Narrow Sideboards And Buffets

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For cabinets and drawers in small spaces, these narrow sideboards and buffets will give you additional storage in what might seem like unusable space. Long, thin, but very functional, pick up one, or many, and seize the opportunity to use a small area for some great storage capabilities. These come in many styles and colors, easily matchable with your current cabinetry.

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Our Picks

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A narrow sideboard with drawers and cabinets

Beachcrest Home™

If you’re in need of a solution that has both swinging-open cabinets for large storage and slim drawers for, say, flat storage or silverware, select a piece that has both (it’s that simple!).

Since the sideboard itself will be narrow, you’ll need to think carefully about how you’ll use it for storage—perhaps by rotating both silverware and appliances so they’re parallel against the wall. However, as you know, every inch matters—which can make a versatile storage sideboard particularly valuable. 

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A greyscale narrow depth sideboard with an aged finish

Breakwater Bay

Perhaps you don’t want your sideboard to camouflage with your walls; you want to make a statement.

We’d recommend selecting a cool neutral—grey, navy, white, or black—to show off your sideboard without overwhelming your room. This will also help make styling your cabinet easier—simply pair the cabinet with other neutral decor, and you’ll be good to go. 

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A top shelf shallow depth sideboard

17 Stories

Whether you’d like a literal top shelf in your space or you’re interested in storing your appliances closer to the floor, this sideboard trend (with a closed cabinet on the bottom and smaller shelves up top) offers easy access and practical decorating opportunities.

Simply place your beautiful plates or prettier glassware on those upper shelves, and you’ll have a gorgeous, artsy decoration without seeming like you’re trying too hard. 

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A glammed up narrow sideboard that keeps it remarkably subtle

Etta Avenue™

Perhaps you’re trying to toe the line between modern minimalism and art deco glam. A wooden sideboard with tiny, subtle golden accents is just what you’re looking for!

We like a very understated sideboard that’s elevated with golden hardware for legs. This amps up the geometric feel of the art deco era while offering tons of practical storage space. 

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A mid century modern skinny sideboard

17 Stories

A practical cabinet with the distinctive angled legs popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s: If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck, as this type of furniture is all over the place right now!

Look for real hardwood and doors with glass or wire inserts to achieve the vintage-meets-modern vibe that you’re sourcing. Keeping your hardware and furniture structure all in one tone will help keep these older pieces looking new in your home. 

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A narrow buffet cabinet that doubles as an art piece

Wade Logan®

If you think about it, the doors of a sideboard are about the same size as your average wall hanging or painting. If you live in a smaller space, it might make sense to double up.

Purchase a sideboard with flat doors that have been inlaid with a detailed painted scene, a 3D metallic piece of art, or a sculpted or carved pattern. This adds visual interested in an unexpected way—always a great choice for savvy decorating. 

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A narrow sideboard cabinet on legs

Red Barrel Studio®

Hoping to achieve an elevated look (perhaps, literally)? If you have a smaller space, boosting the eye upward can really help make your home look more intentional. Placing a slim cabinet on legs can help with this effect.

Bonus points: Paint your sideboard the same color as your walls, and it’ll recede into the background while providing key storage. This will help make your home look larger and less cluttered! 

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A narrow buffet that makes a statement

Winston Porter

Pursuing a maximalist vibe? Forget everything about clean lines and neutral colors, and instead source a sideboard that’s painted in jewel tones, has a detailed drawer decoration or carving, or both.

We like a carved door that allows slight access to the other side—with windows, perhaps—so you can see what’s inside. This makes storage (and finding what you have in storage) much easier! 


A slim sideboard's modern take on farmhouse appeal

Gracie Oaks

If you enjoy a farmhouse aesthetic with a twist, check out a sliding door that’s made out of rich-toned panels. With a vibe reminiscent of both mid-century modern architecture and more rustic pieces, this cabinet takes advantage of the very current two-toned trend to add an interesting piece to your place. 

$225.99 $495

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A shallow sideboard with a sliding farmhouse door

Gracie Oaks

We’ve all seen the trend of sliding barn doors in rustic, farmhouse-inspired home looks. If you don’t have the space to do this large-scale, use the same idea on your sideboard.

This has practical benefits: Since you won’t be swinging a cabinet door outward, you don’t have to account for that mostly-unused space! 

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Buying Guide

You can make your dinner parties an even bigger success with the use of narrow sideboards and buffets in serving your guests. They are great for ensuring your dinner table isn't overcrowded, and they're great for showcasing your appetizer and main dish pairings. That's not all, however, as they also make excellent storage units for cocktail napkins and utensils. After the party, you'd still love how your sideboard or buffet looks inside your dining room.

Narrow sideboards and buffets come in myriads of varieties. To ensure that you get only the unit that suits your needs and preferences best, keep on reading as we've made a buying guide especially for you. Check it out.

What sideboard design will best fit your space?

Sideboards and buffets, which are also called as servers, are available in every style imaginable from traditional and modern to transition. If you have a farmhouse-style dining room or kitchen, we would suggest you choose a solid wood unit with exposed grain, turned feet, and decorative molding as you'll find it fitting for your space.

In a contemporary kitchen or dining room setting, what would work best is a streamlined design that has a glossy finish and clean lines.

