Metal Tv Stands


I don’t think that anybody needs to convince you about the importance of your TV sat. Now you can also have a nice and functional TV stand so take your time and check out the photos shown below. Then, you will see how many styles, sizes, colours and shapes are available here.

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Our Picks

Metal tv stands 2

A TV stand in a modern, slightly industrial design. The unit is made of solid and durable wood of acacia and features a metal stucture at the sides and metal doors at the front. The combination of wood and metal gives it a unique look.

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Reclaimed Industrial Chic Solid Wood Metal Tv Stand Coffee Table Steel Retro

Reclaimed Industrial Chic Solid Wood Metal Tv Stand Coffee Table Steel Retro

A TV table that was made of recycled wood and steel - is environmentally friendly. It has been tried to preserve all the characteristic features of this light wood. Gives you two same reclaimed tops - and industrial tone.

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Vintage industrial cast iron pipe table

Vintage industrial cast iron pipe table

Bring industrial accents to you living room, game room, or TV room using this fine TV stand that rolls on locking caster wheels. The frame is made of old metal pipes, supporting 1 rustic hardwood top and 1 matching bottom shelf.

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Metal tv stands 3

This project constitutes a fantastic example of upcycling. Using old, industrial metal and recycled boat wood, enable the designer to create an old-school looking locker 3 drawer TV base.

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Piers Entertainment Center

Piers Entertainment Center

This is a very interesting set of furniture, the so-called entertainment. They are a combination of wood and iron. Thanks to it they have a certain severity. It is this rawness adds to the charm. They are perfect for rustic interior.

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Industrial pipe and wood tv stand media

Industrial pipe and wood tv stand media

Interesting design of this industrial pipe and wood tv stand makes the interior gain character and functionality. Large shelves and impressive work are captivating, and they are perfect for storage.

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Ambrose tv stand

Rustic and vintage designed media stand will great fit to the vintage home decor. It has two shelves for your favorite decoration and two drawers where you can keep important documents. It also has wheels, which provide mobility.

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CorLiving TML-506-T Malibu TV Stand with Mount and Black Metal Uprights

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Metal tv cart

A cool modern industrial style TV stand made of black-finished metal but having a long rectangular wooden top finished in light brown. It has straight low legs, 2 full door cabinets and 2 with wire net doors. Its frame features big rivets on front.

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Metal tv stands 8

Vintage style TV stand build from a combination of recessed metal frames and slightly sealed wood. The stand is supported by four thick legs and comes with a large countertop for extra-large screens. You also get several shelves for storage in your living room.

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Metal Tv Stands

Buying Guide

TV stands come in many materials but mostly they are either wooden or metallic. It’s also easy to find wooden designs with small metal accents. Despite this, metal TV stands have become very popular. They offer outstanding strength and longevity. Besides, modern designs can also be classy and elegant to meet the style needs of different people. However, before you hit the stores for your new metal TV stand, there are some important considerations to make.

TV stands do have many basic features but even then, some designs offer greater value compared to others. Here are some of the critical features to note:

  • Adjustable Shelves - The metal TV stand is not just for the TV. Quality designs can also be used for storing books and other electronic devices that create the overall entertainment center at home. The adjustable shelves ensures that your stand can be easily adapted to different items you want to store in it. It could be a bigger than usual sound system or a bigger library of books. Adjustable shelves will ensure you have no problems with storage.
  • Cable Management - Since the TV stand is mostly used as the main entertainment center in the home, naturally there will be numerous wires connecting various electronics together. If these cables are not arranged well they can become an eyesore. Some quality metal TV stands do offer easier more advanced cable management solutions that ensure the cables are neatly arranged and invisible from the outside.
  • Ventilated Backs - Your electronics need some space to breathe. Always buy stands that come with a good back ventilation system to air out the heat and keep everything on the shelves cool.

Metal TV stands also come in many designs. The choice you go for will be determined by your tastes but here are some of the most popular options in the market:

  • Open Shelving Designs - An open shelf TV stand is perhaps the most basic option out there. It’s designed for people looking for a minimalist stand or those who don’t see themselves using the stand for extra storage.
  • Console Designs - A console design is basically the exact opposite of open shelving options. Here you get numerous shelves and additional space for your electronics and other things. This option would be ideal for people keen on creating a gaming or entertainment center.
  • Swivel - A swivel metal TV stand design sets the entire structure on a revolving platform. This ensures that the stand can be easily angled and rotated to meet your needs. The stands tend to be relatively smaller and more compact in order to enhance maneuverability.

In some cases, metal TV stands may also combine glass in their design or even touches of wood. This can add a contemporary touch to everything. Don’t also forget to get the right size. This seems obvious but many people rarely consider it. The last thing you want is to buy a small stand for your giant TV. It will not look good at all!

Best Ideas

Plumbing pipe tv stand

A DIY stand for your TV set made of an industrial, wooden pallet. It's simple, yet clever as it also features extra storage space. It's supported on a metal profile and it comes in a natural color of the wood. A top choice for lovers of a minimalist style.

Metal tv stands 1

Graceful modern metal frame with sturdy shelves make this TV stand both decorative and practical. The dark table provides ample support for a flat-screen TV. The shelves below give a place to put consoles for connectivity, sound, or gaming.

Metal tv stands 30

Minimalist metal TV stand with a recessed vintage-like look. The stand takes little floor space too and comes with a large bottom shelve and up to three drawers for your entertainment ensemble. It also sits on six legs for extra support and stability.

Metal tv stands 18

Restoration TV Stand - Brown Target

Metal tv stands 15

Seen a few variations on this idea (gravity + kinetics + easy breakdown and set up) wonder how it would work in the field? #table

Metal tv stands 12

Featuring two drawers and typographical detailing, this upcycled wood and metal TV stand is crafted by hand and showcases a light wood finish. ...

Industrial chic reclaimed tv stand media centre coffee table made

Industrial Chic Reclaimed Tv Stand Media Centre Coffee Table. Made from reclaimed timber and heavy duty steel The grain and look of the wood is TV BENCH £149

Metal tv stands 33

Sonax ML-1454 Milan Hybrid Gun Metal TV Stand | Shopping - The Best Deals on Entertainment Centers

Metal tv stands 1

The genuineness of this project lays in its simplicity. It's beautiful, minimal design embodies what's best in contemporary approach to household goods. It's 48" big, which offers considerable space for your media devices.

Metal tv stand 7

metal tv stand

Metal tv stands 16

VITTSJÖ TV unit - IKEA (Spray paint a bright pretty color to make it pop more.)

Metal tv stands 20

4 ft Industrial tv stand with distressed pipe by MtHoodWoodWorks, $449.00

Metal tv stands 32

vintage standing tv dinner trays..when my sister moved she gave these to me

Weaver TV Stand

Weaver TV Stand