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31 Best Outdoor Fireplace Ideas and Fireplace Kits

Some things will make your backyard or garden beautiful. But others, like an outdoor fireplace, can transform it into a warm and cozy setting perfect for memorable moments.

Most outdoor fireplaces have a similar construction to an indoor fireplace. They're made from brick, stone, concrete, or metal and include a chimney and a firebox and logs--real or purely decorative ones.

modern fireplace
modern fireplace

While many fireplaces still burn wood, modern designs often incorporate a gas burner for convenience.

An outdoor fireplace provides heat and beautiful flame play. Some fireplaces can be used for cooking, though fire pits are ideal often better for that.

Whether you want to replace an old fireplace or buy your first one, this guide will help you explore many different takes on an old concept.

old fireplace design
old fireplace design

We've also included a guide for building your own DIY fireplace as well as seven of the best outdoor fireplace kits for sale right now.

So, are you ready to warm up?

Unique Outdoor Fireplace Ideas and Designs

Small or big, classic or modern--outdoor fireplaces come in all shapes and styles and sizes. Explore now some of the most interesting and appealing fireplace ideas we've come across.

1. Authentic Outdoor Fireplace

Nothing beats an outdoor fireplace in an outdoor living room. Here's an impressive example of a stone fireplace to show you what we mean.

Diy Outdoor Fireplace
Diy Outdoor Fireplace

2. Outdoor Stone Fireplace

When it comes to designing your outdoor living space, your choices can be overwhelming. But it all gets easier if you anchor the design with an outdoor fireplace like in the example below.

Gas Outdoor Fireplace
Gas Outdoor Fireplace

Tip: You may want to add some furniture, a water feature, or plants around your outdoor fireplace to create a beautiful atmosphere.

3. Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

Should you build a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace? No matter what you choose, there's only one thing that's certain--fire features are definitely hot!

Here's a really cool corner fireplace that can help you make up your mind.

How To Build An Outdoor Fireplace
How To Build An Outdoor Fireplace

4. Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven Wall

Using a stone pizza oven as a fireplace can be a good idea if you set up a dining area outside. Here's a charming example with a pergola.

Indoor Outdoor Fireplace
Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

5. Unique Rock Outdoor Fireplace

The classic seating is a good match for this grand outdoor fireplace. The result is both elegant and very comfortable.

Lowes Outdoor Fireplace
Lowes Outdoor Fireplace

Tip: If you have the space, don't be afraid to go big and build an impressive fireplace. It will increase the value of your property.

6. Unique Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

This outdoor fireplace sits beside a hot tub. Isn't it cool, or rather, hot!? The slide looks fabulous too!

Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace

7. DIY Brick Outdoor Fireplace

Brick fireplaces have a timeless look to them and can add lots of charm to any setting. A fireplace like this one can easily become the main attraction of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Fireplace Cost
Outdoor Fireplace Cost

8. Beautiful Outdoor Stone Fireplace

Now here's a fireplace that looks like it's been teleported from ancient times straight to a modern backyard.

Outdoor Fireplace Diy
Outdoor Fireplace Diy

9. Magical Outdoor Fireplace

A fireplace can be an enchanting decorative element for your backyard swimming pool. Here's a rather extravagant example to prove the point.

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas
Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

10. Impressive Outdoor Fireplace with Seating

An outdoor fireplace can preside over a comfortable seating area where you spend time with your family and entertain guests.

Outdoor Fireplace Kits
Outdoor Fireplace Kits

11. Simple and Casual Fireplace Design

Keeping things simple and familiar can be a good approach if you're building your first fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Insert
Outdoor Fireplace Insert

12. Patio Outdoor Fireplace Design

It's nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the coziness and ambiance of a tall stone fireplace in your patio.

Outdoor Fireplace Plans
Outdoor Fireplace Plans

13. Elegant Classic Fireplace Design

Got a terrace or rooftop with a great city view? Add to it an elegant fireplace and pour yourself and your better half a glass of wine...

Outdoor Fireplace Screens
Outdoor Fireplace Screens

14. Unique Fireplace With a Gazebo

Now here's a wonderful gazebo-like outdoor fireplace design! The entire seating looks comfy and is just perfect for evenings and nights outside.

Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven
Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven

Tip: Adding garden lights near your fireplace can add a magic feel to your outdoor lounge area.

15. Stone Fireplace with Lights

A patio fireplace can provide extra warmth and be great company on cool evenings. In this example, lamp posts frame the fireplace to create a beautiful setting.

Outdoor Fireplace With Tv
Outdoor Fireplace With Tv

16. Outdoor Gas Fireplace

A big modern outdoor gas fireplace like this one can be integrated into the design of your patio to create an elegant and interesting area.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace Kits
Outdoor Gas Fireplace Kits

17. Tall Fireplace

Here's an enormous traditional fireplace design that blends well with its surroundings. The advantage of a tall fireplace is that the smoke won't bother you on windy days.

Outdoor Propane Fireplace
Outdoor Propane Fireplace

18. Stone Fireplace Ideas

Giving your stone fireplace a rugged, unfinished look can add texture and help create a wonderful patio.

