattan dining chairs are exceptionally strong and durable! They feature a high-grade metal or wooden frame with a high-back design that cradles your body while providing optimum posture support.

What’s more, these chairs are also designed for outdoor use, meaning they won’t rust nor warp when exposed to various weather conditions. Always opt for high-quality rattan, such as PE or HDPE, to prevent the weave from quickly loosening and falling out.

As for comfort, wicker rattan dining chairs are surprisingly comfortable to sit on, even without cushions. Nevertheless, seat cushions are always ideal for long sitting hours. With proper care and maintenance, your rattan dining chairs will be able to last for at least 5 years!

Then dry the chair thoroughly with a microfiber towel. Once dry, dip a clean cloth into boiled linseed oil and, starting from the top of the chair, wipe downward to condition the wicker rattan with oil. The oil adds moisture to the rattan and prevents breakage or other damage.

In between thorough cleanings, you can vacuum your wicker rattan dining chairs or wipe them with a dry cloth to remove dust.

Best Ideas

Wicker rattan dining chairs 7

Natural-look synthetic rattan woven over a sturdy metal frame makes for casual, all-weather comfort, indoors or out

Ozias Parsons Chair (Set of 2)

Ozias Parsons Chair (Set of 2)

Embellish your dining rooms, living room or kitchen with this beautiful Set of 2 Parsons Chairs in Weathered Oak Finish. The seat and back are characterized by a neatly woven design, ensuring comfortable usage for years to come.

Seagrass rattan wicker dining room furniture

seagrass rattan wicker dining room furniture

Wicker rattan dining chairs 27

As significant of a design that it was, its surprising how rare it is these days that we see them in interiors magazines. But whenever I do, I get hit with a sense of nostalgia and a desire to snatch up a set for myself! @Jason Stocks-Young Stocks-Young B

Safavieh Home Collection Julian Light Tan Wicker Arm Chair

Classic chair made of wicker mango wood. Removable cushion for easy cleaning. Suitable as dining chair or additional place to sit in all kinds of interior according to taste and need.

Wicker rattan dining chairs 17

Williams Sonoma home. Wonderful tones to the wicker, table and floor covering. #cultivateit

Rattan dining chairs canada 1

Rattan Dining Chairs Canada

Wicker rattan dining chairs 10

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint - lavender

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