Four Poster King Bed Frame

Do you have a king-sized. bed, but no headboard, and a boring metal frame? Do you long to take your bed game up a notch. Then check out these four poster king bed frames. Laying in your bed while surrounded by these handcrafted poster sentries, you will feel like a king. Take a look in our collection and select your four poster frame.

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Frances metal canopy bed cal king iron finish traditional beds

Frances metal canopy bed cal king iron finish traditional beds
Now you can sleep like a royal family member, thanks to this four poster frame for king size beds. Crafted of black-finished metal, the frame is long-lasting and stable, allowing you to mount a canopy to make the whole even more royal-looking.

Choose White Black Cream Mahogany Walnut Four Poster Canopy Bed 4 Wood King Post

Choose White Black Cream Mahogany Walnut Four Poster Canopy Bed 4 Wood King Post
A large frame for king size beds, that comes with a headboard and four tapered, turned posters. It's crafted of durable Mahogany wood in a distressed espresso and walnut finish, with a square structure on top for mounting a canopy.

French Louis Xvi 4 Poster Bed Black Crystals King Size Affordable Luxury

French Louis Xvi 4 Poster Bed Black Crystals King Size Affordable Luxury
Luxurious four poster bed with king size sleeping space. Its headboard and footboard are covered with leather and tufted for additional aesthetic value. Four decorative posts with carvings also increase aesthetics.

Diana four poster king size bed

Diana four poster king size bed
Many people have inspired the life of Princess Diana-her charisma has also been an inspiration for this four-poster king bed with characteristic frame.It was made of high-quality mahogany wood. Carved legs and cherry shades in mahogany wood create a beauty.

Phillips creek transitional dallas

Phillips creek transitional dallas
Amazing shape! Check out this mirrored four poster bed chandelier. I love its subtle light and very artistic shape. I truly adore queen size beds, and this one looks crazy. I also like this nice, velvet-white bedding.

Hindell Park Four Poster Bed

Hindell Park Four Poster Bed
Set of classic furniture and decorations intended to bedroom. Set is composed of simple wooden bed, two night stools, two night lamps with fancy shaped kickstand, basket for pet and window cushions. Beauty lies in simplicity!

St. Regis Queen Four Poster Bed

St. Regis Queen Four Poster Bed
Stylish, immensely beautiful and at the same time simple with its elegant and traditional design - this four poster bed sports a wonderful design with the black finish of the high quality, all-wood structure.

Our advice Buying Guide

Four poster king bed frames are great choices for bedrooms with high ceilings as anything else would definitely seem too small. However, they’re not just for filling rooms. They are also the best way to make an impact and design statement as they’re dramatic pieces of furniture. They're so striking that they’ve graced homes of important people for centuries. They're the all-time favorites of interior designers as well.

If you would love a four-poster king bed for your bedroom, but you don’t know how to make the right choice, don’t fret as we’ve got just the ticket. Here's a guide on how to ensure you make an informed buying decision:

How to pick the right style of a four poster king bed frame?

If you don’t want to change your bedroom’s decorating theme, then you need the four poster bed to match it. This type of bed frame comes in lots of colors and styles. You'll have lots of materials to choose from as well including wood, iron rod, metal, and so much more. This means you’ll get the exact poster bed that you want for your private space.

Four poster king bed frames can be elaborate or utilitarian in design. Check as many products as you can so you get a general idea of what style fits your existing décor theme or the one that you’re trying to achieve.

A lot of contemporary style four poster beds are circulating on the market today, most especially online, as they make decorating a room easier. If your style leans towards traditional, you’d still be able to find exquisite four poster king beds that are adorned with a beautiful silhouette and carved details.

How to measure for a four poster king bed?

Remember that four poster king bed frames are big pieces of furniture. They are bigger than traditional beds so it is important that you know the bed you have your eye on can fit your space. Get the width and height of your bedroom’s available space, so you have an idea of whether the bed will overwhelm the room or not. A four-poster king bed will make for a pretty focal point unless it consumes all the space in the bedroom, making it feel cramped.

What's the best material for a four poster king bed frame?

A well-constructed four poster king bed will be able to give you several decades of peaceful sleep without wearing on your mattress. A wooden poster bed is durable and firm and it offers the highest weight capacity. What's more, it is resistant to damage.

Metal four poster beds are also sturdy and strong. The most popular metals used are iron and steel. Despite their toughness, metal bed frames have thinner, lighter builds.

There are also wooden four poster king beds that are cheap, and they’re made of engineered wood or manufactured wood products like MDF and particleboard. They are your least expensive options but they offer less durability. They're made to be beautiful and polished as they are added with wood veneer or laminate.


Four poster king bed frame 1

The monumental poster king bed frame gives the bedroom a royal feel that captivates. Beautifully carved wooden canopy elements of design delights and are amazing. Ideal solution for large, luxurious bedroom interiors.

Sick looks ancient

Sick. Looks ancient

Four poster king bed frame

With this four poster king bed frame your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. It features the solid, durable and nicely finished wooden construction and low panel frame.

King 4 poster bed

Four poster bed in modern form. Construction is made of wood. High headboard consists of vertically arranged strips. Classic form and timeless style.

King size 4 poster bed frame

This sublime canopy bed offers the four poster structure and the lavish, detailed finish of the wooden frame with charming, floral patterns, making for a fitting option for your master suite and one that will bring out a new level of sophistication.

Four poster bed furniture

A phenomenal baby bed for a royal baby only. It features a highly decorative construction with an impressive headboard and footboard made of solid and durable walnut. There is also a tall canopy, which gives it an even more posh look.