Outdoor Stone Fireplace
Outdoor Stone Fireplace

19. Country Fireplace Design

A big and sturdy fireplace set against a backdrop of woods can become your new favorite outdoor companion.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace
Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

20. Brick Fireplace for Outdoors

Bricks and stones combine beautifully to create this tall and imposing corner fireplace.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Kits
Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Kits

21. Outdoor Fireplace Plans

A fireplace can create an excellent outdoor feeling especially when it looks as great as this one.

Propane Outdoor Fireplace
Propane Outdoor Fireplace

How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Using concrete and stacked stone or bricks, you can create a simple DIY wood fireplace from readily available materials without breaking the bank--or your back!

Step 1 - Draw a Simple Design

Note the width, length, height, and depth of your desired outdoor fireplace. Determine also the look that you want to achieve.

For a traditional look, you can use bricks. For a more modern look use stacked stones.

Step 2 - Build the Foundation

If you don't have a concrete flat area then you have to make one. Start by digging a trench and then pour some concrete on it.

You want to leave the concrete to set for at least a day--the fireplace will be heavy and may crack it.

Step 3 - Add Cinder Blocks

Once the foundation has dried, place concrete cinder blocks then add mortar between them. Be sure to leave an opening at the top.

Cinder blocks are an easy way to build an outdoor fireplace. You can find them at HomeDepot or Lowe's--or the local equivalent.

Step 4 - Construct the Façade

Create the façade. Cut 2x4 lumber (or larger) and assemble them using nails or screws. Adjust the size of the lumber based on your measurements.

Step 5 - Add the Cement Board

Affix the cement board. Cut the cement board and fix it to the frame using concrete screws.

Step 6 - Get the Mortar Ready

Mix mortar and add it to the cement board. Apply it in sections to prevent it from drying out.

Step 7 - Add the Stone or Bricks

Put in the stacked stones or bricks and make sure that there are no spaces left in between.

Step 8 - Add the Chimney

Install the chimney and add a metal cap to it so it won't rain inside the fireplace. Ensure that it is tight on all sides.

10 Best Outdoor Fireplace Kits Reviewed

Looking for an easy way to set up an indoor fireplace? Try a outdoor fireplace kit.

Here are the best outdoor fireplaces on the market right now--just in time for the next holidays!

1. Sunjoy L-OF134PST-B Jasper Fireplace

The Sunjoy L-OF134PST-B Jasper Fireplace is versatile and has a timeless design. It's durable and safe and comes with a spark guard that prevents embers from jumping out.

We also like that it has a detachable tray to easily throw the ashes. This adds to its overall ease of use, where it scores top marks.


  • Beautiful yet durable
  • Stones don't get hot on the outside
  • Easy to use once it's set up


  • You'll need at least two other people to handle it
  • Setting it up takes a bit of time


If you feel that your backyard is a bit boring, this beautiful fireplace can be a great addition to your space--one that you can enjoy with all your friends and family.

2. Sunjoy L-OF083PST-2 Stone Fire Place

The Sunjoy Stone Fire Place is a huge and stately fireplace made from manufactured stone. It's solidly built and can transform the area it's installed in into a cozy spot for your whole family.

This one brings together the classic look of a stone fireplace with metal details and provides space for decorations, flower pots, etc. In other words, you can make it look like it's really yours!


  • Gives a lot of heat
  • Looks great (at least according to our taste)
  • Solid non-metal base makes it easier to install


  • The cover is not detachable for cleaning


This is an ideal choice if you have a large area and want a standout fireplace to which you can add your own decorations and special touches.

3. Outland Living Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

The Outland Living Gas Fire Table is ideal for patios. This is a 35,000 BTU/HR alternative to a conventional fireplace that has a broad and durable base. You'll like the functional design, low maintenance, and easy cleaning.

The convenient flame adjuster and dark wicker design give this one a premium feel. Another feature we like is the arctic ice glass rocks on the fire table.


  • Stylish, award-winning design
  • Fast and simple ignition system, 100% smoke-free
  • UV DHPE wicker is reliable in all weathers


  • Glass lid and wind guard sold separately
  • Flame may seem lower compared to other fireplaces


If you're on the lookout for a fireplace replacement that still preserves the essence of a fireplace, this one could be an inspired choice. It's easy to integrate into most settings.

4. Cal Flame Gas Outdoor Fireplace

The Cal Flame Gas Fireplace has a 55,000 BTU burner and includes lava rocks and a fire log set. This is a liquid propane and natural gas convertible fireplace.

It looks like an indoor fireplace but you can use it safely outside in any weather. We like the appealing design and solid build.


  • Powerful 55,000 BTU burner
  • Log set adds a nice touch
  • Sturdy and appealing classic fireplace design


  • Has less rock than other fireplaces


If you want to bring the look and feel of an interior fireplace outside, this reliable outdoor gas fireplace could be just what you need.

5. Sunnydaze Rustic Chiminea Outdoor Freestanding Fireplace

Now here's another smart alternative to a classic fireplace--a freestanding wood-burning chiminea fireplace with an interesting oxidized rustic finish.

