How To Choose A Storage Bed

Are you looking for ways to squeeze more storage into your home? Particularly if you're living in a relatively small home, every square inch of storage can help. One gold mine of storage can be found underneath your bed; but without the right tools, storing items under your bed can be dusty and unwieldy.

Investing in a proper storage bed can help you maximize the space in your bedroom! But which storage bed is the best for you? What are the different types of storage beds? We'll delve into different types of beds and everything you should consider before you buy a storage bed in the following sections.

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Do You Need a Storage Bed?

Storage beds are great options if you live in a small home and need every extra inch of storage possible. However, they're also great for guest and kid bedrooms! Any extra linens which you don't need unless you have company or out-of-season clothing can simply be stored underneath these beds, allowing for quick access for these storage items.

What Types of Storage Beds Are There?

There are as many different types of storage beds as there are beds themselves! Here are a couple of the most common types you'll see:

Headboard shelves or drawers

Headboard shelves and drawers are great for commonly-accessed items that belong to the person who sleeps in the bed as they will be extremely available at all times.

If you choose shelves, you should note that everything you store on them will be very visible, so only go with shelves if you plan on having aesthetic items on display only, such as book, candles or personal items hidden in cute little storage boxes.

Note, also, that this is the type of storage bed which offers the least amount of extra storage.

Pink Stylish Storage Platform Bed with Drawers
Queen Size Black Wooden Storage Platform Bed
Modern Style Whitewashed Wood Double Storage Bed
Cottage Style Rustic Storage Platform Bed
White Storage Bed Headboard with Shelves
Contemporary Style Storage Standard Bed

Footboard shelves or drawers

Footboard shelves or drawers are placed along the bottom of the bed. Depending on the style of bed you choose, you may be able to cover these with a quilt over your bed, which may make for less visible storage.

Typically, this option covers the most amount of storage, as it's able to utilize the entire surface area of your bed frame. Perfect for extra bed linen, towels, and even sports gear or holiday decorations!

Modern Simple Storage Bed with Footboard drawers
Elegant Grey Storage Platform Bed
Natural Solid Wood Platform Bed
Elegant Functional Full-size Chest Bed
Solid Wood Modern Style Storage Platform Bed
Functional Wooden Standard Bed with Drawers

Hidden storage

Hidden storage is under the mattress. You'll have to put anything heavy and anything that hangs over the edge away, then lift the mattress up to see what's underneath. This is a great option for things that you don't plan on accessing very often, such as seasonal items or clothing that has been outgrown.

Modern Upholstered Storage Platform Bed
Upholstered Low Profile Storage Platform Bed
White Upholstered Storage Platform Bed with Mattress
Upholstered Sleigh Bed with Hidden Storage
Elegant Modern Style Storage Platform Bed
Twin Upholstered Storage Sleigh Bed

Which size and style of storage bed works for you?

You should note that even though storage beds are meant to save space, that doesn't mean they only come in tiny shapes themselves! You can find storage beds in twin, full, queen, and king sizes; the bigger the bed, the more storage room you can expect to have.

It's a good idea to think about the items you're planning on storing in the bed before you buy. If you don't need much extra room, for example, it might be okay to invest in a headboard storage bed.

This means, too, that the size of storage bed you should get also depends on the size of your room. It’s a good idea to leave at least 3-4 feet on 2-3 sides of your bed, so that you’ll have enough room for door clearance, bed-side tables, and walking space.

Measure your room carefully before you buy! Note that the approximate height and width of standard bed sizes are as follows:

  • Twin: 38" by 75"
  • Full: 54" by 75"
  • Queen: 60" by 80"
  • King: 76" by 80"

If you have a smaller room, perhaps going with a twin or a full is best. However, if you have a bit more room to work with, then going with a queen or a king can give you both more room for sleeping and more room for storage!

Elegant Upholstered Storage Platform Bed
Gray Twin Storage Platform Bed
Manufactured Wood Space Saver Bed
Queen Platform Bed with Drawers
Elegant King Storage Platform Bed
Stylish Steel Core Storage Bed

Quick Tips

  • Consider your needs when you're searching for storage beds. What type of items are you going to store there? How often will you need to access them? If you need to access them more frequently, going for footboard storage may be best.
  • Consider how big your room is. Ensure that you have 3-4 feet of walking space in your room around your future storage bed.