Sleeper Sofa With Chaise And Storage

It is a four in one furniture dynamo. The sleeper sofa with chaise and storage. So much happening here, it is amazing it is all happening in one furniture piece; First, it's a sofa, with a sleeper option. Then there is the oh so comfortable chaise lounge area, with storage below. Just a wonder of engineering. Take a look at this fascinating collection for more.

Best Products

Chocolate Sectional Sofa Bed With Storage Chaise Couch Sleeper Futon Pull Out

Chocolate Sectional Sofa Bed With Storage Chaise Couch Sleeper Futon Pull Out
This sofa is a multi-functional element of furniture with a soft seat supported by a durable backrest. It is able to extend into a bed for two people. It also provides plenty of storage space in its compartments.

Sleeper Sectional

Sleeper Sectional
Beautiful sectional featuring solid frame providing rigid support, comfortable innerspring mattresses, back-attached cushions for added functionality, and easy to lift bed mechanism for your convenience.

Denver Rind Finish Double Cushion Storage Sectional Sofa Bed And Ottoman Set

Denver Rind Finish Double Cushion Storage Sectional Sofa Bed And Ottoman Set
Comfortable sofa bed with a chaise area and soft seat cushions. It is paired with a rectangular ottoman that can also be connected with the sofa, so both elements will create a relaxing bed for two people.

Delta City Left Sleeper Sectional (Set of 11)

Delta City Left Sleeper Sectional (Set of 11)
A contemporary and tremendous set of eleven left sleeper sectionals that are very convenient due to their padded and soft cushions. The whole thing is upholstered and stabilized on a sturdy base that will prevent eventual damage.

Georgetown Symmertical Sectional (Set of 2)

Georgetown Symmertical Sectional (Set of 2)
If you're a fan of unique and elegant solutions, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and intriguing sectional. It's gonna bring you a huge dose of unusual style, no matter if you prefer modernity or tradition.

Istikbal Kubo Modular Sectional

Istikbal Kubo Modular Sectional
Modular sofa with chaise lounge section, appropriate for limited spaces due to relatively compact size. It is quilted and padded with dark gray fabric. Perfect for contemporary and casual surroundings.

Sleeper Sectional

Sleeper Sectional
It is a beautiful and extremely comfortable couch corneum, done in a modern style. It is based on metal legs. It is made in gray. It is very spreading and large, and therefore also extremely nice and cozy.

Our advice Buying Guide

A sleeper sofa with chaise and storage is a space-saving solution for those nights wherein you need a cozy haven for a guest. It also serves as stylish furniture for lounging and relaxing after a long day's work. Through our buying guide on this type of seating and storage solution, you will find the perfect sleeper sofa with chaise and storage - one that has perfectly blended style and practicality.

What types of pulling out mechanisms are found in sleeper sofas?

A point of consideration that needs to be taken when determining the right sleeper sofa with chaise and storage underneath is the pulling out mechanism. You will have three options that are the most basic. Choose the one that’s more convenient for you.

  • Power System - This one’s the new design which converts your entire furniture into a bed by pressing a single button.
  • Click-Clack - The click-clack mechanism entails the removal of the sofa away from the back and putting it into a “V position.” After that, it just needs to be brought down to create a bed.
  • Pullout - With this mechanism, the seat cushions are removed to stabilize the bed’s frame which should be pulled out from the couch to hold the bed. You can simply fold it to turn it back into a sofa and chaise.

Take note: regardless of the mechanism, the storage provided by the unit is almost always under the chaise lounge.

How to measure for a sleeper sofa?

Leave enough room at the back and front of the sleeper sofa, so it can be pulled out into a bed easily. As the entire piece is extended, it should neither get too close to a wall nor block any doorway. A guest won’t want to feel as if he or she is taking on an obstacle as the bed is used. Also, don’t forget to take into account the lamps and coffee tables that are in the same room as the sleeper sofa.

How durable are sleeper sofas?