This chiminea has a lot of character, which makes it easy to write off any shortcomings--or the lesser burning power compared to a bigger fireplace.


  • Easier to move compared to a conventional fireplace
  • Interesting design makes for a striking appearance in your backyard or garden
  • Rain cap keeps the flue water-free


  • Wind may still blow smoke around


For an interesting, rustic take on fireplaces, the Sunnydaze Rustic Chiminea provides good value for the money.

6. Landmann USA 25722 Outdoor Redford Fireplace 28"

Metal fireplaces look interesting and are easier to install and move around. This one from Landmann brings together all the key benefits of metal fireplaces at a good price.

This metal fireplace does a good job at directing the smoke upwards and provides an all-around view of the flames through the grating, making most stone fireplaces envious.


  • 360-degree view of the flames
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Removable ash pan makes cleaning and maintenance easy


  • May require repainting to prevent rusting over time
  • Open sides means less radiant warmth compared to classic choices


Go for this one if you're looking for a metal fireplace that you can move around and that doesn't require constant maintenance. But keep in mind that this one focuses on the looks rather than on providing heat.

7. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace

Now how about an infrared electric fireplace with remote control? This is not a true outdoor fireplace in that we don't recommend leaving it in the rain. But in a patio or under a pergola it can be amazing.

The 3D flame effect looks good and you can adjust the color, brightness, and speed--remotely.

We really like the overall design of this fireplace stove and its presence and feel. Just don't leave it at the mercy of the elements.


  • Vent-free design means you can stop worrying about the smoke
  • Built-in overhead protection
  • Digital thermostat helps you control temperature


  • 5,200 BTU heater may not be enough for everyone
  • Requires shelter in a patio or under a pergola


This is a modern and convenient alternative to classic fireplaces that you can integrate beautifully into a sheltered area.

8. Tacklife 50,000 BTU Propane Gas Fire Pit Table for Outdoors

We really like how versatile this gas fire pit table is. You can use this one as a table fireplace, fire pit, lounge bar table, dining table, or even workbench.

While the top of this fire table isn't made from wood, it looks as good as wood and is durable. This fireplace is both weather-proof and rust-proof.


  • Multipurpose design makes it very functional
  • Can be set up in half an hour
  • Attractive design with easy cover


  • Design makes it difficult to use as a fireplace on very windy days


This one is great if you want a fireplace built into a table that you can use in different ways. It can be a useful item of furniture when you don't light it up.

9. Bessemer 01471 28" Portable Patio Fireplace

This portable fireplace looks cute and is easy to move around--from the pool to the garden, from the garden to the patio. It's perfect for two.

The spherical design makes it look like a cross in between a firepit, a fireplace, and a brazier.


  • The most portable fireplace on our list
  • Porcelain enamel bowl provides good resistance against corrosion


  • Heat is lost due to the open design, so you may need alternative heating sources


Outdoor fireplaces don't get handier than this spherical one from Bessemer. Whether you already have a fixed fireplace or are on the lookout for your first one, this provides good value.

10. Amantii BI-30 Extraslim Indoor or Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Last but not least, here's an electric fireplace that you can creatively integrate into your patio or covered outside deck.

The sleek flames and changeable hues--you can have purple flames if you want--can give your setting a pleasant ambience.


  • Attractive display
  • Slim design
  • Convenient remote control


  • Needs waterproof surroundings--not suitable for every garden or backyard


If you're looking for a very modern fireplace for a covered outdoor area, you'll find this one easy to install and a good choice all around.

Outdoor Fireplaces Questions Answered

If you have been thinking about installing an outdoor fireplace, here are some questions that you may have been asking yourself. We hope you find the answers useful.

Are outdoor fireplaces safe?

As with any source of fire, outdoor fireplaces can pose a hazard when not minded correctly. For your peace of mind, you can buy an outdoor fireplace kit as this complies with safety regulations and is easy to use.

If you have small children, this means that you need to have the correct boundaries in place to protect them.

Another important thing to remember is you need to put the fire out when it’s not being closely monitored to reduce the likelihood of an accidental fire happening outside of the fireplace.

Do you need a permit to have outdoor fireplaces?

The answer to this question depends on where you live. You will need to check with your local authorities for the best answer.

In the meantime, you can read our outdoor fireplace inspiration guide and pick out which options is best for you.

How deep should I make an outdoor fireplace?

This is entirely up to you. The depth of most fireplaces starts at four inches and goes up from there.

Check out our outdoor fireplace DIY instructions for plans on how to build your own.

Outdoor Fireplaces and You

An outdoor fireplace can help you create the best gathering place for friends and family. It can also be an amazing addition to your outdoor space.

Outdoor fireplaces can warm you up during the winter season and make the holiday season unforgettable. You can also use them throughout the year, including on cool summer nights.

beautiful rooftop outdoor fireplace
beautiful rooftop outdoor fireplace

So, if you're thinking of getting one, we say go for it!

Now over to you.

Have any of the fireplaces we've shared with you caught your eye? We'd love to hear from you.

Drop us a comment at any time.

See you next post!

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