How to Choose Beach & Lawn Chairs

As a homeowner, you know that your living space does not end at your patio doors. Outdoor spaces can expand your living space and enable you to enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors. Fresh air, the wind in the trees, and observing animal and birdlife are all assets of spending time outdoors, so if you have an outdoor area, why not make it as livable as possible?

Maybe you’re planning a vacation with your family to the seaside. No trip to the beach is complete without bringing along a comfortable beach chair so you can sit and watch the tide.

If you’re looking to outfit your backyard with some new lawn chairs or you’re taking a trip and want the most comfortable seat on the shore, here are some great tips to choosing beach & lawn chairs for your lifestyle and budget.

What’s the Difference Between Beach & Lawn Chairs?

Both of these pieces of furniture are made for the same thing – sitting outdoors. This, however, is where their similarities end.

Lawn chairs generally stay in one spot or, if they do move, they’re not moving too far. They also can tie into the rest of the décor in your house in a way that beach chairs don’t. If you’re creating an extension of your living space, you want your décor to create a flow, and that’s including outdoor space.

What are the best lawn chair materials?

To buy the best-fitting lawn chair, in both the literal and figurative sense, you have to consider its use. Yes, you’ll be sitting in the lawn chair, but is it a space you’ll use for outdoor dining? Or is it for reading underneath your favorite tree?

What you determine can help you decide which kind of lawn chair you need most. Once you’ve figured out if you will frequent the space for evening cocktails or sit by a fire pit, then you can move on to what material to choose.

  • Plastic

By far the easiest to take care of and the cheapest, plastic lawn chairs are superb in a pinch when you have a kid’s birthday party coming up but not enough chairs. They are easy to clean and are weather-resistant.

A lot of people assume that a plastic chair is a plastic chair, but the more modern offerings prove that all plastic lawn chairs are not created equally. The newer lawn chairs can be rugged, sturdy, and come in a range of colors that blend in with the natural surroundings or make a statement in garish aqua or pink.

If you’re looking for chairs to use in a dining set-up, you may want to look at options other than plastic as, to maintain a balanced décor, you would have to opt for a plastic table as well.

  • Wood

Wooden lawn chairs present a level of class and antiquity that plastic chairs do not. They give off an old-world feel and, since they are wooden, they blend in seamlessly with most outdoor spaces.

Wooden lawn chairs are a great idea for outside dining areas as you can usually find a handsome wooden dining table to go along with it.

Check to make sure the wood you choose is weather-resistant and can deal with moisture. Teak is an excellent choice for furniture that will live outside as it won’t swell or rot in wet weather.

  • Metal

The main strength of a lawn chair made of metal is its durability. If you opt for a lawn chair made of aluminum or wrought iron, you can be confident in your investment. These types of metal won’t rust in the weather, and it will take a lot to twist them out of shape. The dowside is they can get hot when left in the sun.

Metal lawn chairs also blend well with modern styles or, if you find some Warmack chairs from the latter half of the 20th century, you can outfit your yard with a retro theme.

  • Wicker

This material is fast approaching peak popularity on patios. It has a pleasing neutral aesthetic that is easy to tailor with the right set of outdoor throw pillows. It has more give than other materials on this list, like plastic or metal, making wicker an excellent choice for a lounging area or poolside.

You should be careful about what kind of wicker you buy. Some wicker is relatively flimsy, and the weave can be punctured easily. Look for thickly woven furniture as they are usually made for durability.

Natural Eucalyptus Solid Wood Reclining Chair
Hunter Green Wood Glider Chair
Blue Polyester White Metal Steel Reclining Beach Chair
White Blue Metal Steel Folding Camping Chair
Black Metal Aluminum Wicker Rattan Reclining Folding Camping Chair

How to select the best beach chairs?

One of the significant benefits of beach chairs is that they are transportable. Lightweight beach chairs are the easiest option if you don’t use a cart to transport the chair from your car to the beach.

Although the material of your beach chair is essential, most of them are made of light metal, plastic, or, rarely, wood, with breathable cloth backing. The real consideration is what shape is the most comfortable for you.

  • Classic Beach Sand Chair

A classic beach chair has a seat that keeps you a few inches off the ground but still lets you stretch out your legs in the sand and even put your toes in the ocean. These chairs are often made of very lightweight and breathable material so you can take full advantage of the beach breeze.

  • Lounger

Beach lounge chairs look a lot like foldable chaise lounges. They are constructed of three different sections that you unfold to set up. Many come with pillows as headrests. This type of chair is for someone who wants to lie in the sun or take a seaside nap.

  • Canopy Chair

This chair resembles a classic beach chair but includes struts that hold a canopy over your head to block out the sun. A canopy lessens the amount of gear you have to lug down to the beach, and you’ll always have sun protection, as long as you have your chair.

  • Backpack Chair

These beach chairs are the epitome of transportable convenience. They have two arm straps attached to the seat of the chair so you can sling them onto your back. These chairs are especially useful for kids as they can transport their chairs down to the beach.

White Bamboo Folding Beach Chair
Optic White Brown Metal Aluminum Solid Wood Polyester Reclining Beach Chair
Black Metal Blue Folding Camping Chair Set
Black Metal Iron Gray Polyester Folding Zero Gravity Chair
Gray Metal Aluminum Blue Yellow Polyester Canvas Reclining Beach Chair
Gray Metal Forest Green Mesh Canopy Camping Chair

Quick Tips

  • Make sure lawn chairs you purchase are easily cleaned and won’t degrade by being out-of-doors.
  • Weather-resistant accent pillows are a great way to jazz up neutral tones of patio furniture.
  • For beach chairs, decide on the height you’d like to sit at, whether it’s close to the ground or at standard chair height.
  • As with furniture you purchase for the inside of your home, make sure your outdoor seats are a comfortable fit.

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