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Computer Armoire – the Best Choice to Store Your Equipment (With Style)

A computer armoire offers you ample storage options and an expansive work surface for a chic way to organize your office. Then, once you have finished your tasks for the day, you can close the armoire doors and leave your work behind.

Why Choose a Computer Armoire for Your Home Office?

Computer armoires make a stylish and functional alternative to a standard office desk. There are several benefits to using a computer armoire rather than typical office furniture. 

  • Better Organization

A cluttered home office reduces productivity and causes stress. A computer armoire has a place for everything to keep your home and office organized, so you know where to find all your supplies when you need them.

A well-appointed computer armoire with a hutch should offer shelf space for storing books and multimedia items. A file cabinet or drawers underneath provide storage for a variety of file sizes from legal to letter. Compartments on the side of the work surface are designed to hold stationery and office supplies. A sliding tray underneath the primary work surface offers space to keep an external keyboard or acts as an extension of the desktop.

  • Complete Versatility

A computer armoire is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for more than storing your computer monitor. Computer armoires offer various storage options within a single unit, and many of the compartments, drawers, and shelves can be customized to accommodate items of any size.

The work surface offers a broad, level area for housing a TV and digital player making an armoire a valuable addition to a master or guest bedroom. The variety of compartments built into the unit can house towels and linens or use the space to store and organize DVDs, video games, CDs, or board games.

Traditional Look Armoire Desk with Folding Top
White Solid Wood Armoire Desk
Rustic Wood Armoire Computer Desk
Dark Wood Armoire Desk on Wheels
  • Enhanced Style

An office space doesn't need to sacrifice style for function. A computer armoire perfectly combines an aesthetically pleasing design with home organization.

A computer armoire with pocket doors hides your unsightly office clutter and electrical equipment when not in use. Although an armoire has an inherently traditional feel, they come in various designs to suit your home's interior style.

If you have a country or farmhouse-style home, look for details such as crown molding, turned legs, paneled doors, and antique hardware. For a minimalist home, a computer armoire in the Arts and Crafts style features clean lines that coordinate perfectly with your style. A computer armoire with block legs and louvered doors blends seamlessly with coastal or Palm Springs-style homes. Contemporary homes benefit from a computer armoire that features a high gloss finish, sleek brushed metal hardware, and a simple, functional frame.

  • Improved Protection

While storing your electrical equipment on display ensures they are readily accessible, it also puts them at risk of damage from dust or accidental bumps and scrapes. Computers, laptops, printers, and speakers are sensitive and costly to replace. A computer armoire encloses your valuable home office tools when not in use to reduce exposure to hazards and prolong your equipment's lifespan.

Computer armoires that also have fabric-lined drawers are ideal for protecting small, valuable items such as watches, phones, and cameras. You can also find computer armoires with locking compartments that act as a safe for jewelry and other expensive pieces.

  • Space-saving

Computer armoires are ideal for homes with limited space. If your home does not have a dedicated den, craft room, or office, a computer armoire acts as a self-contained office space.

Despite their grand scale compared with other home furnishings, a computer armoire has a relatively small footprint and fits neatly in a kitchen, living, or dining room. Computer armoires with pocket doors allow you to save even more space by folding back into the unit, which means you need only minimal clearance around the armoire.

Features of a Computer Armoire to Look For

When shopping for a computer with a hutch, there are a few essential components to look for to ensure the unit is functional and chic.

  • A Broad Work Surface

For a productive workday, you need ample space for a computer monitor or laptop, as well as an area for writing, and keeping frequently used stationery in easy reach. Ensure your computer armoire has a broad work surface that can accommodate your gear while allowing you ample legroom. Check the primary work surface height to ensure it will enable you to rest your arms comfortably on the desk while keeping your feet on the floor.

  • Keyboard Tray

A sliding keyboard tray underneath the desktop not only houses your external keyboard but also acts as an extension of your work surface. This feature is also useful if you keep a printer underneath your desk but still need legroom.

  • Multiple Shelves and Compartments

For an uncluttered computer armoire, organization is crucial. Ensure your computer armoire has ample compartments, shelves, and drawers for storing your office essentials. You may need to take inventory of your office supplies and measure your electrical equipment before purchasing an armoire to ensure that everything fits.

Many modern computer armoires have adjustable shelving allowing you to customize the shelf dimensions to suit your items.

White Modern Armoire Desk with Drawers
Wooden Armoire Desk with Multiple Drawers
Dark Wood Armoire Desk with Shleves
  • Behind the Door Storage

If you still need more storage in addition to the numerous drawers, shelves, and compartments in the computer armoire, purchase a unit with behind the door storage. These units tend to be slightly deeper than other armoires, but they provide baskets, cork boards, and pegboards inside the door for enhanced organization.

  • Cable Management System

Cable management is essential to prevent the interior of your computer armoire from appearing cluttered and chaotic. Many computer armoires feature grommets or cut-outs in the rear of the unit, allowing you to thread cables directly to the outlet.

  • Locking Doors

If security and safety are a priority in your home, look for a computer armoire with lockable doors to keep out curious kids or roommates. You can also find units with interior locking compartments if you need regular access to your worktop but still want to keep valuables safe.

In Conclusion

Whether you need a stylish way to organize your home or a compact office in-a-box, a computer armoire has the storage features you need to clear the clutter and create a space that will make your workday a pleasure.

Look for computer armoires with a hutch for added storage, cable management to reduce clutter and lockable components for improved security.

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