How To Make Sure A Kids Retractable Fence Is Safe


A retractable fence can stop your adventurous toddlers from falling down the stairs or your older kids from rushing into the street to retrieve the football that they've just thrown.

A synonym for peace of mind, basically.

However, we'll be honest: that's only if you've bought a reliable model and ensured its safety. If you're planning on saving money by opting for a lower-quality gate that isn't as baby-proof as you'd think, you could potentially bring an additional hazard into your home.

Let's avoid unpleasant accidents by showing you exactly what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to retractable fences so that you can actually relax every time you close them!

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1. Choose the right type of retractable fence for your needs

Consider where you're planning on placing your new retractable fence and, most importantly, how and by whom it will be used:

Grey Mesh Retractable Fence for Kids

Grey Mesh Retractable Fence for Kids

2. Make sure that your kids retractable fence meets relevant safety standards

Not all kids retractable fences are created equal! For the safest purchase, here's what to look for:

3. Test it immediately after installing it

Make sure you follow the instructions meticulously in order to install it safely. Once it's all set up and the fence is closed, try and give it a few pushes to see if it stays in place.

If it helps, just pretend to be an annoyed toddler trying everything in their power to break free from it, as that will definitely happen as soon as they realize that there's a new obstacle in their way!

Large Red Mesh Retractable Fence for Kids

Large Red Mesh Retractable Fence for Kids

4. Teach your older kids how to behave around it

Obviously, this doesn't apply to retractable fences that you're planning on using as a stair gate or to keep toddlers at bay.

5. Check your kids retractable fence regularly to ensure that it's still safe

Just because it was safe when you first installed it, it doesn't mean that it's automatically good for life. Wear and tear can have a toll on its mechanism!

We always recommend checking your kids retractable fence periodically by moving it and pushing it like you did when you first installed it. Don't forget to check the parts that are attached to the wall and, if it applies, the fence's lock.