Country Crib Bedding Sets

Bring some rustic feel to your little one's bedroom with country crib bedding sets. Get mesmerized by quilted designs and colour palettes that are pleasing to the eye. Check the styles in the collection below and fill the nursery with country charm.

Best Products

Northwoods Baby Bedding Crib Set 4pc Rustic Cabin Country Bear Moose Flannel New

Northwoods Baby Bedding Crib Set 4pc Rustic Cabin Country Bear Moose Flannel New
This fascinating baby crib is a combination of massive woodwork and unique rustic style. Beautiful motifs with a bear and moose delight and the whole is perfectly integrated into the country atmosphere of the decor.

Custom Made Baby Crib Bedding Max 4 Hd Camo Baby Blanket

Custom Made Baby Crib Bedding Max 4 Hd Camo Baby Blanket
Crib set in rustic style. Includes bumper, pillow case, blanket and more. It is made of soft fabric and finished with forest theme. Machine washable. Excellent gift idea.

3 Piece Duvet Cover Set

3 Piece Duvet Cover Set
Gorgeous duvet cover set, a bit wrinkly, it has the 'shabby' look. The linen feels and looks great, it is very soft and comfortable. Available for a king-size and queen-size beds. Set includes 1 duvet cover, 2 king shams.

Nightingale 9 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Nightingale 9 Piece Crib Bedding Set
Spice up your nursery with this 9-Piece Crib Bedding Set designed of a cotton blend and polyfill. The set features bumper, dust ruffle, valance, toy bag, diaper stacker, coverlet, crib sheet, and 2 pillows.

Max 4 hd custom made baby crib bedding

Max 4 hd custom made baby crib bedding
An exquisite crib bedding set for little boys, bathed in a lovely mix of camo and orange. Designed of quality materials, the set is consisted of 13 stylish pieces, along with decorative orange bows to firmly attach it to the crib.

Western rock star country baby bedding

Western rock star country baby bedding
A lovely addition to a crib, which is going to enhance the whole nursery room. Designed in country style, the bedding has cowhide patterns all over each piece decorated with stylish fringes. Works with most types of cribs.

Ivory lace royal baby crib bedding set

Ivory lace royal baby crib bedding set
A beautiful bedding set for little girls and boys, designed of soft cotton and ruffled lace crib skirt. The bedding looks very beautiful and delicate, decorated with lovely valances and stylish bows.

Our advice Buying Guide

No matter if you decide to put a crib in the corner of your bedroom or are planning an elaborate nursery, selecting bedding sets is fun. At the beginning of your baby's life, they'll be spending a lot of time in this cozy little retreat. You want the space to be comfortable, safe, and inviting. Therefore, picking the best country crib bedding sets includes more than color and budget. Let's look at this inspirational guide as direction for your choices.

What to Look for in Country Crib Bedding Sets?

One of the first things you'll notice is there are endless selections for crib and bedding sets. Some have low price points while others can cost over $100. You'll find a vast array of prints, colors, and fabrics. These choices can easily overwhelm, so it's best to stick to your budget and theme. Remember, these bedding sets can pass from generation to generation. So, while looking for affordable pricing is optimal, discount brands may lend itself to subpar quality. Look for:

  • Strong and intact stitching
  • Heavy-duty elastics on fitted sheets and mattress pads
  • High-quality and clear image printing
  • Foam padding that isn’t bunched together or missing in some spots
  • Cotton fill that’s too loose or missing in some places
  • Fitted sheets that aren’t too bunchy—they should fit the mattress like a second skin
  • Clear care instructions on all the labels

How to Decorate with Country Crib Bedding Sets?

The first thing you need to make a note of is the color selection. Match the bedding to the color paint you’ve selected for the walls. If you’ve painted the walls with a neutral color like cream, you’re all set. However, if you’ve painted the walls baby blue, then you’ll need to match the bedding colors accordingly. Begin with the comforter because it will serve as the focal point of the baby’s crib. Then, move on to the baby blankets, fitted sheets, and accessories. Under many circumstances, these bedding sets come complete with:

  • Fitted sheet
  • Comforter
  • Bumper Pad
  • Dust ruffle
  • Diaper stack
  • Toss pillows
  • Curtains or valances

What are the Safety Considerations Regarding Bedding?

