Topiaries For Front Porch

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Topiaries are a fun decorative choice for any setting, and putting a couple to stand sentry on your front porch gives your home a clever and exciting appearance. Everyone will want to know who lives in the house with the attractively trimmed topiaries. Throw in some flowers around the base of these handsome sentries and you have yourself the making of a wild conversation piece.

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Round artificial boxwood topiary

Three Posts™

This spherical topiary is available in four sizes: 11'', 13'', 15'', and 18.9''. This plant is made from polyethylene in a bright green hue and has tiny leaves, characteristic of boxwood plants.

$63.99 $99.99

Designer Advice:

Use this versatile decor piece in many ways. Hang them from the ceiling on your porch or place them along the pathway to your house. Take advantage of the wide size range and create a diverse display using pots of different styles and heights.

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Small topiary with pot

Available in two shapes: ball and cone, this topiary will subtly elevate your outdoor space. The genuine boxwood is preserved, so you don't have to water it. The plant rests comfortably in a concrete pot.


Cube artificial topiary planter


The plastic leaves of this front door topiary have a warm natural undertone. Its angular planter is made from metal in a wooden frame with an X-shape design, available in a black, brown, or grey distressed finish.


Designer Advice:

Set the artificial topiary trees on both sides of your front door to greet guests visiting your home. For a cohesive front porch design, pair it with other rustic pieces like a vintage-inspired bench crafted from natural wood. Place a decorative ornament made from galvanized steel on your front door to tie everything together.


Tall front porch topiary

Lark Manor™

You can choose from two sizes with this cone-shaped topiary. The green boxwood plant is complemented by a cube-shaped wooden planter in a natural finish.

$127.99 $152.99


Front porch topiary tree with flowers

Red Barrel Studio®

If you love colorful plants but aren't very good at taking care of them, this topiary is for you. It boasts beautiful pink flowers all year round. It consists of two pink and green topiary balls and ivy leaves at the bottom.


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Spiral artificial topiary tree

63" in height, this elegant tree boasts a classic topiary shape. The fake cedar is dark green, and its cold undertone provides a natural look. The tree rests in a black pot.

Designer Advice:

With its muted tones, this topiary will look good on your porch throughout the year. Decorate it with fake snow and Christmas ornaments when winter comes around. In the summer, put it in a wicker pot and contrast it with other light-colored decorations like lanterns and vases.

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Boxwood topiary for front porch

Darby Home Co

With its unique silhouette, this topiary will quickly become the most eye-catching element of your porch. It features two artificial boxwood balls on a brown wooden stem, placed in a basic black pot.

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Artificial moss topiary set


This set consists of plastic moss rocks in five different sizes, eight of each size. Each bright green piece looks very natural. This set is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Designer Advice:

This diverse set of moss balls gives you endless decorative options. Create a nature-inspired display by adding rocks and pieces of wood. Spread them throughout your front porch, place them in pots next to bigger plants, or create a centerpiece on your garden dining table.

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There is a certain joy that plants bring when added to a porch. Make a slight change to a topiary plant and the area suddenly becomes magical. Complete your front porch with ornamental shapes of nature and create a pleasing spot where conversation flows easily. Topiaries are also a great way to add a welcoming touch to a foyer.

What is a topiary?

A topiary is a plant that has been specially clipped into decorative shapes. The art uses thickly leaved evergreen shrubs such as cypress and yew, but also rosemary and holly.

What are the most attractive topiary ideas?

Spiral Boxwood Topiary Potted Plant

Add grace to your front porch with a 3-foot tall spiral boxwood that will never lose its natural green appeal. The faux plant may come complete in a sleek container, ready to set up and enjoy. No maintenance is needed with real-life leaves that stay green all year round. The spiral design will add an artful and welcoming appeal to family and friends.

Round Boxwood Topiaries for Front Porch

Deck out your front door with beautiful ball-shaped topiaries. Never needing trimming, they will add a pleasing touch of welcome to guests. Use them for your front porch sitting area, as well, to add a bit of color during fall and winter or bring inside to place beside a non-flammable fireplace. Set in weighted pots, there are no worries of your artistic plants being blown over.

