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Sealed trash can 16

Practical trash can for different types of garbage. It features a rubber seal, so it protects from unpleasant smell. This simple, safe, convenient and economical item is durable and finished in original white color.

Rectangular Step Trash Can

Rectangular Step Trash Can
With the brushed stainless steel finish and lock back lid for ease during longer chores this step trash can will ensure years of practical use, while its non-skid base prevents the trash can from tipping.

Wesco Spaceboy Waste Can, X-Large, 9.2-Gallons, Almond

Organize It All Organize It All Stainless Step-On Trash Can

Undoubtedly, stainless steel has been correctly connected with black accents. It emphasizes the durable construction of this sealed trash can. Includes a pedal controlled to easily close the garbage and not allow the odor to escape to the outside.

Itouchless 14 gal automatic touchless trash can

Itouchless 14 Gal. Automatic Touchless Trash Can
A modern approach to a handy sealed garbage without a pedal, made with a tall compartment to fit in a lot of trash. The garbage is made out of painted aluminum in a green color, which gives it a contemporary vibe.

Sealed trash can 14

40 litre, semi-round step can... for the diapers instead of a Diaper Genie.... this seals in the odor better

Sealed trash can

An aesthetic and handy modern rubbish bin intended for used diapers. It has an ovalish body crafted of durable odour-resistant white and grey plastic. It's easy to open with a foot pedal. It has a plastic liner and a childproof lock.

Sealed trash can 1

Opt for a trash can that can truly shield your household from all of those nasty smells thanks to the stainless steel structure that can seal the odor without absorbing it, keeping your interior fresh.

iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor 13-Gallon Automatic Stainless-Steel Trash Can

You can even take things a step further than simply

You can even take things a step further than simply choosing purple or ...

Sealed trash can 2

Ubbi Diaper Pail. $79. HOLY SHIT DO I LOVE THIS PAIL. Stainless steel, so it doesn't absorb stink like the diaper gene/dekor/champ. Keeps a strong seal, has a child lock on top, easy diaper disposing access, KEEPS THE STINK AWAY OMG, & best part: YOU

Sealed trash can 17

Metal trash cans with a very attractive silver finish. These bins feature very practical air seal. They are able to accommodate washable bags. Their attractive construction is resistant to wear and damage.

Sealed trash can 9

...I want a small one in my kitchen that seal good to use for scraps too big for disposal & too yucky to let sit in a regular can until garbage day.Then I would like a big one for the regular trash. Right now I have one that is so small there was still ha

Sealed trash can 15

Dékor Diaper System: Well designed, hands free, economical diaper disposal syndrome with a double sealing system to contain odor within the pail and a continuous liner system which means you can empty as often or only when necessary. #Babies #Diapers_Dis

Sterilite 4-Pack Touch-Top Wastebasket, 13-Gallon, Black

Garbino Trash Can

Garbino Trash Can
Decorative novel bin intended for bathrooms. It features a vase-like shape with curved top edges and cut-out handles. It is made of durable and resistant semi-opaque white plastic. It has 2.5 gallons of capacity.

Sealed garbage can

20 Gallon Hand Painted Galvanized (Metal) Cans - Basecoated with emolsabond and after the design is applied the cans are sealed with 5 coats

Venti Trash Can

Venti Trash Can
Presented trash can is the perfect choice for both home and office. The basket is closed from the top. The cover has a hinged flap. This solution allows to maintain hygiene and cleanliness around the dumpster. You do not need to touch the lid to open it and close it.

Sealed trash can 22

69.99 Costco: iTouchless 13-gallon Stainless Steel Touchless Trash Can

Wesco Spaceboy Waste Can, X-Large, 9.2-Gallons, Orange

13 Gallon Step-On Trash Can

13 Gallon Step-On Trash Can
This stylish waste bin made of plastic has a step-one opening which makes it very hygienic to use. Interesting semi-circular finish gives the whole style and subtlety. Perfect for any interior.

Sealed trash can 7

6 Gallon Hand Painted Galvanized Trash Can by krystasinthepointe, $59.00

Sealed trash can 21

New Automatic Sensor Bathroom Trash Can 2 gallon Restroom Stainless Steel Garbage Can by Generic. $29.95. Removable plastic bucket for easy disposal and cleaning. Seals odor in and eliminates cross-contamination of germs with touch-free operation. Bathroo

Wesco Pushboy Waste Can, 13.2-Gallon, Silver

Sealed trash can 3

Ubbi Diaper Pail $80 Made entirely from stainless streel with special rubber seals to keep odor in, this baby locks and loads odor like no other. And here's the best part: It's affordable and will save you tons of money on having to buy expensive refill

Metal Step Trash Can

Metal Step Trash Can
A stunning and modern-looking trash can that offers the removable inner bucket carrying handle and a strong, durable plastic structure to provide years of convenience and functionality for your household.

Sealed trash can 4

20 gallon galvanized can - gret for yard, around the pool - ice bucket, towel storage, any type of use you can imagine - indoor/outdoor - sealed with 5 coats polyurethane

Sealed trash can 5

5 Gallon Hand Painted Galvanized Trash Can by krystasinthepointe, $49.00

Collegiate NCAA Trash Can NCAA Team: Auburn

Sealed trash can 6

R2D2 wastebasket star wars. . So....this would be easy enough to do DIY, don't you think. Buy a trashcan, mark it off, prime with plastic primer, paint and seal

Sealed trash can 13

20 Gallon Hand Painted Galvanized Can - Made in USA - Indoor/Outdoor - Great for storage, partied for ice and drinks, any multitude of uses. Sealed with 5 coats of poyurethane - Special Orders Available



iTouchless 13-gallon Stainless Steel Touchless Sensor Trash Can Extra-wide Lid Opening


Wesco Pushboy Waste Can, 13.2-Gallon, Red

40x46, 45 gal, Low Density, Reprocessed, Industrial Strength, Extra Heavy Duty, Black or Clear Contractor Trash Bag, 100 per Case

INTEGRATED BAGGING SYSTEMS High-density commercial can liners with star-sealed bottom. Includes 20 packs of 50 each. Manufacturer Part Number: IBS S242408N

Jaguar Plastics JAG R3858HH Low Density Polyethylene Repro Can Liner, 38" Width by 58" Height, 2 mil Thick, Black (Case of 100)

1.5-Gal. Round Medi-Can

1.5-Gal. Round Medi-Can

Alabama Crimson Tide Trash Can Cooler

Skinny 2 Gallon Trash Can

Skinny 2 Gallon Trash Can
This amazing trash can will fill plenty of stuff inside, making it a fine addition to your decor and a nice way to ensure that you can always keep your interior clean and litter-free, while its slim and stylish figure accentuates your setting.

Trash can cyclone lid

Trash Can Cyclone Lid

Rubbermaid 25 gallon 42 tall brown marshal bullet trash can

... Rubbermaid 25 Gallon 42" Tall Brown Marshal Bullet Trash Can Garbage

Aria Waste Basket

Aria Waste Basket

Wicker Waste Basket

Wicker Waste Basket
Classic basket made of wood and rattan. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers for neutral appearance and functionality.

Hudson Waste Basket

Hudson Waste Basket

Grand 10 Gal. Trash Can

Grand 10 Gal. Trash Can

13 Gal. Deodorizer Automatic Touchless Trash Can

13 Gal. Deodorizer Automatic Touchless Trash Can
It is a modern trash can, which ensures cleanliness, hygiene and a pleasant smell, even in its immediate vicinity. Trash neutralizes odors. At the same time, modern technology that has been used allows the automatic opening and closing it. You do not need to touch it.