Remember that, when you put your baby to sleep, the majority of the decorative items will leave the crib. For example, the recommendation is to put your baby to sleep without any bedding, pillows or toys. So, remove everything except for the fitted sheet. Parents who have concerns about their baby being cold when they’re asleep can dress them in a sleep sack or sleep swaddle.

What are the Common Bedding Materials?

Because this bedding experiences frequent washing, it must feature high-quality fabrics and materials. Common fabrics for sheets include lightweight flannel, cotton blends, and woven cotton. It’s critical you follow the care instructions when washing to prevent shrinking. Organic options are also available which feature chemical-free, non-bleached, and non-dyed fabrics. Avoid bleaching fabrics too often because it causes the fabrics to break down and small holes will begin forming. It’s ideal to add color-safe bleach to loads and then rewash the laundry again afterward to ensure the bacteria, chemicals, and stains are gone.


Boutique Teddy Bear 13 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Boutique Teddy Bear 13 Piece Crib Bedding Set
Spice up your nursery with this 13-Piece Crib Bedding Set designed of a cotton blend and polyester filling. The set features bumper, skirt, 2 valances, toy bag, diaper stacker, crib quilt, 3 wall hangings, and 2 pillows.

4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

4 Piece Crib Bedding Set
4 piece bedding set dedicated to the boys. It is compatible with Sandard crib. It is made of 100% cotton. It includes comforter, bed skirt and 2 sheet.

Suzanna 3 Piece Duvet Set

Suzanna 3 Piece Duvet Set
3 piece duvet set quilted sophisticated pattern. It is made of high quality cotton. Machine washable. It has a very good feedback from customers. Great set for each bedroom and the perfect gift idea.

Gentry 3 Piece Duvet Set

Gentry 3 Piece Duvet Set
Duvet set consisting of three elements. It is made of cotton and decorated with a geometric pattern. It is well assessed for high quality and fabulous look.

Brisbane Bedding Collection

Brisbane Bedding Collection
This amazing 4-piece comforter set comes in beautiful, light finish to make your bedroom look charming and welcoming, while it's made only of the highest quality cotton and the sage sea leaf embroidery pattern looks stunning.

Gentry Bedding Collection

Gentry Bedding Collection
Chic contemporary set crafted of quality cotton. A comforter and shams are reversible and feature a white on beige geometric chain pattern on one side and a beige on white on the reverse side. They're machine washable.

Pyrenees Bedding Collection

Pyrenees Bedding Collection
With this 4-piece bedding set in a charming and stylish light finish with floral patterns with beautiful birds you can easily enjoy your new bedroom decor and the new-found comfort that comes along with the set.

Gentry Comforter Set

Gentry Comforter Set
This almost luxurious comforter set is the perfect culmination of the bedroom. The beautiful geometric patterns in beautiful colors makes the whole extremely charming and cozy. Made of high quality cotton.

Camouflage baby bedding

This cute country bedding set will create a charming spot for your baby. Finished in creamy beige, it will add warmth and brightness to the space. The set features several elements: including a blanket, a sheet, a mini recliner and others.

Country baby bedding

Crib set with patchwork theme consisting of bumper, bed skirt, blanket and more. It is made of pleasant to the touch material and finished with decorative frills. It is compatible with standard crib.

Camo crib bedding sets

This country style bedding set is a carefully crafted small masterpiece, that will ideal fit into boys room. Its design evokes associations with rustic, cottage style, which will bring warmth and coziness to the room.

Pink camo baby bedding

An attractive crib bedding set for little boys and girls, bathed in a lovely mix of country style and nice to touch materials. The set is consisted of several stylish pieces that is going to transform your nursery into a western masterpiece.

Country baby boy bedding

A pretty traditional country style bedding set and accessories for cribs. A sheet, a comforter, a frilly skirt, tied bumpers, pillows and a diaper stack are of pale-beige cotton with a simplified dark buck heads pattern. They can be machine washed.

Fishing baby bedding

This country crib bedding set will help you create a cool, western ambiance in your nursery. Pink and brown finish match well traditionally designed cribs. A warm and charming proposition.

Cute cowboy room

cute cowboy room

Baby Barnyard 4 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set with Bumper plus FREE Sheet Saver by Trend Lab

Realtree camo baby bedding


Camo baby room

The unbearable lightness of being - one would say, looking at this ethereal country crib bedding set in the brightest colors, just like the soul of a child who will wheeze in it. Patchwork bedspread and non-toxic dyes combine fantastically with cotton.

