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A Wooden Beach Chair Will Last You a Lifetime

Summer fun is all about barbecues on the beach with friends while enjoying a drink or two to beat the heat. However, once you crack open a can, setting it in the hot sand or on a blanket in the sun where it can easily be knocked over won't keep it cold or safe.

A wooden beach chair that features a cup holder is the perfect solution to protect your beverage and keep you comfortable relaxing in the sun. A well-built wooden beach chair can endure a ton of normal wear-and-tear with minimum care. Although they may be more expensive than their aluminum and plastic counterparts, wooden beach chairs are more stylish and last years longer than seasonal plastic, aluminum or wicker options.

If you're looking for a great beach chair to take with you on different adventures at any time of the year, consider a sturdy wooden option. The excellent quality wood, robust construction and design, robust screws, and top-quality fabrics will never let you down.

Western Red Cedar Beach Chair
Green Brown Wood Glider Chair
Natural Bamboo Reclining Beach Chair
Solid Wood Reclining Beach Chair

How to Shop for a Beach Chair

When shopping for a new beach chair, it's essential to consider a few critical factors, including frame material, seat comfort, weight, and portability.

While it's tempting to purchase a cheaper chair made of steel, aluminum, or plastic, you'll soon need to replace your chair due to weather damage, corrosion, and wear and tear. A durable wooden beach chair frame is sealed against UV and water damage and is built with a rugged design to withstand frequent use.

Look for chairs with canvas, polyester, cotton, or nylon for a supportive, breathable seat. Most outdoor upholstery fabrics are waterproof, stain, and fade resistant for a stylish seat that will last as long as the frame. You'll also need to check the chair's weight capacity. Look for a wooden beach chair with an average weight capacity range between 225-400 lbs.

Portability is vital if you're a person on-the-go. There are tailgates, parades, kids' soccer games, bonfires, cookouts, camping, and firework shows to haul your chair. You'll need something that isn't just durable but lightweight and foldable if you plan to stay comfortable while you're waiting for the sun to go down to enjoy a good fireworks display.

There are plenty of different ways that beach chairs can fold down. Some fold in half on a hinge while others feature three separate sections. Look for chairs with an attachable sling carry strap, a bag with a strap, or even a backpack-style carrier for easy transport.

If you have a seaside cottage or outdoor pool area, you may need a heavier, more permanent option. A solid wood chair is perfect for years of use.

Chair Components

  • Quality of Construction

As with anything you buy, you'll always want to look for top-quality construction when purchasing a wooden beach chair. The quality of the construction speaks directly to the durability of your chair.

Consider the materials used, is it MDF or solid wood? MDF chairs often require self-assembly and are typically less durable than solid wood. However, most MDF beach chairs are more lightweight than solid wood chairs, making them ideal as a portable folding chair.

Is any fabric securely upholstered to the frame? Are there missing screws or staples? Does a locking mechanism exist, and if so, does it work? Look for existing splinters or splits between the wood and any fraying in fabrics as well.

Acacia Adirondack Folding Hardwood Chair
Acacia Adirondack Folding Hardwood Chair
  • Quality of Wood

Manufacturers like using both solid wood and MDF particle boards when crafting wooden beach chairs.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is made by drying and pressing recycled woods, resins, and fibers together, resulting in thick and robust wood sheets. Because it's built primarily from recycled materials, MDF products are considered more sustainable than solid wood and often perform better than solid wood in some beach chairs.

MDF is an excellent option for outdoor furniture because it naturally resists weather better than solid wood without frequent sanding and sealing. It's good in both heat and humidity, making it the perfect choice for a beach chair that will often be used in outdoor settings, exposing it to heat and moisture.

If you're looking for a chair that you'd like to put personal touches into with paint, MDF will outperform solid wood each time. Solid wood expands and contracts when exposed to the weather, leading to cracks and peeling.

However, solid wood lasts longer than MDF when properly maintained. Kiln-dried hardwood chair frames won't develop mold or warp if sealed and stained.

Solid wood is also more aesthetically pleasing than MDF, with each knot and whorl giving your wooden beach chair a unique look. You can customize the beach chair with stain or varnish to suit your style.

Wood Folding Beach Lounge Chair
Wood Folding Beach Lounge Chair
  • Fabrics

Fabrics are essential to consider because they impact your comfort level. The upholstery used in wooden beach chairs varies. Some chairs use a cotton-poly blend. Others utilize nylon or other synthetic fiber to increase durability and minimize abrasion.

Many beach chairs are unupholstered, instead of seating you directly on the wood. While this may display your wooden chairs at their best, they may be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods. If you choose an unupholstered chair, you can add removable cushions with rugged outdoor fabric.

If you're interested in sustainable fabrics, look for a chair that uses cotton, linen, bamboo, and even recycled nylon to increase your green footprint.

Beach Chair Fabric Atlantic Blue
Beach Chair Fabric Atlantic Blue
  • Hardware

It's vital to have suitable hardware on your chair. If you have substandard locking mechanisms or screws on your chair, it could create be inconvenient when you're transporting it, or worse, it could fall apart while you're sitting on it, potentially resulting in injury.

Prevent these unfortunate happenings by inspecting the screws and locking mechanisms on your chair. Ensure that you know how they work correctly and that you use them correctly.

Zero Gravity Lounge Beach Chair
Zero Gravity Lounge Beach Chair

In Sum

Invest in your comfort and style with a durable wooden beach chair. The right wooden beach chair should be well-constructed from top-quality wood, rugged, weather-resistant outdoor fabrics, strong hinges, and easily fit into your active lifestyle.

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