6 Things To Know When Buying A Pull Out Couch


Practical and versatile, pull out couches are proper game-changers in modern homes. They can save you space, money and headaches, turning stressful guest visits into pleasant, hassle-free experiences.

However, that's only if you find the right pull out couch for you, your house and needs!

With so many options to choose from, it's important not to rush in a random purchase but, on the contrary, take the time to understand exactly what features you must look for. Or, better: what to avoid!

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1. Consider who and how many people this pull out couch is for

Before you start browsing, stop and think about who's going to use this pull out couch. It might sound obvious, but it can actually help you narrow down your choices by avoiding tons of models:

2. Size of your pull out couch

This will depend on two factors: how many people you're using it for and the size of your living room, which is why you should measure its allocated space before you do anything else.

As for sizes, you have four main options:

3. Fabric and materials

Because your pull out couch will be used pretty much every single day for many more years to come, you need it to be resistant. One way to ensure this is to look at the rub count:

As for fabrics:

As for the filling, it depends on what feel you prefer when sitting down:

L Shaped Sofa Bed in Cream
Round Arm Sofa Bed in Grey
Sofa Bed in Navy with Stripes
Square Arm Sofa Bed in Yellow

4. Color and style

A patterned design with harmonious shapes and plenty of details in an industrial living room? No, thanks.

When choosing a pull out couch, it's important to consider it in relation to the rest of the room:

5. Type of mattress

While you'll mainly be using it as a traditional sofa, one of the things to know when buying a pull out couch is the right type of mattress for your needs:

6. Other extra features that you might need in your pull out couch

It might be that this is all you need to know to find the pull out couch of your dreams. However, if you feel like something is missing, you should look into another couple of features that could make your life easier or more sumptuous.

For example: