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Best Pull Out Couches For Different Style Interiors

Buying a pull out couch is a life-changing choice that will help you make the most of your room's layout and cater for different situations. However, don't forget that, versatility and practicality aside, a pull-out couch will also become the main focus in your living room.

You definitely don't want to pick it randomly and end up with a model that's got nothing to do with the décor style that you're going for!

We've decided to make things easier for you by showing you what features to look for and bringing the best pull out couches for different style interiors in one place.

Best pull out couches for modern & contemporary décors

These styles share many similarities as they both focus on functionality, simplicity and sleek lines. While modern interiors are still inspired by 20th-century trends, contemporary rooms are more fluid as they focus on the here and now.

When it comes to pull out couches, look for clean and crisp lines, with some curves if you're opting for a more contemporary style. Prioritize a simple palette, either as neutral colors or one that matches a bold hue in your room.

Lizeth Sofa Bed in Dark Grey

Best pull out couches for mid-century modern décor

Fascinated by the charming style of 50s and 60s interiors? To make sure that your new pull out couch doesn't look out of place, you could either go for leather, brown models, or upholstery featuring geometric patterns.

What immediately stands out as mid-century modern style is the shape: these couches used to have slightly shorter backs to emphasize their length.

Oh, and don't forget about short exposed legs!

Degory 90 Flared Arms Sleeper in Brown

Best pull out couches for traditional interiors

If you don't think you can identify a specific style because you just care about making your room feel cozy and curated… well, you might have subconsciously been going for a traditional décor all along!

While it covers different styles, it's inspired by the warmth of European houses, which translates into ornate rooms with lots of wood, layers and accessories.

To reflect this with your pull out couch, you can look for curved arm-rests, cozy patterns, fabric upholstery and, obviously, lots of cushions!

Dengler 79 Square Arm Sofa Bed in Grey

Best pull out couches for minimalist rooms

One thing's for sure: functionality-focused minimalism is the ultimate style for a dual-use piece of furniture!

Since nothing is superfluous, choose a pull out couch with a streamlined, clean design. Avoid models with too many details to maintain a clutter-free feel, and choose a neutral palette, preferably a monochrome model.

These couches often feature exposed legs but always in a thin shape. Choosing one with hidden storage could help you reduce clutter even further!

Wyndmoor Sofa Bed Sleeper in Light Grey

Best pull out couches for Scandinavian interiors

This interior style goes hand in hand with minimalism as it's inspired by the simplicity of life celebrated in Nordic countries.

For a Scandinavian feel, you could combine the functionality of minimalism with a natural palette, looking for pull out couches in white, cream, yellow, grey, dark blue or forest green.

Extra Scandi points if you manage to find wooden legs and natural fabrics like cotton or linen!

Stetson Velvet 80 Square Arms Sofa Bed

Best pull out couches for industrial décor

This urban style thrives on the beauty that can be found in unfinished rawness. No wonder it's characterized by exposed brick walls, a city loft or warehouse feel, and a combination of metal and wood in most pieces of furniture.

When it comes to pull out couches, you can try and look for models that include these materials or focus on leather, especially with tufted designs.

Basically, ask yourself: would this look good in a hipster café? If the answer is yes, it usually means that you're looking at an industrial pull out couch.

Padang Sidempuan 90 Pillow top Arm Sofa Bed

Best pull out couches for French country décor

Have you turned your home in a Versailles-like setting? Because the majestic French country style focuses on details and decorative elements, it can be hard to find it in functional pull out couches.

However, try and look for harmonious lines, exposed legs, pale or neutral colors like white, cream, grey and light brown, and either fabric or tufted upholstery.

Shurtz Sofa Bed in Light Grey

Best pull out couches for shabby chic homes

This delicate, more feminine style shares some elements with French country interiors, like harmonious lines and details. However, it's also inspired by vintage elements, prioritizes white and floral patterns, and wouldn't say no to an aged,distressed look.

Southard Revolution Performance Fabrics 88 Rolled Arm Sofa Bed

Best pull out couches for Bohemian décor

Since Bohemian styles reflect a carefree lifestyle, you have fewer rules to think about! There are different ways to choose a pull-out couch for a bohemian interior, so it's your chance to get creative.

Overall, you can reflect its cosmopolitan ethos and spontaneous vibes by looking for ethnic patterns, combinations of textures and materials like rattan and fabric, colorful designs, quirky leather elements, and unusual shapes.

Most importantly, don't forget about decorative cushions and textiles!

Hampshire 80 Square Arm Sofa Bed with Grey Cushions

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