Portable Magnifier Lamp

How about having one of these portable magnifier lamps? Even if you haven’t thought much about buying such elements, this collection will provide you with a rare chance to do this. You just have to make sure that you get to know all these options – are you ready to do this?

Best Ideas

Magnifier 42" H Table Lamp

Magnifier 42" H Table Lamp
This is a special lamp with a magnifying glass. It is very practical and extremely useful. Excellent especially during the professions that rely on precision, and the necessity of an accurate view of certain things.

Lite Source 5-Diopter Magnifier Lamp

An aesthetic traditional corded-electric desk lamp featuring a round tilted lampshade with a rocker switch and a 5-dioptre magnifier. A frame is of black coated metal. It's built of a vice-type base and a double rod 2-section articulated arm.

Portable magnifying lamp

Portable Adjustable Examination Magnifying Floor Lamp - Strong 5x Magnification

High Quality Desk Magnifying Lamp 5X Lighted Magnifier Glass Black Heavy Duty 110v Electric Power 10-watt Light for Tabletop Home Office Lab Salon Facial Skin Nail

Magnifier Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Magnifier Table Lamp with Bell Shade
Being both professional and functional, this magnifying lamp with bell shade and high quality, extra-large lens will be a truly perfect choice for your household. The stay cool handle on head allows easy positioning.

Magnifying 36" H Table Lamp

Magnifying 36" H Table Lamp
Ideal for drafters and collectors, this magnifying lamp is a wonderful addition to your decor and a truly functional one with the three diopter glass magnification lens and the flexible arm that allows much easier use.

Aamazlab LED USB Cabled, Powerful 3x6x Dual Lense Magnifier Desk Lamp with a Smoothly Adjustable, Flexible Neck

Portable magnifier lamp 2

Professional Portable 5x Diopter Facial Magnifying Floor Lamp Magnifier Ideal - Click image twice for more info - See a larger selection of magnifying lamp at - home, home decor, home id

Portable 5x magnifying glass magnifier with compass led light

... -Portable-5x-Magnifying-Glass-Magnifier-With-Compass-LED-Light

About lts e78751 arm magnifying magnifier glass lamp light portable

... about LTS E78751 Arm Magnifying Magnifier Glass Lamp Light Portable

Bright LED Lighted Clamp on Magnifying 24" H Table Lamp

Bright LED Lighted Clamp on Magnifying 24" H Table Lamp
It is a table lamp that has got a bright LED lights and classic design. It saves a heck of a lot of desktop space and really holds on strong. It is perfect for your office space, bedroom, family room and more.

Futura LED Magnifying 19.5" H Table Lamp

Futura LED Magnifying 19.5" H Table Lamp
Functional and adjustable, this 19.5-inch height table lamp in a black finish features eco-friendly construction, and provides 3 x magnification. Also includes a metal body, flexible metal elbow, and can be easily attached to your desk by using C-clamp or magnet.

Jewelry fluorescent magnifying light luminaire portable lamp 36 852

Jewelry Fluorescent Magnifying Light Luminaire Portable Lamp 36 852
Seemingly simple yet just packed with original appeal and functional use - this fluorescent magnifying light is a portable lamp that you could easily use in any part of your household, where it's needed the most.

Portable magnifier lamp

Portable magnifier lamp with durable metal construction and LED lamp that assures additional illumination. White color of its frame perfectly matches any home office design. It can be mounted to a desk for stability.

Ledu Corp. Clamp-On Fluorescent Swing Arm Magnifier Lamp 5" Lens 38-1/2" Reach

Magnify-Lite 40.5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Magnify-Lite 40.5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Up-to-date desk lamp with a screw-clamp to fix to edges. It's made of metal finished in black. This lamp features a magnifying glass in the centre of a shade, adjustable height and tilt. It has an on/off switch and is intended for 22W bulbs.

BestDealUSA LED Head Light Lamp Flashlight with Magnifying Magnifier Glass Portable

It is an amazing BestDealUSA LED head light lamp flashlight that has got a magnifying magnifier glass portable. If you looking for perfect head light lamp you need to buy this one.

Portable 6 led light illuminated pocket magnifier 4x

Portable 6 LED Light Illuminated Pocket Magnifier 4X

Magnar 3 and 5 Diopter Magnifier Lamp

Electrical equipment lighting electrix portable magnifier task light

... electrical equipment lighting electrix portable magnifier task light

Led rechargeable portable compact fluorescent magnifier lamp

LED Rechargeable Portable Compact Fluorescent Magnifier Lamp

Magnifier Clamp-On 41.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Magnifier Clamp-On 41.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
It is a magnifier clamp-on 41.5 inches high table lamp with drum shade that is perfect for office space, kids room and living room. It has got a modern design and fits to contemporary spaces. You need to have it.

