Antique Victorian Chair

This is the kind of thing you might find in an English manor home in the country, and you are in luck, because if you want to add something elegant, useful, and almost too gorgeous to pass up, then your home needs an antique victorian chair. Plush velvet upholstery, hand carved wooden construction, and the style is to die for. Take a look in this collection.

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Glamorous purple black porters chair

Glamorous purple black porters chair
This gorgeous Antique Victorian Gothic Chair is a real masterpiece and would attract a lot of attention. Made of high-quality material and finished with fine dark color fabric looks really fabulous. Perfect for anyone who is interested in history.

Queen Victoria Parlor Fabric Side Chair

Queen Victoria Parlor Fabric Side Chair
With this Side Chair you will be able to transform your dining room into a luxurious royal chamber. Inspired by Victorian style, the chair features a lacquered poplar hardwood frame, floral pattern fabric upholstery, medium density foam cushion, and hand-carved Venetian accents.

19th century victorian carved dark walnut lounge chair

19th century victorian carved dark walnut lounge chair
Lounge chair in Victorian style. Wooden frame is finished with carefully made carvings and mounted on wheels for easy movement. It is upholstered with velvet fabric and quilted with decorative buttons.

Carved Rocaille Fabric Arm Chair

Carved Rocaille Fabric Arm Chair
Amazing armchair featuring quality mahogany frame in traditional finish, beautifully carved details and stylish curves, comfortably padded seat and back in embroidered fabric upholstery, and stylish design.

Victorian Lady Alcott Balloon Chair

Victorian Lady Alcott Balloon Chair
An antique chair crafted of the solid hardwood frame (Victorian work of fine period furniture art). Hand-carved cabriole legs that provide stability and durability. It's also balloon-shaped and doesn't require any assembly.

Parlor chair styles

This armchair is a comfortable, stylish and functional element of furniture. It features a nice red color of a seat, arms and backrest. Its rosewood frame is solid and it includes some aesthetic carvings on legs and on the top of backrest.

Antique victorian chair 6

Armchair, swan-shaped couch ideal for women from the Victorian court. But also for you for an afternoon nap. This antique victorian chair has classic design of plush jacquard upholstery and detailed leaf and flower.

Our advice Buying Guide

Do antique Victorian chairs go well in a bedroom?

Antique Victorian chairs go well in a bedroom when used as stand-alone pieces, perhaps paired with a reading lamp or decor elements like throw pillows or blankets. Victorian armchairs are traditionally heavy, wooden, carved chairs with ornate, tufted cushioning.

For a modern bedroom, think about using a slipcover over the Victorian chair to tone down its heavy look. However, if you want to capitalize on the luxury of Victorian chairs by baring it all, pair with existing decor by selecting a Victorian chair with upholstery colors or patterns that complement other elements of your bedroom.

If you have a more eclectic style, mixing lots of different design eras, you can use a Victorian chair as a focal point in your bedroom by purchasing a contemporary white vanity table with a mirror for it to sit next to. With such an elegant silhouette, an antique Victorian chair is a statement piece in your bedroom.

Are antique Victorian chairs difficult to maintain?

An antique Victorian chair needs regular but basic maintenance to preserve its durability and attractive finish. The main thing you should do is regularly dust your antique chair with a soft brush. Make sure you avoid cleaning your antique Victorian chair with water, especially if the model has an unfinished wood frame.

If you need to clean stains from upholstery, or stubborn grime from sealed wood, mix a mild detergent in distilled water. Dab the furniture gently, and avoid scrubbing or rubbing the wood in a hard motion. This could strip the chair of its natural oils and leave it exposed to the elements, as well as staining the furniture a different color to the rest of the design.

Once you’ve gently dabbed the chair, pat the areas you’ve cleaned dry, ensuring you do it gently with distilled water.


Antique victorian chair 19

Caroline, this reminds me of your chair! Heavily carved Rococo Revival needlepoint armchair with stool, mid 19th century.

Antique parlor chairs

I like decorative character of this armchair. Its wooden frame includes attractive carvings. Soft, padded seat finished in red color provides comfort and support thanks to its padded arms and button-tufted backrest.

Antique victorian chair 21

Inspired by the Renaissance Revival period, this solid walnut medallion chair enchants with its Victorian style. Crafted around 1860-1870's, tt delights with its perfect quality. Measures 42"high and the seat is 16" high.

Antique victorian chair 3

The impressive combination of beautiful green upholstery and massive wooden construction in Victorian Victorian architecture makes the whole building a unique character. Beautiful upholstery trim with quilts and buttons and unique carving.

Antique victorian chair 5

Beautiful antique 19th century roundabout conversation chair with rolling casters, carved walnut frame and finials accent. Its other characteristic marks are: robin egg blue upholstery, button tufting, rounded seats.

Antique victorian chair 2

A pair of fine arm chairs with an intricate frame that boasts of gorgeous carvings and golden finish. The frame beautifully matches the quality upholstery, designed of a floral-patterned fabric that sparkles with old-fashioned looks.

Lamb blonde the french bedroom company

lamb & blonde - The French Bedroom Company

Antique victorian chair 25


Antique victorian chair 32

Side Chair Joseph Meeks and Sons  (1829–1835) Date: 1859 Geography: Mid-Atlantic, New York City, New York, United States Culture: American Medium: Rosewood

Antique victorian chair 16

Not only for Valentine but for life - just like love. This antique velvet chair inspired by the Victorian era has a heart-shaped backrest and a deep red color on the quilted upholstery. The mahogany frame surrounds this romantic seat.

Country of origin united kingdom maker winfield date 1850 size

Country of Origin: United Kingdom Maker: Winfield Date: 1850 Size: 27 in wide x 43 inches high

Antique victorian chair 8

Transform your home into a Victorian castle, with this phenomenal bench separated to 4 beautiful seats. It has a magnificently sculpted frame in gold finish, with a button-tufted back, a medium-firm seat, padded armrests and stripe-patterned upholstery.

Victorian chaise lounge 652 victorian furniture

VICTORIAN CHAISE LOUNGE 652 | Victorian Furniture

Victorian chair victorian chair

victorian chair victorian chair

Antique victorian chair 30

Armchair, "Rosalie" pattern, 1844-1867, New York. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

This beautiful antique birdcage certainly adds style to this room

This beautiful antique birdcage certainly adds style to this room, and provides a pretty fashionable living space for these fine feathered friends.

Antique victorian chair 17

Antique Chairs | Antique Dentist Chair Sold By Skinner For an Undisclosed Amount