If you want a sideboard or buffet that blends stunning classic architectural elements to designer-inspired furniture profiles, finishes, and materials, then it's a good choice if you have a space with a transitional theme.

When shopping for a narrow sideboard, server or buffet, you need to ensure the piece matches or complements the dining set you currently have.

What's the most durable material for sideboards and buffets?

Buffets and sideboards that are constructed out of solid hardwoods such as oak, cherry, and maple are more durable, resilient to damage, and they last longer. If you plan to store heavy dishes and plates on the shelves, make sure that your sideboard or buffet is made of high-quality, sturdy materials as you will need sufficient support for your collection.

There are those who prioritize affordability rather than construction, and this is perfectly fine. Consider models that have components (e.g. doors) made from composites or particle board. A buffet or sideboard that has glass sides will enable you to witness the contents with just a single glance. Solid sides, on the other hand, offer more protection in case the items tip over accidentally while inside the unit.

Who can benefit from a sideboard with lighting?

If you'll be using a sideboard to store keepsakes and art objects, consider models that have glass sides with pre-wired lighting. Whenever you turn off the overhead lights of your room, the lighting from your unit will create a sexy and romantic atmosphere. The lighting will enhance an intimate dining's mood. Just make sure that there is an electrical outlet near the location you have chosen for the unit. Typically, there's a switch inside a sideboard or buffet to control the lights.

What extra featuresto look for in a sideboard?

  • Select a sideboard or buffet that can double as a home credenza or living room furniture if you're trying to save money.
  • If you will be storing taller items, check for shelves that can be adjusted.
  • Choose a unit that has drawers if you will be storing candles, linens, and flatware.

Best Ideas

Narrow sideboard distressed pale blue traditional buffets and sideboards

A vintage take on an old-fashioned, narrow sideboard in a buffet shape with three compartments and three drawers, which provide a lot of storage space. The sideboard is painted with a distressed coat of green paint, providing a nice finish.

Macoun Sideboard

Featuring classic design, this sideboard creates a versatile spot for storage and organization. It has solid hardwood construction and includes hree drawers, four cabinet doors, two short shelves and one adjustable long shelf.

Copenhagen buffet

Sideboard consisting of 2 cabinets and 3 drawers arranged vertically. Construction is made of wood and is mounted on metal legs. Great addition to the dining room, living room and others interiors according to taste.

Stein World Narrow Sideboard

An elegant addition for smaller interiors, this beautiful buffet is quite narrow, thus space-saving, but also capacious. Its wooden construction offers 2 storage drawers and 2 one-door cabinets - all embellished with stylish carvings.

Claremont Painted narrow sideboard

Simple but functional drawer buffets entirely made of reclaimed wood with a bit distressed finish in browns. Each buffet has a rectangular top, 8 low square legs and 21 drawers with shell pulls of dark metal.

HALL NARROW CABINET Solid Walnut French Finish 60"w x 12"d x 35"

Brosnan 39.4" Wide 3 Drawer Wood Buffet Table

Enjoy the natural beauty of authentic wood with this rustic buffet table. You get the warmth and texture of solid wood along with the flawless design and versatile storage. The upper shelf, three drawers, and open cubbies provide plenty of space allowing you to tailor this piece to your needs.

Nadia Sideboard

Beautiful and elegant sideboard made of engineered wood in gorgeous dark finish. Offers plenty of storage space behind durable glass doors, sturdy frame, and unsophisticated design emphasizing functionality and versatility.

24504 Roosevelt 3 Drawer Narrow Buffet

Narrow Sideboard In Textured Black and Tan

Stylishly weathered two toned (black and tan) sideboard with lots of meticulously carved details. Thanks to a great attention paid to details during the make, this noble piece looks like a real antique.

... » French Painted Narrow Sideboard Buffet | Available in 11 Colours

I love the idea of 'shopping' in your own home and moving the pieces around to create a new look. Changes in the Living Room

I want our living space to be just as casual, low maintenance, charming, authentic (with history) and yet as inviting as this kitchen. Do keep revisiting for inspiration!


MID Century Long Narrow Sideboard Buffet Teak Retro Vintage Parker Danish ERA Noblett Furniture, VIC | eBay

It is obvious that this antique cabinet sporting a style of vintage buffet was built with care to last! It has three storage sections (cabinets + a drawer above each one) and it's spacious but narrow, with a small footprint in general.

Rustic and eye-catchy, this console table is crafted of sturdy wood with attention to details. Suitable for country entryways, it has turned legs and 5 open shelves, and it's narrow enough not to take too much of the free space.

This sideboard from HomeStyles is simple and light and functional ...

Tasteful cabinet with double doors. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Great for storing clothes and other necessities. Elegant design for living room, bedroom and more.

A classic cabinet splashed with a greenish finish, which successfully improves every interior design. The wooden cabinet has 2 storage drawers with pull-knobs, 1 two-door cabinet with shelves, and a rectangle top with beveled edges.

With this dining sideboard you can add functionality to your home and save your space in the process. The unit is made of wood, has a pair of glass paneled doors, 1 adjustable shelf and tapered legs.

Love the color of the sideboard....a DIY must for my dining room

Narrow Sideboard or Buffet-61