Chinese Living Room Furniture


The living room furniture style of most Chinese homes is incredibly gorgeous as well as being very well constructed. To add a Chinese living room furniture piece into your home is making a statement but you care about the look of your living space in a way that American made furniture just can't quite embody. This is the type of furniture you change your entire style to accommodate.

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Chinese living room furniture

Outstanding Chinese inspired living room furniture designed to bring style and comfort into your spaces. The set comes with two armchairs, each constructed from wood and finished with a glossed dark brown finish. There is also a three-seater sofa and a low profile coffee table to match.

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Serta Upholstery Living Room Collection

Serta Upholstery Living Room Collection

Amazing living room set containing loveseat, sofa, and chaise lounge. Each item is made of solid hardwood, features highest quality upholstery and comfortable cushions, gorgeously carved details and stylish design.

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Glencoe Living Room Collection

Glencoe Living Room Collection

Extremely stylish, elegant and undoubtedly full of class - a short description of this unusual salon set. Beautifully crafted, unusual ornaments and ease of use make this amazing furniture delight.

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Harvest Living Room Collection

Harvest Living Room Collection

This living room collection includes a comfortable sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. All elements of this type are soft, comfortable and they feature a neutral grey color. The central part of this stylization is a solid coffee table with wooden frame and glass top.

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Chinese living room furniture set

Sparkling with timeless elegance and detailed craftsmanship, this amazing garden stool is shaped like a barrel and made of quality ceramic. Beautifully adorned with handmade embellishements, the stool is stabile, durable and multitask.

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Chinese living room furniture 1

Chinese Living Room Furniture

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Chinese living room furniture 1

Retro elements in Chinese modern living room design

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Chinese living room furniture

Chinese living room furniture

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Asian decor living room

Designed by talented Chinese craftsmen, this wonderful arm chair comes with an espresso0finished hardwood frame accentuated with beautiful scrollwork. The seat and barrel back are upholstered in a genuine white leather.

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Chinese Living Room Furniture

Buying Guide

Full of ornate, beautiful pieces, Chinese living room furniture makes a visually stunning statement in any room. When deciding how to arrange Chinese-inspired furniture, it is essential to employ the basic elements of Feng Shui into the process.

Feng Shui is a Chinese method of arranging items, like furniture, to create harmony and balance in a space. Feng Shui dictates that clutter must be removed from the living room before the furniture is brought in. Clutter can inhibit the flow of energy and cause unwanted blockages.

According to Feng Shui, living room furniture needs to be placed in a circular pattern. It also recommends that chairs are not placed with their backs to a doorway and that your living room couch is not in front of the door. Although you do not have to follow these Feng Shui guidelines for arranging your Chinese furniture, they are helpful tidbits you can employ when deciding how to arrange the pieces.

Chinese living room furniture always makes a visually striking statement, with upholstery that ranges from delicate floral patterns to deep colors with intricate designs.

When choosing the upholstery for your Chinese living room furniture, always go for fabrics over leather. This is because leather material is cold on the skin, with fabric exuding warmth and calm energies throughout the room.

Many Chinese living room furniture sets have highly polished wooden frames and lacquered tabletops. Fabrics such as linen and polyester microfiber have a matte finish that perfectly contrasted the high gloss frame finish. However, traditional silk upholstery can make a luxurious addition to your living room.

Chinese-style furniture is often the centerpiece of the living room, so bold patterns and colors are a great way to make a statement.

Best Ideas

Oriental style living room furniture

This living room can easily be called eclectic. The use of Chinese furniture makes it really inspirational while keeping some of the traditional charms. Somehow, it’s not chaotic at all!

Asian living room furniture

An eye-catching traditional Chinese desk with a narrow frame of brown-finished bamboo rods. It features openwork side walls and drawers fronts with skew lattice and geometric designs. It has straight legs and a rectangular top.

Chinese living room furniture 14

Weathered Coral Wall Paint - Gallon $45.00 | Serena & Lily more of a Chinese red than the pinky shade it looks like in the picture

Living room in chinese

I totally want to go and alter furniture for my drawing room. This design features the jewel tones, blue and white Chinese pottery details, red and orange English furniture and comfortable arm chairs.

Chinese living room furniture

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