Corner Cabinet for Dining Room

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That corner space can be used efficiently with small corner cabinets for the dining room. Store fine china, wine glasses, dinner plates, or whatever you think will work best. In a handsomely painted wood with glass front, these cabinets utilize a space without wasting even an inch. View all the lovely, handcrafted corner cabinet ideas in this expansive collection.

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A corner dining room cabinet with white, light panels

For a much airier, emptier aesthetic, consider a neutral or white cabinet with flat fronts and closed-off storage.

We like a combination of shelves and cabinets so you can place aesthetic or color-matching plates out in the open, and more cluttered-looking decor away where no one can see it. This gives you serious control over how your room looks and feels. 

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A semicircular corner hutch for dining room

If you want to break up the parallel lines and 90-degree angles in your dining room, a curved hutch can make that happen and even give you more walking space.

Select a cabinet that has an angled back so it fits into a corner, and a curved or scalloped front edge. This might even make your piece feel like a built-in—particularly if you paint it the same color as your floors or walls! 

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Mid century modern corner cabinets for dining room

Interested in making a statement without taking up too much space?

Analogous to a gorgeous wingback chair, these types of cabinets that feature dramatic silhouettes and superior angled carvings seem artistic and structural, but in a sleek and sophisticated way. If you’re looking to up level your space without going too crazy, these cabinets can be an excellent option. 

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A traditional dark wood dining room corner cabinet

If, when you think of china cabinets, you think of bevelled glass and Victorian vibes, you might want to seek out vintage or traditional options like this one.

With several shelves, a heavy-feeling dark wood frame, and crystal-clear glass so you can show off your matching chinaware, these types of shelves add a regal formality to any room! 

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A corner dining cabinet that can double as a bar cart

Enjoy a cocktail, mocktail, or other type of special drink just before or after dinner?

Keep your beautiful liqueurs or glasses out as decor with a dining cabinet that has shelves that are the perfect height for delicate wineglasses. Of course, you can store anything you want on these shelves—but they’re high off the ground, exposed glassware feels luxurious, and you’ll probably feel more festive if they’re in the area. What’s not to like? 

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An l shaped mid rise cabinet with angles

Resembling, as they do, classic Tetris pieces with clean lines and defined corners, these smaller cabinets fit snugly into corners while offering up a modern aesthetic.

Since these more minimal pieces can be rather basic, it’s a good idea to pick up elevated hardware to make these pieces your own. For example, elevating a white cabinet on metallic legs or using gemstone hardware can make a budget piece feel like it’s from a boutique store. 

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A small angled cabinet with door windows for dining room

When you only need a small piece that comes halfway up your wall, it can be difficult to find aesthetic options. These smaller pieces with modular, well-fit glass pieces in the doors are following a traditional design trend, but updating it slightly for more modern design.

What we love is the mix of classic ‘50s design and more vintage elements, like brass hardware. Of course, pro tip—you can switch the hardware out on many options to ensure that you get the look that you want. 

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A small corner cabinet with wavy edges for a whimsical statement

Ready to tone down the seriousness of a more formal dining area?

Install a cabinet that has scallops going up and down its edges, and you’ll balance out the harder lines of typical dining tables and sideboards quite nicely. This type of statement piece adds effortless interest to any dining room! 

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A small corner hutch with mirrors and glass

When you’re truly interested in using a cabinet to display your gorgeous china or other artistic knickknacks, you want something that will help show off every angle of your pieces.

If this is you, here’s a simple tip: Invest in mirrored pieces. Not only do mirrors make your home feel larger and add a lot of visual interest, a mirrored hutch will help display even the parts of your pieces that aren’t facing the front of the room. This can really help drive a maximalist vibe, if that is your intention. 

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A corner hutch dining room with a beautiful painted vintage vibe

If you’re wanting to add more fun details to your home, invest in pieces that spark conversation, and overall have more gorgeousness in your life, select a vintage piece that looks like it has a story.

Look out for dark, moody pieces that have gilded or painted accents. For example, a wooden cabinet that’s been painted black and overlaid with a simple landscape simply feels magical—and your guests will definitely notice and ask about it! 

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Buying Guide

Small corner cabinets are great for corner storage as they are deep, they take very little space, plus they are capable of storing many items. What's more, they complete and enhance the décor of dining rooms.

There are lots of options available today when it comes to corner cabinets. In this article, we'll list down all the things you need to factor in to ensure you only purchase the best furniture pieces for your dining room.

Where to place corner cabinets in your dining room?

No furniture will suit your dining room's décor perfectly unless it fits the room's layout. It is, therefore, essential that you analyze the room's layout first. As soon as you've visualized the perfect spot for your corner cabinet, that's the time you should get the dimensions of the area. You don't have to allocate a large space for the furniture as you already know they won't take a lot of space. But, you need to make room for the doors as they'll swing open.

How to select the best design of corner cabinets?

When choosing the best small corner cabinets for a dining room, you can ensure your success if you ask for professional guidance. The professionals that you can talk to are interior designers and architects. They'll give you the best selection of pieces.

