Tips On Organizing Your Makeup For a Peaceful Morning Routine

It's time to get ready but your beauty products are all over the place. You start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated even though the day has just begun.

Rummaging through your cluttered makeup collection for your favorite lipstick is not fun. It's stressful and can ruin your mood early in the morning. Plus, having an unorganized makeup desk can interrupt your flow and add more time to your morning routine.

To avoid all of this unnecessary stress each time you prepare for the day, check out these simple tips on how to organize your makeup desk for a peaceful morning routine. How you start your day matters, so start it with an organized and clutter-free makeup desk.

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Get rid of unused and expired makeup

Before we get into the fun organizational tips, you should first discard any cosmetics you don't use or haven't used in a long time. There's no point in keeping mascara that has dried out. You obviously won't use it anymore, so just throw it out! You may be shocked to realize how much old makeup you've been keeping for no reason. The first step to organizing your makeup consists of going through all of your products, getting rid of those that have exceeded their shelf life, and replacing the ones that need to be replaced.

Categorizing your beauty products

Now that you're out with the old and in with the new, it's time to group your products in categories. This way, you'll have the same type of makeup items all in one place. Drawer organizers are handy for separating different products in a neat and easy-to-reach way. They're versatile and come in numerous sizes and shapes to fit your specific needs. If you're going to apply a bold lipstick today, you'll know where to find it! By using drawer organizers, you'll be able to keep all your eye shadow palettes, foundations, makeup brushes, and other like items distinct in their own compartments. Doing this will save you time from digging through a messy drawer in search of a specific product.

Clear acrylic organizer for your essentials

After grouping your makeup by type, you'll need a place to keep your favorites and frequently used ones. Imagine being able to easily grab your makeup essentials when you need to get ready in a rush but still want to look great. Acrylic organizers are one of the most popular makeup organizers you'll find on everyone's vanity table. They're mostly used for keeping your everyday makeup and most loved cosmetics within easy reach. Plus, they're transparent so you'll be able to see everything inside and quickly find the item you're looking for. Simplify your life by storing your favorite lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, and foundations in acrylic storages without causing any clutter on your makeup table with mirror. These makeup organizers are affordable and, on top of that, aesthetically pleasing!

Clear Plastic Freestanding Cosmetic Organizer
Clear Plastic Freestanding Cosmetic Organizer

Store your makeup brushes in holders

If you own a lot of makeup brushes, you'll definitely need brush containers. You can get as creative as you want with the brush storages. Choose different sized containers, find holders that match with your makeup table with mirror, or reuse candle jars to store your brushes vertically. Yes, you should store your brushes vertically to keep them in the best condition! Once you've got a couple of containers, sort your brushes by type. You can keep your face brushes in one holder while all your eye brushes are in another. This will make finding the right brush so much quicker. Storing your makeup brushes on your vanity doesn't only make them easy to access but also encourages you to wash them often when they get dirty. Who wants a bunch of dirty brushes on top of their vanity anyways? You can even separate your clean and dirty brushes in two different holders to avoid any disasters while doing your makeup.

Gold Freestanding Glass Makeup Organizer
Gold Freestanding Glass Makeup Organizer

Get creative!

Organizing your makeup means getting creative with what you already have. Everything seems to be in order at this point, but where should you put your cotton balls, cotton swabs, and sponges? Grab some mason jars, clean them if you need to, and start arranging your sponges and other vanity accessories in these jars. It's simple yet goes a long way! Find a corner on your makeup desk to place these jars alongside your makeup brushes. You will thank yourself later for putting that extra effort in storing all your items in the right places.

By sorting your makeup, you're simplifying your morning routine. No more rushing to the bathroom to grab a cotton ball or feeling upset because you can't find the shade you're looking for! With these tips in mind, all your makeup products will have a home, getting ready will no longer be a hassle, and you'll be able to enjoy the look of a clean and well-ordered vanity in your room!

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