How long a sleeper sofa lasts will depend on its construction, the wear and tear it’s required to endure, and its style. In the past, a sofa can only last up to 10 years. If it actually does last 10 years, it’s considered by homeowners as a miracle. However, top-end sleeper sofas, especially the units sold online as of the moment, come with lifetime guarantees. Yes, you heard that right! Even their mechanisms are guaranteed. Some sofas, the ones that are more affordable, come with 12-month statutory guarantees. They can be extended if you desire.

Additional protection for the upholstery fabric is available for an additional cost. There's also insurance that will cover rips, burns, and scratches. With that being said, make sure you buy your sleeper sofa from a reputable furniture maker.

What's the best sleeper sofa frame material?

The majority of the sleeper sofa frames, especially those that are high-end, are made of hardwood. The wooden material is dried to help prevent bowing and warping. A sleeper sofa’s quality is determined by the quality of its frame. If you want an eco-friendly sleeper sofa, choose the unit that’s made of sustainably sourced wood.


Sleeper sofa with chaise and storage

With this stunning sectional your interior will get a significant boost of functional use thanks to the ample storage possibilities and the pull-out bed it can easily transform into, while the chenille upholstery adds a ton of style to your setting.

Sleeper sofa with chaise and storage

A perfect sofa for people with limited space. When you need an additional place to sleep, it easily turns into a bed. With additional space in the chaise, it's very ergonomic. Gentle, brown colour makes it appropriate for all designs and styles.

Sleeper sofa with chaise

A perfect sectional sofa for large living rooms, which can also be used as an extra bed. It is easy to unfold, features cushions generously stuffed with a soft filling, and a hidden storage compartment for sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.

Sleeper sofa with chaise and storage

If you need sofa bed and bed with storage, try this couch, because it has both options. This piece of furniture is excellent for small spaces in apartment, as a drawing room. Perfect as a guest bed.

Sofa bed with storage chaise

This practical sofa bed with chaise lounge is a perfect combination of functionality and style. Upholstery in subtle beige colors improves the interior design, and the multifunctionality of the furniture allows it to be used on many occasions.

Chaise small sectional sleeper sofa


Lugnvik sofa bed

Convertible chaise sofa with an ash color. It features rich cushioning for comfortable relaxation and sleep. It can also be used as a storage unit.

Chaise lounge sofa bed

Modern and contemporary setup for a spacious living room with a large, black ruffled carpet and a sleeper sofa with a chaise and storage, as well as an additional mattress underneath which often comes in handy.

Chaise sectional sleeper

Contemporary design for a classic sofa sectional with a chaise and a pull-out bed underneath the sofa. The couch is upholstered with a cotton suede material in a dark gray color, giving it a modern vibe and nicely matching the pillows.

Sleeper chaise lounge

This corner sofa with chaise can be a nice way to grant your guests a place to sleep. You can easily transform it into a comfy bed, and dream about sugar plums, while lying on soft pillows that are upholstered in a quality fabric.

Sofa chaise sleeper 13

This IKEA sofa bed with chaise is a solid, yet stylish construction, designed to bring functionality to your space. Thick, rolled armrests and refined charcoal grey finishing make this item a proposition for modern interiors.

Sofa bed with chaise and storage

This sectional sofa is also able to convert into a bed. It offers a very solid construction and comfortable, button tufted cushions in seat and backrest areas. Neutral color of this sofa matches any living room and other interiors.

Mocha wall cozy sleeper sectional sofa with chaise offers casual

... mocha wall. Cozy Sleeper Sectional Sofa With Chaise Offers Casual Look

Chaise sleeper sofa

DWR's Havana Sleeper Sofa with Storage. Pretty pricey, but I love that this couch can convert into a chaise lounge and also has a storage compartment! Also like the cushions.

Marco sofa bed with storage chaise from darlings of chelsea

Marco sofa bed with storage chaise from Darlings of Chelsea | Living ...

Sofa bed with chaise lounge

Take-down sectional sofa with two chaise lounges (long and short) and area to storage bedding. It is covered with brown plush. It can be used not only as a coach, it will be great bed for your guest room!

Chaise sofa bed with storage

Casting about for a sleeper sofa? This contemporary piece with right chaise lounge converts into full size bed within seconds. Its simple form with comfy back cushions and blue padding complements most today's decors.