If you don't want to talk to experts personally, you can scan the internet for pictures of furniture pieces. By seeing all the options you have, you'll be able to narrow down your sphere of choices. As a result, you'll make the task of picking the right corner cabinet a lot easier and quicker.

How much are small corner cabinets for the dining room?

You already know that furniture pieces can come with a hefty price tag. However, that's not the case with small corner cabinets. You can find units that are less than a thousand dollars, which will already look stunning in your dining room. If you want to cut costs, you should consider stock cabinets as they're the most inexpensive. Stock small corner cabinets are produced in massive scales with uniformity in terms of design, shape, and size. If you go for such cabinets, you'll make considerable savings. You'll also be enjoying the flexibility to use the savings to upgrade other parts of your home.

How to customize your dining room corner cabinets?

Sometimes, buyers have exact specifications on their cabinets. For instance, they need corner cabinets that cater to specific dimensions and dining room layouts. If this is the case for you, the best option you have is to opt for a custom designed piece. Personally, this is the route we'll take as we get to choose the craftsmanship and materials that will be used in making the furniture.

If you require customization but you still want an affordable piece, you would find semi-custom units perfect for you. They're made-to-order units, which is why they're less expensive.

We know you are looking to incorporating a small corner cabinet into your dining room as you want its function and ability to enhance your dining room's appeal. Remember all the points we've discussed and you'll get the best results out of your search.

Best Ideas

White corner cabinet - good enough if somebody's dining room is not quite spacious. Exposed hinges and metal hardware are matched with traditional farmhouse style. There are opaque doors and glass panel doors.

Turrini Corner China Cabinet

Utilize your corner space with this corner china cabinet. You’ll have room for displaying the best of your ornamental pieces while also creating adjustable storage space. The three built-in drawers, bottom cabinet, and two exposed shelves create a versatile and convenient display cabinet, while the three available color choices make it perfect for any space.

This tall, slim and spacious cupboard for wine storage and other items is an excellent solution for dining room or kitchen. Solid wood construction looks impressive, and glass door cabinet is phenomenal.

This tasteful corner cabinet with shelves is a great way to decorate the original bathroom, hallway or living room. All tastefully decorated was made of wood. High legs add lightness all together, the shelves are suitable for storage.

A traditional corner display unit for dining rooms. A wooden frame has a pale greenish finish. It has a crown top, a cutout base, a 2-door bottom cabinet (with small round nickel-plated knobs and 1 shelf), 2 shelves up and a silver-painted back.

Home : Richmond Corner Cabinet

Hardwood species most beautifully display the simple shapes of the corner site. It is a hand-made of a maple wood small corner dining room cabinet made by Amish craftsmen.The upper transparent side and the bottom cabinet - this is the classic of the genre.

Make a grand impression on your guests with this combo coffee bar and liquor bar. Excellent furniture for the corner, so they are great space savers. Three shelves are hidden behind glass doors.

This amazing corner hutch comes with curved shelves and high wainscoting for more convenience in your interior and will offer a stunning place for your display items. It will let you display your plates and plants beautifully.

Adriana Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet

Add elegance to your room and lustrous shine to any corner with this lighted corner cabinet. With its silver frame finish, mirror panel, glass shelves, and imitation crystal knobs, you have a stand-out piece that would be right at home among your chandelier and velvet couch.

Coastal Corner China Cabinet

Traditionally styled cabinet made of birch wood with espresso finish. It offers ample storage and display space to organize kitchen accessories with almost no effort. It has double glass door panel on the front and an open display space.

This small corner cabinet will add a traditional, refined character to your dining room. Its narrow and tall, several-tier construction features 3 shelves, a drawer and bottom doors.

Home Styles Corner Curio Cabinet with Light - White

Amish have worked out the extraordinary art of creating furniture. One example is this farmhouse small corner dining room cabinet made of pine wood, stained with a warm tinge of lava on a black wood finish. Features a cabinet and 3 useful shelves.

A pretty hutch in a classy design. Your china will be well displayed as its upper part features glass on three sides. It's quite narrow, but tall so it's a perfect choice for some unused corner. A pure white color creates an elegant look.

Oxford Black Corner Curio Cabinet

With this Corner Curio Cabinet in Black Finish your precious collectibles will finally get the attention they deserve. The cabinet includes solid hardwood and veneer construction, v-grooved glass design, 1 stationary shelf, and 3 adjustable shelves.

Amish Living Room & Entertaining Furniture / Amish Curio Cabinets

... Room corner cabinet for dining room , corner cabinets for dining room

This small cabinet is for the corner in your dinette, drawing room or bedroom. It features three shelves and door, with spaces for books and accent pieces. This distressed finish makes this cabinet more interesting.

This would be perfect for my small hutch...Painted hutch

Corner Cabinets

This white ornate cabinet is a combination of white wood and solid glass, adorned with a floral mosaic. Its curved silhouette evokes associations with the vintage cottage design.

Mahogany Corner China Cabinet