Double-ball Faux Topiary

The artistic display of neatly trimmed double shrubs will turn heads at your front door entrance. The unique boxwood foliage, meticulously shaped into a masterful display, speaks of the pride of your home and will make a perfect match for elegant entrances.

Tapered Juniper in Pot

Any corner of your home will come to life with the addition of lush green Juniper. Always shaped to perfection, this plant is fireproof, fade resistant and waterproof. You can sprinkle it with LED lighting to add luster to the branches. Great for traditional or modern decor or for adding natural color to a front porch conversation area. Different heights are available for proportionate beauty.

Hanging Shrub Topiary

Picture a front porch with railing, soft upholstered chairs, and a slight breeze. The only thing to complete this picture is rich green topiaries that are swaying from the porch rafters. Everything seems more pleasing when plants are included and such hanging sweet bay balls of green are the perfect detail for a summer day.

Best Ideas

Box Mixed Topiary in Pot

Wonderful antique-stylised table or window floral decor of real preserved boxwood. It consists of a quite tall stem, a ball-like bottom clump of leaves and a conical-shaped clump up. A round tapered pot is of light greyish ceramic.

Now you can have a stunning embellishment of your garden, that oozes with fine craftsmanship and timeless appearance. Beautifully sculpted and durable, those eye-catching topiaries are just perfect for growing in them your neatly trimmed greens.

A pair of large topiaries for outdoors, perfect for beautify the front of your house, deck, or patio. With their tapered design and durable construction, the topiaries are easy to maintain and resistant to weather conditions.

topiaries on front porch -- either side of door -- regal entrance

These large black cube planters will add the style and beauty to any outdoor zone. They are an excellent decor for the front porch. The classic design is suitable with any style and decor.

Bougainvillea Beauty Square Topiary in Basket

If you're a fan of intriguing and stylish decorations, this awesome and original topiary in basket would be a perfect solution for you! Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary design in your living room.

Artificial Boxwood Pyramid Topiary

This artificial boxwood pyramid topiary constitutes a great proposition for one's patio or porch. They are way more practical than flowers, which freeze during the winter.

The attractiveness of the front door to the house depends on many factors-one of them is the door itself, the other decorative topiaries for front porch i.e. like here,green plants of a shape finally formed by man,grown for ornamental purposes, in black pots.

porch topiary

Fall Topiary - Use 'hook n loop' tape for "BOO", remove after Halloween and attach Autumn-themed 'hook n loop' decorations. Then you can keep through Thanksgiving. If you use faux pumpkins, it can be stored for next year. Great for your porch as well!

Adding some greenery, this topiary will bring style to your porch. A great way to embellish one's front doors. It can be a stylish way to decorate your house for Christmas for example.

If you want to add a refined, ornamental appeal from the very first seconds in your house, check out this set of topiaries for the porch. Set in ornate, antique vases, they will bring in a classic touch.

I'm sure I'd find an outdoor planter of a perfect size in this handsome reclaimed boxwood collection... Assorted planters house evergeen leaves in classic topiary shapes, planted in well-draining soil.

Topiaries have been known since antiquity, they are found in various forms and shapes.Cutting crowns of trees and shrubs is also nowadays popular with small home plants as topiaries for a front porch like the one in a regular pot, with three leaf balls formed.

These topiaries are suitable for small trees or plants. They look very attractive in the entrance area. Black color of these elements perfectly suits black and other neutral-colored doors. They are decorative and durable.

Classic Topiary in Urn

Now you can decorate the front of your house with those lovely topiaries, beautifully designed of quality snow-white material. Each of those beauties has a shape of a large, stylish vase with a round base for stability.

Repeat a Shape | Go bold with elegant ivy orbs by the door. Depending on the size of your space, use them alone, as a pair, or even as a trio. |

front door lighting - I am SO doing this (minus the dog, my cats would not deal with that!) Already have topiary's for beside the door...need wreath and garland.

Such pretty curb appeal.

grapevine balls in urns - use holly, boxwood, cedar, blue spruce; soil acts as as an oasis floral foam when arranging the cuttings, and if kept damp, the evergreen cuttings will stay fresh through the entire holiday season.

Cedar Tree Round Tapered Topiary in Pot

Stacking pumpkins right in the middle of summer planters. I have done this and it makes for a great look that will carry you through the fall season until Thanksgiving.