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Buffet tables are a wonderful furniture piece so incorporated into your home. But most of them are made of wood and colored in wood grain tones. Which doesn't really work for you since your color scheme is largely black. Do not worry, because we have a collection of black buffet tables that are attractive and functional and will fit nicely into your decorative palette. See collection for all the details.

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What a great way to set up a party dinner table. Stylized to look as straight from a Hollywood party, a design like this is bound to amaze your guests and spice up your home parties and family reunions.

Black and white candy table ideas

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Black buffet tables 2

A magnificent arrangement of a buffet table that features a chic combination of black and white colors. A white, silky tablecloth makes a nice contrast with elegant, black curtains at the back and white and black accents on the table.

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Black white candy buffet ideas

The Swedish table is a very common solution for family celebrations such as weddings. The black buffet tables were set up all together, and have created one big buffet - covered with satin fabric and snacks.

Hostess with the mostess r black and white candy table

Hostess with the Mostess® - Black and White Candy Table

Black and white candy ideas

Elegant table intended to serve dishes as a smorgasbord. Table is covered of black tablecloth and decorated of white and black balloons. On the table, there are special containers intended to serving dishes with heating.

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A black buffet table is an excellent choice, especially if you are in need of accent furniture for your dining room. Keep in mind that a black buffet table is available in a plethora of styles and designs. If you don't know what to look for, then you'll likely have a confusing shopping experience. To help clear out some of the confusing aspects, this article is going to provide you with a buying guide for black buffet tables.

What styles of black buffet tables are there?

Since a black buffet table is often used as accent furniture, the styling or design plays a significant role in your purchasing decision. Interior design has spawned a multitude of categories.

  • Traditional - A traditional black buffet table will typically feature rich ornaments and elaborate decorative details usually in the drawer pulls, legs, spindles, and moldings. It's also a style that is oversized to impress.
  • Modern - This style is often described as "simplicity is the best expression of beauty." Hence, you will hardly find any elaborate additions when it comes to modern style. Rather, it uses clean lines, asymmetrical forms or geometrical designs to catch one's attention.
  • Contemporary - This style is somewhat in between the modern and traditional. It still features additions that are elaborate, but not as much as the traditional. It highlights a more relaxed feel compared to the traditional, but not as much compared to the modern. Other iconic styles such as retro, Art Deco and urban fall into the category of contemporary.

What are the most common materials used for black buffet tables?

Since the primary material of the black buffet table will significantly affect its durability and costs, it's a factor that you need to carefully consider. Below are some of the most commonly used materials for a buffet table.

  • Wood - This is the traditional material for furniture including the black buffet table. Because of such, it often features a cozy and warm vibe, which makes it excellent for most homes. Bear in mind that wood also comes in many different types. There's the fiberboard, manufactured wood, and solid wood. The fiberboard is the weakest in terms of durability, while the solid wood is the strongest. However, solid wood is also the most expensive, while fiberboard is the least costly. In most cases, manufactured wood sits in the middle with regards to costs and durability.
  • Metal - A black buffet table that features metal for a primary material is perhaps the most durable. It's also easy to maintain. In most cases, metal black buffet table comes with a sleek and elegant appearance. On the downside, rust is something that is concerning with metal. Thankfully, there are plenty of metal alloys that are resistant to rust.
  • Glass - A glass black buffet table typically means it comes with a glass top which is supported by either wood or metal. If a glass-heavy buffet table is what you are looking for, be sure to pick one that features tempered glass. It's a lot safer and more durable.


Black buffet tables

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Red black and white candy

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black and white and silver dessert table @Anna Beth I think you have some similar shaped serving pieces and they'd be so pretty with chocolate goodies like these!

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Black and white candy table

Not sure what you guys are doing for the outside area, but if you've got snacks and drinks (even just drinks), look at the strips of lace coming forward on the table.

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Black and white. Candy Bars for wedding! For more inspiration, visit

Candy buffet table

Candy Buffet table

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I like the idea of a candy buffet

i like the idea of a candy buffet

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cea0a6b752c7da0d2611189cdce24eef.jpg 462×682 pixels

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This candy buffet setting makes mouths water! Clear glass receptacles with decorative lids store candies and lollipops: powder pink or anise black. What an attractive table display! My kitchen needs it!

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Silver, Yellow, Black, and White Candy Buffet. I think a whit lace or a burlap trimmed in lace table cloth would be be beautiful with this!

Black and white candy buffet ideas

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