Wood Dog Crate Table

Perhaps you think that you are the only one who enjoys having a comfortable place to sleep. Well, so does your pet. The collection of dog crate tables has been prepared especially for your little friends – and you can appreciate their nice designs, too. With these at hand, nobody will have to ask ‘who let the dogs out’.

Wood dog crate table

This peculiar piece of furniture is actually a great example of upcycling. The combination of a dog with wooden table gave surprisingly good results, enchanting with its freshness and originality.

Wooden dog crates uk

Attractive wood dog crate table, made of solid oak. Cage, solid wood, hand-carved by Transylvanian Amish family. Great for the safety of your dog, and as a coffee table in the living room. Includes removable plastic flooring for easy maintenance.

Small wooden dog crate

Just take a look at this cute, very unique design! A beautiful, handcrafted wooden table with a smooth finish, mixed with a pretty little dog cage underneath! Perfect if your dog tends to misbehave at nights.

Haute paws ronan dog crate ii

Haute Paws Ronan Dog Crate Ii
A cool dog crate and side table in one with a frame of wooden materials in warm brown. It has a moulding top, a full base, recessed angled corner posts, metal wire walls. It's equipped with a catched door, a divider, a removable black plastic tray.

Amish Made Chew-proof Wooden Dog Crate Large Oak

Wood dog crate table 1

Original combination of functionality and attractiveness. This wooden table features a dog crate in its lower area. The table features four legs and solid wooden construction. The crate is made of solid metal in black finish.

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Create the perfect place for your pet, while they are indoors. You get both the amazing functionality and stunning style with the versatile finish. It is durable and strong enough to ensure you get many years of great and problem-free use.

Dog cage table 1

Wood dog crate table

Wood dog crate wood metal deluxe dog crate traditional pet

Wood Dog Crate Wood Metal Deluxe Dog Crate Traditional Pet Accessories
Two nice ideas for a dog bed. The first one features a crate box with the top that can serve as extra storage space. The second solution is a kitchen cabinet that is transformed into a comfy bed, without taking any extra floor space.

Wood dog crate table 1

I'm just not the biggest fan of simple metal crates, so I would definitely welcome this elegant wood crate table at my house. Its owner probably combined a simple table with commercially available dog crate. Ingenious.

Wood dog crate table 5

Wood dog crate table 24

Wood dog crate table 4

Wood dog crate table 15

Wood dog crate table 28

Wood dog crate table 23

Wood dog crate table 10

Wood dog crates for sale

Wood dog crate table 12

Wood dog crate table 29

Dog crate tables

A practical contemporary side table and dog crate in one. It's made of wood finished in warm browns. It has a rectangular bottom bevelled top and straight angle legs. A crate of metal wires is equipped with 2 doors with catches and a removable tray.

Wood dog crate table 2

Wood dog crate table 16

Wood dog crate table 18

Wood dog crate table 13

Wood dog crate table 14

Wood dog crate table 2

Dog crate end table 5

Wood dog crate table 17

Wood dog crate table 11

Wood dog crate table 6

Wood dog crate table 7

Wood dog crate table 31

Wood dog crate table 3

Wood dog crate table 33

Wood dog crate table 32

Wood dog crate table 26

Wood dog crate table 25

Handcrafted dog crate cover

Wood dog crate table 8

Make a tabletop for bonzos crate to use as end

Crown Pet Crate End Table

Crown Pet Crate End Table
The fabulous functionality of this piece lets you enjoy the multi-purpose use perfectly, since it can easily serve as an end table and a pet crate that will let you keep your pet safe when you need to and enjoy a sturdy, long-lasting structure.

Mission style wooden dog crate end tables wood color click

Midwest classic collection wood table wire dog crate cover 1

Townhaus indoor wooden dog crate table 34 tall in espresso

Dog crate house table kennel furniture wood pet pen bed

Amish dog crate table cover solid hickory side view

I love the look of this room and am seriously

Small cage with crate cover

With the panels that cover the main components of the crate, this cage with crate is the perfect piece to keep your pet confined without limiting it's visibility and comfort, while still taking care of the style of your home.