Metal Park Benches For Sale

Want to create a romantic nook somewhere in the garden? What about putting a metal park bench there? There are plenty of great elaborate designs in my collection below which will inspire you. Browse through the products and discover their decorative potential. A secret garden can quickly take shape with one of them.

Antique park benches for sale

The standard metal outdoor bench perfect for park and also the private garden. The whole has been painted with anticorrosive lacquer, what guarantees that it will still be on shape, even if it is standing all day in rain.

Metal park

Outdoor bench in classic form. It is made of steel with rust resistant zinc coated. Base is reinforced with solid supports. Great solution for the garden, patio, porch and more.

Heritage Recycled Plastic Park Bench

Heritage Recycled Plastic Park Bench
Designed for outdoor areas, this Park Bench in Black Finish is made of Jayhawks premium grade recycled plastic. The bench also has an aluminum frame, and offers resistance to cracks, splinters, breaks and UV light.

Used park benches

Standard Metal Park Bench CAL-858A in Toronto, Ontario for sale

Old cast iron park bench oyard bench tulsa for sale

Old Cast Iron Park Bench oYard Bench - (tulsa for sale in Tulsa ...

Phat Tommy Fushion Steel / Wood Park Bench

Phat Tommy Fushion Steel / Wood Park Bench
Sturdy, steal frame od this park bench has a powder - coated finish, resistant for UV radiation or weather conditions, so can be use outside. Wooden seat was crafted from a certificated hardwood and keep in natural finish.

Metal park benches for sale

Commercial Iron & Metal Park Benches For Sale - - VMWCB15INNVSM: 15Ft. Industrial Grade Bench without Back, Surface Mt.

Ariel Modern Recycled Plastic Park Bench

Ariel Modern Recycled Plastic Park Bench
If you want to decorate your outdoor area with a stylish and functional piece of furniture, try this Modern Park Bench in Zinc Finish. Designed of Jayhawks premium grade recycled plastic, the bench is eco-friendly and resistant to weather conditions.

Innova C13762 Cast Iron Hardwood Garden Leaves Park Bench, Copper Rust

Wonderful combination of iron and hardwood is the essence of this extraordinary garden benches. Beautifully carved into the iron structure floral motifs give it its unique character, which is admirable.

Steel Park Bench

Steel Park Bench
It is a very nice bench for the garden or park. It was made of steel, which makes it very robust and durable and is not easily damaged. The bench has a simple seat and very decorative openwork back. The bench is made in black.

Steel Park Bench I

Steel Park Bench I
This is an extremely practical bench, which is perfect for the patio, terrace or in garden. The whole is made of metal which makes it very resistant and durable. At the same time, workmanship makes it a very nice and elegant.

Frog Furnishings Central Park Recycled Plastic Park Bench

Frog Furnishings Central Park Recycled Plastic Park Bench
A park bench crafted of recycled plastic which makes it an eco-friendly product. It is UV protected against sun fading. It has a contemporary design that makes it eye-catching. It was manufactured in the USA.

Metal and Plastic Picnic Bench

Metal and Plastic Picnic Bench
This heavy duty, durable bench is recommended for a commercial use. It's fully made of high quality stainless steal with thermoplastic - coated finish, resistant for a weather conditions and rust. Available in varied sizes and colors.

Wooden park benches

Wood and metal have always been a solid and stylish combination, therefore this garden bench represents all that's best in design. Ornamental finishing, combined with high-quality materials created a magnificent construction.

Used park benches for sale

Metal Park Benches for Sale in India, Garden Benches Sale

Lifetime Convertible Wood And Metal Park Bench

Lifetime Convertible Wood And Metal Park Bench
Ingenious vintage style bench with a hinge-convertible back enabling to use it as a table, too. Its frame is made of weatherproof grey-coated stainless steel. Both a seat and a back are of plastic slats with a brown simulated wood finish.

Metal park benches for sale 1

Regal Outdoor Sitting Park Benches For Sale - - VMWCB15PLAYERRCP: 15Ft. Bench without Back, Portable Regal Style commercial park benches feature seats made with 3/4" #9 expanded metal. They are welded inside a strong 2" X 2" angle iron frame with a protec

Garden bench for sale

Stylish bench designed for outdoor use. It is made of metal and finished with openwork pattern on the back. It has 3 seating capacity. Elegant accent for garden, patio and more.

Lifetime convertible wood and metal park bench 5

Lifetime Convertible Wood And Metal Park Bench
Create a picnic nook anywhere outdoors with this dependable park bench crafted from heavy duty metal for the base and weather-resistant plastic that mimics wood for table top and benches seats. It's convertible.

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Metal park benches 2

A great example of contemporary design in everyday use. This metal park bench delights with its innovative, embodying freshness. Lattice backrest along with original armrests are the leading features of this project.

Metal outdoor indoor bench designs 1

Metal Outdoor & Indoor Bench Designs

Oakland living triple cross wood and metal park bench

Oakland Living Triple Cross Wood And Metal Park Bench
A nice element of outdoor architecture. This park bench is a good chocie for park or garden use. Construction of this bench is based on metal frame and backrest and on horizontal wooden slats in the area of seat.

Some park benches are both decorative and functional these benches

Some park benches are both decorative and functional . These benches ...

Ivy League Metal Park Bench

Ivy League Metal Park Bench
This elegant, a bit romantic metal bench has a curved legs and armrest and decorative carved top of backrests. It is suitable to use outside, weather, UV and rust resistant. It has a durable powder coat finish.