Mossy oak baby bedding

This country crib bedding set constitutes a perfect proposition for one's cottage decor. Its quilted pattern resembles the western Cowboy style, which shall appeal to the fans of series.

John deere baby bedding

For a girl -- Sweet Roses Ivory & Turquoise Antique Country Floral 4-piece crib set

Camo crib bedding set

Bring a little country into your nursery room, while choosing this beautiful, 10-piece crib bedding set. Designed of pink, gray and white plush material, the bedding also features pink fabric ties to keep the whole firmly attached to the crib.

Harbor house comforter sets

This comforter set includes one comforter, two shams and one bed skirt. These are elements created for use with king-size beds. They are made of 100% cotton that is resistant to wear and assures high level of relaxation.

Harbor house comforter set

Beautifully styled and soothing - this comforter set offers the nice and natural look to your bed and master suite and will make for a real treat to sleep in, while its heavy crewel embroidery with a turtledove color paletter creates a soft and welcoming look.

Hunting nursery decor

An adorable bedding for a cradle, which is going to improve your nursery room with vivid colors and fashionable patterns. Each piece of the bedding has also strong orange bows that allow you to firmly tie the bedding to the cradle.

Country crib bedding sets

It seems like with this French farmhouse bedding set amplifying the ambiance of a nursery room would be effortless. Gender neutral, this bedding set designed for baby's crib delivers timeless elegance to an interior.

Lace crib bedding

Fashionable and comfy, this crib bedding set is going to improve your nursery in no time. Designed of a plaid fabric, the bedding is beautified by checkered patterns and a stylish skirt, and has strong fabric ties for easy attachment.

Camouflage crib bedding

A coherent style of a house looks even into a child's room with its ideas. In this case, the favorite rural country style, a little cowboy chic is visible in the example of a wooden baby crib, with black paint finish and red bows and the brown bedding set.

Baby bedding crib set 6 pc outdoor cabin country bear

... Baby Bedding Crib Set 6 PC Outdoor Cabin Country Bear Moose Rustic

Pink camo crib bedding

A beautiful crib bedding set for little boys, bathed in a lovely mix of brown and green. Designed of quality materials, the set is consisted of 6 country pieces, along with strong fabric ties to firmly attach it to the crib.

Rustic nursery bedding

Add comfort, style and beauty to your apartment with this baby boy sports crib bedding set, which includes nine high quality pieces. Your kids will be impressed how cool this set.

Hunting baby bedding

Why not go for a colorful and yet compelling piece like this sublime crib that comes with the pink camouflage and the charming woodland creatures on its pattern. It is a sure choice for every little girl to enjoy sleeping in.

Patch Magic Country Hearts Crib Bedding

The magical atmosphere next to this wooden traditional country cribbed for children, with wooden rungs. Bedding set and cover made of imitation jeans full of patchwork hearts, also create a theater of hand-puppets just behind the bed.

Moose green and brown country gingham 6 piece crib bedding

Moose Green and Brown Country Gingham 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Teen beach bedding

This exquisitely comfortable bedding set is made of 100% cotton. Brushed cotton twill comforter and pillow shams feature a neutral starfish print on a smoky blue background, which are complemented by the solid khaki bed skirt.

Crib bedding set astounding baby astounding baby nursery room design

... Crib Bedding Set Astounding Baby: Astounding Baby Nursery Room Design

Harbor house bedding comforter sets

A breathtaking, modern design for a bedroom. I love the combination of grey and white elements, makes the whole room look bright and lively. The pattern on the bedding and pillows gives the bedroom an nice, fresh detail.

Country crib bedding

8 Pc Realtree® Advantage Max-4 Camo Baby Bedding Crib Set

Harbor house bedding sets

Comfortable bedding set that includes elements finished in white and green color. Comfortable and decorative pillows include attractive seaside and beach patterns. All materials are comfortable, safe in use and wear-resistant.

Mossy oak crib bedding

western paisley crib set

Harbor house bedding sets

Stylish bedding set made from pleasant to the touch cotton and finished with floral theme. It consists of comforter, pillowcases, shams and more. Received positive reviews from customers for high quality and elegant design.

Baby boy camo bedding


Forest friends 5 piece baby crib bedding set with bumper

Forest Friends 5 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set with Bumper by Carters:Amazon:Baby

Bedding set find a deal on this great nursery set

bedding set find a deal on this great nursery set