Handmade Pottery Lamps

In case you are one of those who appreciate handmade pottery lamps, here’s a good opportunity to choose something for your house. The designs, shapes, sizes and other features of these lamps vary but we can assure you that they are all practical and nice looking. What will you pick?

Alice Hilton Interior Design Expert
Pottery lamp

Exquisite handmade lamp with cream coolie shade; the base is made on a potter's wheel and then fired with use of special Raku technique. The pattern depicts a grove of birches. A lamp, but a piece of art too!

Coastal Living Pottery Pot 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Coastal Living Pottery Pot 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This simple and intriguing table lamp would be a perfect decoration for every bedroom or living room, no matter if you prefer modernity or tradition. Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary design!

Handmade pottery lamps 2
Wright Stacy

An exquisite set of pottery lamps that are perfect for any occasion, that create romantic and warm ambiance with their fantastic design. Hand-crafted of porcelain by Irish ceramicists, the lamps shine with their breathatking light like magical stalagmites.

Irish pottery lamps
Mega Leahbrown

Natural vintage elements at home are always the biggest trend. Hand-made lamp, with ethnic decorations, in white and bronze arts and crafts pottery. Small in size, but it draws your attention. The white lampshade is a beautiful top of the whole

Tuscan Pottery 34" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Emily Wilson

Tuscan Pottery 34" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
This intriguing and stylish table lamp is gonna perfectly match every kind of space, no matter if you prefer modern or traditional style. Check it out and fall in love with that unique and original look!

Handmade pottery lamps 1

This handmade pottery lamp is crafted from stylish alabaster. Its classic design shall fit well into traditional decors. Features an off-white, conical shade. Perfect for a small etagere or bed side table.

Stoneware lamps
Kimberly Cam
Handmade pottery lamps 13
Victoria Washington

Oil lamps were used just 4.5 thousand years ago. Today, we use such table lamps as we want - eg handmade pottery lamp with a white tube lampshade and a stylish, somewhat retro mustard ceramic stem on a black round base.

Ceramic lamps handmade
Cooper Kristen

Handmade masterpiece in shape of a breathtaking pottery lamp that shines with elegant warmth and coziness. Each shade emanates with a geometric design, looking like a large cylinder assembled from a bunch of smaller ones.

Handmade pottery table lamps
Jamie Pric

Handmade pottery lamps are a unique detail of the interior design. Beautiful form and functionality make them a unique element. Design in vintage design is original and captivating, bringing an enjoyable atmosphere.

Handmade pottery lamps 8

Go for something a bit more different and immensely more unique with these amazing, handmade from ceramic clay oil lamps. Not only will they keep your interior bright and stylish, they add an aura of serene calmness and beauty with their leaf theme.

Handmade pottery lamps 1
Christine San
Pottery lamps
Henderson Cassandra

Original handmade pendants made of kiln-fired terra-cotta and a shiny white porcelain glaze. Their simple colors look very attractive in neutral-styled indoors. These lamps provide appropriate level of light indoors.

Handmade pottery lamps

Handmade in USA, enchanting with its adorable, florally adorned surface, this ceramic pottery lamps will add subtle elegance to your interiors. Creamy beige finish will fit well into most of the surrounding decors.

Handmade pottery lamps
Abigail Wrightful

Ceramics have often been called the queen of all materials at home. This time it was used to create ceramic bases for traditional handmade pottery lamps - light green and beige. Made of noble earthenware.

Handmade pottery lamps 2

Handmade, this pottery lamp enchants with the high-quality ceramic. It distinguishes itself with a characteristic turquoise and honey brown combination. A good proposition for all traditional or classic interiors.

Handmade pottery lamps 23
Nicole Powe

The consumers' hearts are conquered by a handmade pottery lamp. This picture presents workshops, where agile craftsmen create a variety of ceramic bases for such lamps. The ceramics from which the lamp is made are suitable for painting.