Park Ave Steel Garden Bench

Park Ave Steel Garden Bench
This high quality, heavy duty bench is available in two colors and has a durable steel construction. Its simple, classic shape will match to any outdoor decor. It is suitable to use outside and is resistant for weather conditions.

International Caravan Valencia Iron Wicker Resin Patio Glider Chair

International Caravan Valencia Iron Wicker Resin Patio Glider Chair
Wide outdoor glider chair. Constructed of heavy duty iron and covered with cappuccino resin wicker, it withstands weather elements with no cost to style: the backrest features decorative bent detailing.

Lifetime convertible wood and metal park bench 6

Lifetime Convertible Wood And Metal Park Bench
A comfortable and functional element of outdoor furniture. This park bench features a convertible construction based on wood and metal. It is resistant to negative weather factors and provides comfortable sitting space outdoors.

Vmwcb4wbclassic addon 4 ft outdoor bench portable or surface

VMWCB4WBCLASSIC-ADDON:4 Ft. Outdoor Bench, Portable or Surface

Commercial park benches

The set of commercial park benches in three sizes. Each of them was made on the wrought iron frame painted in black. The seat and the backrest are filled with the profiled ash planks, so it is solid, but also looks elegant.

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Leigh Country Bienvenido Metal Bench

This charming piece will prove perfect for sitting and enjoying the beautiful weather with the reinforced seat panel that will easily hold up to 550 lbs, while the elegant design instantly catches everyone's attention.

Outdoor park benches 2

A solid bench created for outdoor applications. It sitting area includes vertical wooden slats and the frame is solid thanks to its metal construction in a green finish. This frame offers some decorative accents.

Round bench seating

Outdoor bench which will play its role the best in your garden or in public area. This curved bench has fancy shape of mirrored letter S. It has metal kickstands and seat made of wooden, lacquered boards

Contempo Cast Aluminum Park Bench

Contempo Cast Aluminum Park Bench
Classic and timeless garden bench, which will make time spent outdoors even more pleasant. It is made of aluminum, which is known for its lightness and strength. Bench will remain with you for many years in perfect condition.

Old garden benches for sale

Park bench in vintage style. It is made of metal and finished with sophisticated ornament. Elegant accent for each outdoor place according to taste.

Traditional High-Back Park Bench - 8'L - Brown Frame And Planks

A simple contemporary outdoor bench for 2 persons. It has 2 sturdy h-shaped legs of concrete composite in brownish tones. Its rectangular sit and a quite high back are of longwise arranged planks of plastic wood in mid brown.

Antique cast iron bench

Make a grand impression on outdoor space with this wrought iron bench, which has got the dark stain and bright coat of spray pain. It's an extraordinary seat for porch, yard and garden.

Polly Products Outdoor Silhouette BenchHigh Density Plastic 6'

This recycled park bench is constructed from 100% recycled plastic. Features multi-slat style seat, that stays dry and high-quality finishing, guaranteeing that it will never rot, crack, or splinter.

Metal park benches 1

A traditional, curved, metal bench that will be perfect for your balcony, terrace or garden. The overall design is simple, but the back of the bench has decorative elements. The seat is perfect for three cushions.

Traditional High-Back Park Bench - 4'L - Black Frame, Cedar Planks - Black Frame, Cedar Planks

Unique appearance of this Traditional High-Back Park Bench in Brown Frame, provides only the best durability, and eye-catchy style. Splendid for backyards, gardens, parks, and alleys – this bench includes sturdy cedar planks, and scabrous texture.

Living Accents Decorative Rust Proof Steel Park Welcome Bench

The elegant garden bench with the inscription Welcome. The backrest is decorated with steel weave with plant motifs. The bench is resistant to rust and harmful external factors. Great accent to any patio or garde.

Daffodil Metal Garden Bench

Daffodil Metal Garden Bench
A metal garden bench that adds a stylish and classic touch to any place it is set in. It features a metal construction that ensures high quality and long lasting performance. It is water and weather resistant.

Noble Iron Garden Bench

Noble Iron Garden Bench
If you are a fan of intriguing and extra ordinary solutions, this excellent and well made iron garden bench is gonna perfectly match your needs. Check it out and enjoy the functionality!

DC America SL2007-PF, If Pigs Could Fly Park Bench, Cast Iron Frame and Hardwood Slats, Rust Resistant Bronze Finish

Bench made from combining wood and cast iron. Seat is made of horizontally arranged strips. Back is finished with interesting ornament. Designed for outdoor use. Traditional form and careful workmanship.

Nex Terra Park Bench 5'

This modest bench with backrest is a veritable work of art ecological because it is 97 percent made from plastic obtained from recycling. Simple design beautifully suited to ogordy or on the terrace.

Jayhawk plastics heritage recycled plastic commercial park bench

Jayhawk Plastics Heritage Recycled Plastic Commercial Park Bench
This kind of bench is made on the basis of aluminum frame. Its seat and backrest are made of recycled plastic. This is an outdoor bench ideal for use in a garden, patio or park. It provides durability and comfort.

Metal park benches 15

This park bench project constitutes a great example of contemporary design in urban architecture. A long, steel snake, winding through the park space, creates a considerable space to sit and relax.

Steel park benches

Park bench with a durable, heavy duty construction based on steel frame with decorative scrolls. Its seat and backrest spaces include horizontal slats that assure strength and additional level of comfort.

POLYWOOD NCBT37WLWH Nautical 37" Bar Table, White

Made to last and to save you the troublesome maintenance efforts (just wipe the surface clean from time to time) this polywood bar table in white is created to serve drinks and snacks without a risk of wobbling. It's all white.