Bohemian Lamps

Here's something for boho style enthusiasts, me included! There are some great lamps on the market which ooze colour, style and boho chic. Perfect if you want to enhance the interior with a gypsy-like accent. Browse below and get inspired with my web findings.

Paige Walker Interior Design Expert
Bohemian lamps

Staright from Bohemian vault of Gypsy masterpieces; this pretty lamp brings magical charm and detailed craftsmanship to any decor. The shade is made of a bunch of tiny shards of stained glass, forming a truly breathtaking composition.

Bohemian lamps 1

The beautiful bohemian lamp is an excellent way t create original and very artistic interior design. Beautiful design with brass combined with colorful crystals delights in every detail by entering a unique atmosphere.

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Unique table lamp in Bohemian style. It is made of metal and finished with colorful glass. Sophisticated decoration for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Bohemian lighting

Unique decorating and practical element in the house. This mosaic glass lamp introduces Turkish and Moroccan style into the house. It includes multi-color glass elements and a solid metal frame with stable round base.

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Providing a stunning glowing experience, this bohemian lamp delights with its magical pallette of colours. Its patchwork character will your space a unique, distinctive character.

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Gypsy style bedroom

These wonderful paper lanterns emit amazing light thanks to their vivid colors. They are in a bohemian style and as they are hand crafted, each of them is one of a kind. They are ornamented with black elements and artisitic fringes.

Bohemian floor lamp

A beautiful bedroom in Gypsy style featuring walls in yellows and a ceiling in blues. A large bed has a high arched headboard, curved edges and a canopy (on posts) of semi-sheer fabrics in reds, purples and pinks adorned with fringes and tassels.

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Gypsy lamp

Gypsy swag lamp. Lampshade is stylised on exotic fruit and this is made of various types of gems, beads and crystals. This lamp is very decorative, so it isn't look good in every interior - it will perfect to garden or patio.

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Bohemian lamp

Bohemian atmospheric ceiling lamps are an excellent way to create a unique atmosphere in the decor. Moroccan aesthetics creates a unique mood, and robust workmanship allows for unusual arrangements.

Bohemian gypsy lamp from night shades
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Boho lamps

A fantastic way of illuminating your country dining room with warm light and cozy atmosphere. This bohemian lighting is made of a sturdy tree branch with 3 clear glass jar shades suspended from black cords and adorned with Christmas tree ornaments.

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Chandeliers lamps lighting table lamps beaded metal
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Boho light fixtures

With this French-style chandelier you will bring an antique vibe to your living room, overflowing the whole interior with warm light. The whole piece is beautifully decorated using sparkling clear and green crystals, and an exquisite base with flawless metalwork.

Bohemian hanging lanterns

Stylish chandelier as main or extra source of light. Lampshade consists of fabric belts in various sizes. Adds freshness and modernity to any place.

ALBA LAMP: Ceiling Light: Swarovski/Bohemia/W. Iron/H.Painted/Gold Leaf [#371/8]
Boho lamp

The gorgeous bohemian interior with gypsy hues is a spectacular place for artistic souls. Beautiful lamps with bouquets, floral motifs and multicolor details of the decor make the interior refreshes with optimism and joy.

Bohemian style lamps

Gypsy dream catcher chandelier is a bohemian idea for a chandelier that will make a spiritual mood in the room. It is nice and shiny and it looks really glamorous. An ideal one for an artistic soul.

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Bohemian outstanding black modern contemporary desk lamps with 1
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Bohemian lamp shades

Dreamy, exotic, ethereal,'s hard to describe the beauty of this bohemian style garden lamp. Filled with twinkle lights adds amazing warmth and brightness to space. It resembles summer fireflies.

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Bohemian hanging lights

This lamps in Moroccan style will be the perfect objects to create a magical atmosphere on your terrace or garden. You can hang them or simply place on the floor or tables, to change the atmosphere of summer night.

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Beautiful moroccan moon lamp
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Red elephant hand beaded table lamp 1
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Pair of bohemian glass lustre table lamps for the turkish
Bohemian lamps
Vtg bohemian glass crystal prism table lamp mantel etched cut
Very bohemian hand painted lamp with hand by nanabugstreasures 25