Dog Crate End Tables

End tables that are at the same time dog crates? Those who still have any doubts as to whether this is something for them, should check all these shapes, colours, designs and other features that have been presented below. What would be your choice as far as these are concerned?

Dog crate end table with chew proof bars

Dog Crate End Table With Chew Proof Bars
Practical and multi-functional element of furniture that can serve as an end table and as a pet crate. Its rectangular top is quite large and useful. The lower part includes a crate with doors. It provides safety and comfort for dogs.

Kennel end table

This stunning hardwood and brass constructed dog crate will finally let you breathe with ease when your guests come over, since you will be able to lock your pet and keep everyone safe, while the piece itself adds the double functionality of serving as an end table.

Dog crate end tables 2

Sweet Dog Crate End Table

Dog crate end tables 1

Built in dog crate | ... Products › Amish Custom Built Colonial Wooden Dog Crate End Table

Dog end table

If your dog likes to make a mess and misbehave during the nights, this DIY project may be a good solution for your problem! A nice, smooth bedside table with a dog cage hidden beneath. Creative design!

Dog kennel end table plans

If you simple need to keep your pet separate from your guests from time to time then this dog crate is the perfect option, allowing you to use its multi-functional design to get a boost of some extra surface space at the same time.

Dog crate end tables 3

Unusual/hygienic spaces for your pets are not easy to come by. Denhaus has made this a funky find

Pet crate end table

This wooden dog crate sports a design that is just packed with functionality, since it can easily serve as an end table, making for a must-have for all those households where the pets comfort is equally important with space saving.

End table dog crates

Pet Crate End Table-Medium

Dog kennel end tables

Turn an Awkward Side Table Into a Dual Purpose Dog Bed..I did this with an octagon end table and painted it hammered copper. MY DOG LOVES IT

Dog bed out of end table

Pet bed, dedicated especially for little dogs and cats. This cute bed's bedstead is recycled of old vintage night table. Pink decorations give this bed more glamour, pink and black bedding makes it more comfortable.

Wooden dog crate end table 1

Dog crate end table 30x18x24

Dog crate end table 3

A beautiful combination of convenience and style - this practical dog crate is also a nice end table for any respectful living room, while the sides offer the elegant carvings of the wooden structure.

Pet Crate End Table-Medium - Improvements

Elegant pet-coop intended especially for dogs and cats. It is (due to cushion) very comfortable and made of wood. It is multi-functional - it can be used as a bed for pet and (due to desktop) as a little table or desk.

Dog cage end table

DIY Wooden Dog Crate that doubles as end table!

End table crate for dogs

Wooden dog grate in white serves as end table - good idea, conserves space and provides versatile functionality. The crate's doors have chew-proof metal spindles. Besides, the accessory has plastic bumpers - it won't mar your floor.

Dog kennel end table

Just picture how awesome one of our unique beautiful handcrafted dog crate end tables for your pet will look in your elegant residence! This gorgeous, elegant dog crate furniture is only found at

Dog crate end table large

This elegant wooden table is must-have in your gabinet or living room. At the bottom, there is dog coop, at the top - desktop (you can use it as a desk). Askance, there is rack intended to newspaper.

Dog crate end table 18

Dog Crate End Table

Dog crate end table 5

Dog Crate / End Table

Dog crate furniture diy

Dog Crate Furniture Diy

Pet crate end tables 3

Blending beautifully into your decor, this handsome end table pet crate doubles in functional use and is a more than welcome choice for when you both need an extra surface space and a safe place for your pet.

End table dog crate

homemade dog crates | ... Woodcraft Amish Oak Wood Chew Proof Dog Crate End Table FREE SHIPPING

Dog crate end table 31

Dog Crate / End Table

Dog crate end table 159 95

Dog crate end table $159.95

Newport pet crate end table 1

Dog crate designed for medium sized pets. It is completely made of wood. It can be used as end table. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Cooper Buddy Residence Pet Crate Size: Small

Dog end table 3

This lovely dog bed enchants with its precise imitation of a real, full-size bed. A wonderful handmade project, which brings much warmth and liveliness to the interior. A must-have for all dog onwers.

Homemade dog crate

dog kennel/crate designs | Cool Dog Crate End Table Design | Staypat

End table dog bed

Dog crate made of wood. Includes additional drawer for storing needed stuff. It consists of vertically arranged strips. Designed for medium sized dogs. It can be used as end table.

Pet crate end tables

This project shows how ingenious simple ideas can be. A pet crate combined with an end table. An ideal solution to have your book and your dog always near you. Wooden finishing will provide stability and sustainability for years.

Dog crate end tables 7

A couple of dog crate end tables

Dog end table 1

A pretty wooden end table and dog crate in one with a nice finish in warm browns. It has a rectangular top with bevelled edges and a full base. A back wall is full, upper parts of side walls are of vertical rods, a catched door is entirely of rods.

Pet end table

Let's give new life to old furniture - for example, transforming night tables by adding additional functions in the form of animal seats. Folded in an alcove under the table, an interesting fluffy fabric - they are table and pet den at the same time.

Pet end table 2

An amazing transformation of an old TV set into a dog bed and a piece of furniture. The inside of the TV set was filled with a comfy cushion for a furry friend. The whole piece was painted in a dark color and serves as an end table.

Wooden dog crate end table

Wooden dog crate end table

Anyone have an end table like this rusted treasure diy

ANYONE HAVE AN END TABLE LIKE THIS????? Rusted Treasure: DIY End Table Dog Beds (before and after)

White wooden dog crate cover large wooden dog crate end

White Wooden Dog Crate Cover | Large Wooden Dog Crate End Table

Meerkat Clan Sculptural End Table

Meerkat Clan Sculptural End Table
Eye-catchy end table with tempered glass top. What makes this piece distinctive, is the sculptural base cast in premium quality resin and painted carefully by hand. Three merkats surround the tree trunk like centre.

Side table dog bed

End table for pet owners. This piece of furniture features a rectangular top and small storage drawer. Its lower area includes a compartment with soft sleeping space for dogs or cats. The whole table-bed is based on wooden construction.

End Table Dog Bed

End Table Dog Bed
Multifunctional end table which can be also used as a dog bed. It's made of high quality plastic, which ensures that a dog will not break it. Additionally, it helps conserving space, as separate dog bed is no longer needed

Distinctive and Appealing Aluminum Dog Bust

Distinctive and Appealing Aluminum Dog Bust
House bust made of high quality aluminum and featuring lustrous silver finish. It's a magnificently crafted piece of decoration which is a great addition to all interiors designed with style and elegance.

Pet end table

This incredible table is made of old-fashioned worn-out water trough. It has desktop made of old wood. It is very inventive and original. This recycled piece of furniture is must-have in vintage rural house.

Dog crate end table white


Dog crate end tables

Dog crate/end table. I'd love one of these.

Great looking and practical dog crate end table living room

great looking and crate end room?

Pet end table 17

Wow, that's what I call a multifunctional piece of furnishing. A side table in lovable pink has a cat litter box hidden under its top. Additionally, the litter box is hidden behind a patterned pink curtain.

Small tesy residence lend your living room or den a

- Small Tesy Residence - Lend your living room or den a touch of functional style with this small pet end table. It is made from medium-density fiberboard and hardwood materials and serves as a medium-sized doggie hideaway or can be used to

Quality hardwood dog crate end table with solid stainless bars

Quality Hardwood Dog Crate End Table with Solid Stainless Bars

Dog side table

crate table