Cheap four poster bed frame

This magnificent four-poster bed has ornate posts that end in ornate cornices at the top. The gracefully curved footboard and headboard are decorated with panels of leather. Sturdy, decorative side rails help keep the mattress positioned on the bed.

Mirrored four poster bed

Attractive and comfortable bed with an original frame based on four posts. Their wood branch theme adds a natural touch to the whole bedroom stylization. Neutral white color is well matched with any design.

Omg that is some bed

OMG! That is some Bed

Wrought iron four poster beds

For those who need to feel like in the royal palace. Large four poster king bed, with in shade of black. Is made of sleek ebony. It has a beautiful shimmering trim. You can hang curtains on, which adds elegance.

King four poster bed 28

Antique four poster canopy bed. This king size solution provides plenty of comfortable sleeping space for two people. Its four supportive posts include decorative accents, so this bed is solid, safe, comfortable and decorative.

Super king four poster bed

A stunning antique French bed frame of iron with an off-greenish finish. Four sleek round posts with artichoke finials join with rods for a canopy. A showy high headboard and a lesser footboard feature charming intricate scrolls and floral motifs.

King size four poster bed frame a bed is a

king size four poster bed frame a bed is a

King size 4 poster bed

An awesome addition for master bedrooms with larger space to spare. This poster king bed frame is beautifully hand-carved in solid wood and splashed with a mahogany finish, forming a truly fabulous and durable structure.

King four poster bed 10

Four poster bed in Victorian style. High headboard is finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Adds freshness and elegance to each bedroom.

Landaluce Transitional Style Antique Dark Oak Finish Eastern King Size Bed Frame Set

Antique dark oak finish and classic four poster design stand behind the awesomeness of this classic bed proposition. With a king size bed frame set, embellished with beautiful mosaics, it will be a statement of elegance.

King four poster bed 14

A king size bed frame made of wood in a deep brown color. It features four posts with decorative, curved accents, where you can hang a romantic canopy. A classy design makes it a timeless piece of furniture.

Single four poster bed curtains

Choose class and refined elegance with this mirrored four poster bed that sports the distressed finish and the design that is worthy of any master suite with the modern or rustic decor option to it.

Wood post bed frames

Island Chamfer Canopy Bed - california king frame

King 4 poster bed frame

Stunning 5 King Size Mahogany Hand Carved 4 Poster Bed Wax Finish NEW

Innovation bed king on

Innovation Bed, King on

Black 4 poster bed

Indian palace stylization is a very aesthetic feature of this bed. It includes four posts and its frame features many carvings and decorative accents. Black color of this frame perfectly matches any bedroom design.

King bed four poster

The four poster kingsize bed with the black painted wooden frame. The high headboard guarantees the great support for your spine while reading in the bed. The grey bedding perfectly composes with the toned piece of furniture.

King size four poster bed frame

Canopy bed frame

How to make a diy 4 poster bed

How to make a DIY 4-poster bed

Florentino Vittorio Four Poster Bed

Florentino Vittorio Four Poster Bed

Wrought iron 4 poster bed

The "dot over and" will be something that in the past had only the crowned- a canopy.The Italian term "baldacchino" means "sky" or what is under its vault. So you already know what a four poster king wooden bed is,finished with white paint and straight lines.

Metal four poster bed

4 poster bed made of wood and fitted with high headboard. It is mounted on conical legs. Application in any bedroom according to taste and need.

King four poster bed frame

I love this Old World styling

Black 4 poster bed 13

A stunning traditional queen bed entirely finished in black. Its wonderful highly arched headboard has curved silvery edges adorned with swirls and a round medallion on a main panel. Four tall round tapered up posts have tiered silvery ball finials.

King four poster bed 24

King size bed with a four poster construction. Its durable wooden frame includes four posts with attractive, decorative accents. The headboard is very solid and it includes some decorative carvings for additional aesthetics.

4 poster king bed frame

A comfortable bed is a key to health.This four-poster king bed has the enormity of sophistication and raw beauty of cherry wood,with a headboard, finished with a felt in tin color. In addition, iron ornaments on the headboard, introduces the French royal style.

Queen Four Poster Bed

Queen Four Poster Bed

4 poster king bed

Enchanting four poster king bed frame with decorative bone inlay - a simple yet striking way to bring a unique hint to a contemporary bedroom. Neutrally colored, the frame is of course equipped with headboard.

Metal 4 poster bed

In Baroque times, the bed was a piece of furniture that emphasized the status of the king. A four-poster king bed frame presented here reminds you of it. This time in a dark espresso finish, a geometric headrest with four strong, tall and slim pillars.

Four poster bed frame

Four poster bed in simple form. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Adds freshness and elegance to each bedroom.

Iron four poster bed

Cantori Urbino Baldacchino Continental King 4 Poster Bed

Four poster bed frames

Mandalay Baroque Style Brown Cherry Queen, King Poster Canopy Platform Bed

Four poster king size bed

A wonderful addition for master bedrooms, in this king size bed you will be sleeping like a baby. Its tubular frame is made of powder-coated metal, and beautifully curved on top, allowing you to hang a canopy, to make the whole sparkling with pizzazz.

Brass four poster bed

Chesapeake Canopy Bed $836

Fabulous bedroom design ideas using cherry wood high poster bed

Fabulous Bedroom Design Ideas Using Cherry Wood High Poster Bed Frame ...

Michael amini villa valencia four poster bed classic chestnut finish

Michael Amini Villa Valencia Four Poster Bed Classic Chestnut finish ...

Pennsylvania house cherry four poster king size bed ebth 1

Pennsylvania House Cherry Four Poster King Size Bed : EBTH