Fluorescent, Swing Arm Magnifying Lamp

This magnifing lamp is both elegant and convenient. You can easily mount it on the edge of the table or shelf. The arm of this piece is adjustable. Whole lapm is made from high quality material in smooth white finish. The diameter of this lamp is 5" and it provides 1.75x, 3 diopter magnifier. It uses circular 22 watt fluorescent bulb which eliminates shadows . Lens dust cover is in the set.

Portable magnifier lamp 1

OttLite Magnifier Task Lamp

Mighty Magnifying Portable Desk Table Lamp

LED lamp magnifier Portable Magnifying Glass To Read The Elderly Surgical Repair Magnifier HD Primary mirror 10X auxiliary mirror 20X

Portable magnifier lamp 5

OttLite 13W Task With Magnifier- Green, , hi-res

Portable magnifier lamp 3

Vintage Portable Magnifying Desk Lamp Retro by lakesidecottage, $73.00

Super Bright Portable LED Lamp

Mighty Bright 61032 Vusion LED Craft Light & Magnifier, Silver

This piece is elegant and comvenient. It is precize magnifier combined with light. It has two brightness settings. Usage of led lights makes this piece durable , it can last up to 100,000 hours. There is alo extra option this alegant piece can also cast whjite light.

Portable magnifying glass with light

DOCOOLER 16X 30MM LED ILLUMINATED MAGNIFIER MAGNIFYING GLASS LOUPE FOLDING STAND HANDHELD PORTABLE POCKET - Click image twice for more info - See a larger selection of magnifying lamp at

Docooler 16x 30mm LED Illuminated Magnifier Magnifying Glass Loupe Folding Stand Handheld Portable Pocket

Ritelite LPL670 Magnifier with 2-LEDs, Grey

Daylight UN1030 Naturalight 7-Inch Magnifying Lamp

Portable magnifying lamp provides adjustable task lighting

Portable Magnifying Lamp provides adjustable task lighting.

Carson Desk Brite Mini 3X LED Lighted Magnifier and Desk Lamp

The portable magnifier lamp is the ideal tool to view objects at two times magnification in bright light, with high-contrast and a sharply defined focus. Made in acrylic and metal, it has very bright LEDs. And the shape adapts to your needs.

TMS® Tabletop Gooseneck Magnifying Lamp Magnifier 5X 10X Desk Adjustable Light Jewelry

Daylight Mini Flexilens On 7-Inch Clip

Neewer® 5X Portable Handheld AA Powered Switch LED Magnifier 6.9cm Lens Diameter For Night Reading Searching

Portable magnifier lamp 9

Pro 2 in 1 Facial Steamer 5X Magnifying Lamp Hot Ozone Machine Spa Salon #Beauty #FacialSteamer #Facial #MachineSpa #skincare #vapor #moisture #skin #shopping #facecare

TaoTronics® Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp (14W, Piano Black, 4 Lighting Modes, 5-Level Dimmer, Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, 1-Hour Auto Timer, 5V/1A USB Charging Port)

Very modern piano black desk lamp designed with a strong vibe of futuristic minimalism. Features 4 lighting modes and 5-levels brightness to provide the best customized illumination during long working hours. Allows to save energy due to LED lighting.

Daylight U31375 Artist Studio Lamp and Stand

Magnifier jewel loupes linen testers magnifier lamps and portable

magnifier,jewel loupes,linen testers, magnifier lamps and portable ...

Duo portable battery mains operated daylight led magnifying lamp 1

Duo Portable Battery Mains Operated Daylight Led Magnifying Lamp

Portable 6 LED Illuminated Magnifier Lamp Loupe

Details about 18 led usb portable lamp for laptop switch

Details about 18 LED USB Portable Lamp for laptop Switch 4x Magnifier

Daylight U32100-01 Combo White Lamp

Magnify-Lite Magnifying 40.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Magnify-Lite Magnifying 40.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
It is a magnify-lite magnifying 40.5 inches high table lamp that has got a drum shade and it is perfect for your office space. It adds bright light and style to your home. You will be impressed how beautiful this table lamp is.

Magnifying 59.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Magnifying 59.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
This is a special lamp, which is perfect especially at work. It has an adjustable neck, which means that it can be freely set. As a result, the lamp ideally suited to the desk and in a wide variety of activities, where you have well and thoroughly see everything.

17.75" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

17.75" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade