Recessed Oval Medicine Cabinet

The products presented below have great functionality and I love the idea how they extend it beyond the decorative aspect only. Browse below and check out the recessed oval medicine cabinets - they offer storage space, a mirror and introduce some style, too. Check the details and prices in the collection below.

Kohler oval mirror medicine cabinet

The oval beveled medicine cabinet with the bright mirror for your bathroom. An ideal place to hide some medicine or cosmetics that your kids don't allow to find. The division on three shelves help you to maintain order.

Recessed oval medicine cabinet

The beautiful oval mirror ideal for the medicine cabinet. It covers the cabinet and protects it from children. On the frame there is the LED tape mounted, which delicatelly brighten your face during preparing your make-up.

Pegasus oval deco 24 x 29 x 5 5 framed

Pegasus Oval Deco 24 X 29 X 5.5 Framed Medicine Cabinet
This mirror seduces with simplicity, though not devoid of glamorous vibe. Its oval shape is enframed in brushed nickel with subtle inner detailing. Behind the mirror, you'll find a compact medicine cabinet.

Sussex oval mirror

Sussex Oval Mirror
Contemporary setup for a cozy corner in a bathroom with small, light tiles on the walls. The corner is fitted with a glass shelf situated above the vanity console, placed underneath an oval-shaped mirror with a silver frame.

Recessed oval medicine cabinet

This bronze framed medicine cabinet looks just like a regular mirror and it's simply packed with functionality, coming from its multiple shelves and offering the perfect place to store your cosmetics or medicine.

Deco 24" x 29" Wall Mount Medicine Cabinet

Deco 24" x 29" Wall Mount Medicine Cabinet
This is an extremely decorative, medical cabinet, which Idelly check just as decoration. It has an oval shape, and its door is a mirror. That's what makes it look like a well-planned decorative element.

Oval medicine cabinets

Surrounded by a cove of diffused white light, this beautiful oval recessed mirror provides shadow-free task and ambient light. Recessed mount can include halogen or LED lamp option.

Oval medicine cabinet

Recessed oval medicine cabinet 3

Headwest Beveled Oval Mirror Recessed Medicine Cabinet, 24-Inch by 36-Inch

Style selections medicine cabinet

Recessed oval medicine cabinet

Brushed nickel recessed medicine cabinet

Pegasus oval deco 24 x 29 x 5 5 framed

Pegasus Oval Deco 24 X 29 X 5.5 Framed Medicine Cabinet
This is a simple, but elegant product that can be used as a bathroom mirror. It has got a solid aluminum frame with a gold finish. The product features a storage compartment behind its mirror surface, so it can be used as a medicine cabinet.

Glacier bay medicine cabinet mirror

A chic classic bathroom medicine cabinet which can be surface or recess mounted. Its oval body is made of rust-resistant aluminium with a beautiful delicate gold finish. It has adjustable glass shelves and a mirrored door with a decorative beading.

Kohler oval medicine cabinet

Oval mirror medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinet made of wood and fitted with oval mirror on the front. Includes 5 shelves in various sizes for storing personal items. Great solution for each bathroom as needed.

Oval mirrored medicine cabinet 15

Oval mirror in traditional form. It is mounted on wooden frame. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Neutral accent for all kinds of interiors as needed.

Zenith BMV2532 Oval Framed Medicine Cabinet with Mirror, Oil Rubbed Bronze

A charming medicine cabinet with a nicely framed mirror. The oil rubbed bronze finish makes it look amazing in a traditional or antique-styled interior, while the spacious compartment allows easy accommodation of your belongings.

Kohler k 2962 na oval mirrored cabinet with bright mirrored

Kohler K 2962 Na Oval Mirrored Cabinet With Bright Mirrored Interior Traditional Medicine Cabinets
An aesthetic traditional wall-mounted bathroom cabinet having an ovalish frame of white plastic. Its door features a panel with an oval bevelled mirror. It's equipped with size-varied fixed plastic and adjustable glass shelves.

Oval mirrored medicine cabinet 8

A traditional recess-mounted medicine cabinet having a body of wooden materials. It features an oval mirrored door with an elegant frame made of oak wood finished in mid browns. It has adjustable shelves.

Oval medicine cabinet mirror

Oval mirrored medicine cabinet 5

An attractive fashionable wall-mounted medicine cabinet having a rectangular frame of wooden materials with mirrored all panels. It features a large oval frameless mirrored door with an edge pull. Two adjustable shelves are of clear glass.

Home depot bathroom medicine cabinets

Pegasus SP4593 Universal Oval Deco Framed 24" x 29" Medicine Cabinet

It is a medicine cabinet that has got an oval brushed nickel frame and rust-free aluminum case. It measures 24 inches wide, 29 inches high and 5.5 inches deep. It is very classic and perfect for your bathroom.

Oval mirrored medicine cabinet 3

An aesthetic modern wall-mounted bathroom cabinet having a white coated steel frame. It features a door with an oversized oval bevelled mirror. It's equipped with 3 adjustable shelves of tempered glass.

Pegasus Oval Deco 20W x 30H in. Oil Rubbed Framed Medicine Cabinet SP4603

Oval medicine cabinet. This beautiful piece looks like a luxurious furniture and will make your bathroom much more charming. The interior is spacious and well designed, to allow you to store all sorts of items.

Come in more colors recessed and wall mount warwick classic

Oval medicine cabinet with mirror

Oval medicine cabinet mirror

Oval mirror for bathroom and toilet applications. This functional element can be used not only as a mirror. It also includes a hidden storage compartment for medicines and useful bathroom or toilet accessories.

Oval medicine cabinet mirror 2

Offering the slightly distressed finish and the oval shape of the mirror outside the spacious medicine cabinet itself this piece will ensure that you always have more than enough space to keep your bathroom intact when it comes to style and cleanliness.

Medicine cabinet and mirror vintage

Medicine Cabinet And Mirror Vintage
This vintage mirror is inspired of ancient times. It has oval shape and marble frame with carved, floral pattern. In spite of its simplicity, this decor's element looks very sophisticated. Must-have in vintage bathroom!

Dunhill 21 in w x 31 in h x 3

24 75 vintage style oval wall mount mirror storage shelf

24 75 Vintage Style Oval Wall Mount Mirror Storage Shelf Medicine Cabinet
Ready for an overtly distressed interior accent? Start with a stylish oval medicine cabinet that will deliver some practical functions at once. Wall-hanged vintage mirror opens to reveal storage space hidden inside.

Recessed oval medicine cabinet

Recessed mirror

Oval medicine cabinet mirror 1

Oval element of home design that features multiple roles. This mirror can also be used as a medicine cabinet. It includes a very durable wooden frame and it provides storage space behind its mirrored doors. It is suitable for bathroom use.

Pegasus SP4593 Deco 29-Inch High by 24-Inch Wide Oval Framed Medicine Cabinet, Brushed Nickel

This piece will surely look stunning and chic in your decor, especially with the brushed nickel finish, while the oval shape of the cabinet allows a more unique and stylish addition to your household needs.

Zenith MMV1032 21" X 32" Oval Medicine Cabinet

Oval cabinet for medical stuff. It is perfect for use in the bathroom. It looks very nicely and very stylish. It is elegant and practical by what is a very good piece of furniture depending on requirements. It meets the expectations of both aesthetes and practitioners.

Oval recessed medicine cabinet

Kohler K-CB-CLC2031BAN 20" x 31" Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with Adjustable Glass Shelves,

This simple and very tasteful aluminum cabinet is a perfect solution for your home. Beautifully finished will add style and elegance to any bathroom. It can easily store numerous toiletries trinkets.

Oval surface mount medicine cabinet

Camille Antique Oval Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

It is an antique oval medicine cabinet mirror for storing your medicines and cosmetics. It has got an elegant design and is perfect for your home. It adds beauty and style to any bathroom.

Zenith Products MVA2030 Oval Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, 20-Inch

Elegant oval medicine cabinet made of aluminum finished in white. Its large swing mirrored door has reversible opening. A cabinet also has internal mirrors and adjustable glass shelves. A cabinet can be fixed into recesses or on flat walls.

Designer series 20 premium oval medicine cabinet by heath zenith

Deco 20" x 30" Medicine Cabinet

Deco 20" x 30" Medicine Cabinet
This Stylish 20 x 30-Inch Medicine Cabinet is a functional and gorgeous choice for any bathroom décor. The design is consisted of a rust-free aluminum case and oil rubbed bronze frame. The cabinet has piano hinges, a side mirror, and adjustable glass shelves.

Nutone Metro Oval Frameless Medicine Cabinet S368244OVWH

This metro oval medicine cabinet is an exactly what you looking for. You need to have it in your bathroom. It has got three adjustable shelves for storing your medicines and other items.

Oval mirrored medicine cabinet

Recessed oval medicine cabinet 4

Recessed oval medicine cabinet 4