Handmade pottery lamps 15

A great example of the characteristic pottery Pinecone table lamp. It enchants with its handcrafted, adorned base, full of intricate details and subtle accents. A cool rustic or vintage decor proposition.

Handmade ceramic table lamps
Tara Zucker

Looking for a stylish garden lamp? Check out this mushroom-resembling piece of art. The white paint might have lost its freshness, but no need to worry about that – now it looks even more authentic in that garden environment.

Handmade pottery lamps 3
Lauren Johnson

The handmade, hand-made potter's lamp is a miraculous solution that allows you to change the look of your living room. The enchanting details combined with the classic lampshade create a unique composition.

Handmade pottery lamps 5
Jenna Delicata

Modern ceramic lamps. They are hand-made and with custom hand finishes. The smooth and soft lines make them look modern and adaptable to all interior styles, so these beautiful lamps could enhance and enrich every area of your home.

Table Lamp
Tara Zucker

Table Lamp
Opt for a piece of true class that is this amazing table lamp. It offers the porcelain finish of the base that corresponds perfectly well with the neutral and yet classy shade sporting the cream tone of its material.

Handmade pottery lamps 18

Unique arboreal lamp shade. Inspired by, well, varied nature elements: could be tree branches, but also human physiology: lungs, vein structures or nervous system. 3D printed designer's lamp shade in white.

Handmade pottery lamps 9
Allison Davi

Designed by New York studio of KleinReid, the Cloak pendant lamp collection combines a porcelain shade with walnut and aged-brass details. A braided cord constitutes an eye-catching detail. Available in white or carbon colour finish.

Custom made handmade ceramic table lamp with dogwood flowers 1
Dana Wil
Handmade pottery lamps 6
Julie Ben

A set of handmade pottery lamps, designed to embellish one's dining or living space and create a nice, charming, contemporary appeal. Handcrafted in Philadelphia, they are available in 5 sizes, each of them suspending from a chain and braided cord.

Handmade ceramic lamp 1
Anderson Marisa

Attracrive and original handmade lamp with a spherical base in attractive color. This base includes interesting deer accents. Its classic lamp shade is made of rawhide for better solidity and good aesthetics.

Handmade ceramic lamps
Bianca Weberable

Make a grand impression on your guests with this handmade paper hanging fish lamp. It's a fantastic addition into kids room, bedroom, bathroom, and living zone.

Handmade pottery lamps 22
Dominique Alex
Handmade pottery lamps 4

The handmade pottery lamp can be used above the kitchen island and dining table. It has the two colors on the finish and it spruce up any decor in the apartment.

Casual Living 1 Handle Pottery Pot 29" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
Tara Gosselin

Casual Living 1 Handle Pottery Pot 29" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Handmade pottery lamps 3
Julia Lambertify
Clay house 7 harry tanner design nite light lamp
Samantha Perez
Boot nursery lamp handmade pottery nursery rhyme by sallyamoss 75
Handmade pottery lamps 30
Handmade pottery lamps 5
Taylor Holly

Such an adorable lamp can be a cute adornment for nurseries, babies' rooms, and bedrooms. Handmade with attention to details, the lamp has a body in shape of a lovely doll, and a drum shade covered with live patterns and colors.

Handmade pottery lamps 19
Martin April
Handmade pottery lamps 17
Ceramic lamp pottery lamp bedside lamp handmade lamp by marzashop
Kristin Ward
Bridges pottery handmade ceramic pottery table lamp blue and green
Jamie John
Handmade pottery lamps 4
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Pottery lamps
Karen Per
Roseville trial factory lamp base
Carter Valerie
Handmade pottery lamps
Valencia Mission 24" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Maria Wil

Valencia Mission 24" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Handmade ceramic lamp products buy handmade ceramic lamp products
Kathryn Wood
Sucker for lamp ceramic lamp pottery lamp bedside lamp handmade
Stephanie Ward
Little vintage handmade pottery lamp
Sara Col
Handmade pottery lamps 29
Bryant Monica