Garden Pinwheels Metal


A fun item to add to your garden for decorative effect or even is used to detect when a tornado is coming, these garden pinwheels are lovely and functional. Every single one of them is made of metal and they are built to fit into our garden aesthetic without being overstated. If you are looking for a neat accessory for your garden, take a look at our collection.

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Our Picks

Viento Curve Pinwheel

Viento Curve Pinwheel

Pleasing to the eye classic but with a modern design garden pinwheel. It's made of weatherproof-coated steel and has a thin black stake and a flower-like metallic prop consisting of curved flared blades. It should be staked into ground.

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Pinwheel spinner

Metal garden pinwheel, made of galvanized alloy in gray. Just another garden decoration, but its slightly industrial design attracted me efficiently. Would willingly have a bunch of those in my backyard.

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Pinwheel wind spinner

A wind spinner with a simple and elegant design. The wind spinner is made of metal and its blades are shaped like a flower petal with the inner blade having a bright aquamarine color and the outer blade having a duller copper orange color.

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Viento Petal Pinwheel

Viento Petal Pinwheel

Nice-looking contemporary but classic-stylised garden pinwheel designed for staking into ground. It's crafted of stainless steel with a weatherproof black and grey finish. It has a thin black stake and a flower-like 4-blade grey prop.

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Garden pinwheels metal 1

A very original inspiration for garden decorations. This metal flower is made of old spoons. It looks very stylish and it is resistant to many outdoor factors. This garden decoration is very stylish and unique.

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Metal bicycle wind spinner garden stake more bicycles wind metals

metal bicycle wind spinner garden stake more bicycles wind metals ...

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Garden pinwheels metal 10

Use Wind Power Add a vintage-style whirligig, and delight in watching the wind make it move. An updated version of the Folk Art dog shown: The metal Dachshund whirligig flaps its jaws and wags its tail. About Forty Dollars;

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Deck mount metal pinwheel kinetic sculpture

Deck Mount Metal Pinwheel Kinetic Sculpture

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Garden pinwheels metal 3

... -Sculpture-Modern-Art-Dual-sun-spinner-metal-garden-outdoor-Pinwheel

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Metal pinwheels

Made from metal, this beautiful metal pinwheel constitutes a great way to embellish one's garden. Its ingenuine project depicts a flower, but with metal spoons, making the item an undoubtful eye-catcher.

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Garden Pinwheels Metal

Buying Guide

Among the many lovely items and accessories you can buy for your garden are beautiful metal pinwheels. You have probably seen these before but perhaps made from paper or plastic. Situated on a long stick, these pinwheels are shaped like flowers and spin in the wind to create an interesting effect. Before buying metal pinwheels for your garden, let's look at what you should consider first.

One of the questions many people have is, “How many pinwheels should I buy for my garden?”
This is a common and valid question since you may want several pinwheels or you may just want a single item. The answer is generally down to you – it's a matter of personal preference. However, it's important to think about the following factors:

  • The size of your garden: Small gardens won't look great with many pinwheels, while homeowners with larger gardens can get away with several pinwheels in various locations.
  • The plants and shrubs that you have: Gardens which have many plants and shrubs may not be suitable for more than one or two pinwheels. Avoid placing your pinwheels where they may interfere with your plants.

Metal garden pinwheels come in many different heights, so before you go out shopping, step into your garden with a tape measure or measuring stick and start experimenting. Guesswork is never a good idea, particularly if you're investing a fair amount of money into your new garden accessories. For large gardens and bigger patches of lawn or soil, pinwheels of around 20-30 inches are often the most suitable. Smaller gardens can be overshadowed by larger pinwheels, so a shorter size of 10-16 inches is ideal.

The word 'metal' initially suggests that all of the pinwheels will be silver and plain metal. However, this is not the case, and once you start shopping around, you'll see many different colors. You may think that silver is the most suitable color for your garden, or perhaps you don't want to add any extra color in addition to your plants. If you want some color, though, there are plenty to choose from, with many accessories available in two-tone patterns. Dark blues, reds and greens are popular colors, although brighter purples, yellows and oranges can also be found.

The most common shape for metal garden pinwheels is a floral shape, although you will find plain circle shapes and also pinwheels in the shape of a sun with sunbeams. Within these categories there is a lot of variety, such as flower pinwheels with many petals or very few petals.

The petal shapes may be larger on some pinwheels than on others, which can make them heavier and therefore more resistant to bad weather and less likely to fall over. Some pinwheels look like miniature wind turbines, and others are in the shape of a star. Whatever shapes you prefer, there's something for each and every garden.

Best Ideas

Garden pinwheels metal 4

Two-Tone Pinwheel Metal Garden Spinner. These are so fun to space out between the blooms of your garden

Garden pinwheel

An attractive garden decoration that is able to glow in the dark. This metal staked kinetic spinner contains an artistic globe with luminescent crystals that absorb the sun's energy by day and release a colorful glow at night.

Cool yard art

cool yard art

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