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If you like the look of rattan and believe it is time to replace your end tables, then have we got the end tables you been looking for. Our collection of rattan end tables is not only extensive but attractive while also being sturdy. They come in many styles and color options and we guarantee we have the rattan end table you are looking for. Take a look at this collection for more.

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The look tropical villa regent rattan end table in nutmeg

The look tropical villa regent rattan end table in nutmeg

Rattan is the term for many species of palm trees that grow in the tropical forests of the Far East. Their light, elastic rhizomes were put in good shape in the project of this high rattan end table with a hexagon glass top.

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Rattan end tables

The set of rattan end tables. The precise pattern on the backs suggests the Hawaii style. It could be placed in the bedroom, but also could play a great role in the living room. I would like to have it at my home.

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Paragon End Table

Paragon End Table

An elegant, well-made end table made of wicker. The sturdy base provides stability of the construction. It blends perfectly into contemporary interiors amongst furniture made of wicker as well.

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Rattan side tables living room

When you need space, but also need a table -think about slim rattan tables. All proposals have pastel colors, perfect for spring. Perfect decoration and a place extra shelf iwhere you can store newspapers, or decorations. White, blue, brown or yellow.

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Emerald & Animal Print

Emerald & Animal Print

This amazing bamboo and rattan end table sports an elegant and truly sophisticated looking structure with the extra drawer and bottom shelf to not only aid you on the visual side but also provide that little boost of functionality.

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Water Hyacinth End Table

Water Hyacinth End Table

A great end table that can alternatively be used for eye-catching storage. With its versatile, lightweight design it's very mobile. It also has a metal frame for structural support that maintains the basket's shape over time.

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Rattan end tables

This characteristic accent table distinguishes itself with the rattan finish, combined smoothly with wooden, curved frames. Its classic design features two tiers, which can be used to store various bits and pieces.

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Rattan end tables 3

With this simply stunning pair of rattan end tables you will get a perfect option of elevating the look of your interior, while taking excellent care of the functionality as well. They come with the distressed finish and sport the unusual shape.

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Vintage beaded white wicker end table or

Vintage beaded white wicker end table or

An elegant, vintage beaded wicker end table in a traditional, white colour. A good piece if you’re looking for an old-fashioned addition to your dining room or kitchen – the shelf on the bottom gives it additional utility.

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Rattan end tables 2

A lovely end table that sparkles with flawless design and timeless elegance. The whole is made of durable rattan for long-lasting usage, featuring a round edge top, open shelves, and storage drawers with decorative pulls.

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Rattan End Tables

Buying Guide

Rattan end tables are a different way to accent a living room or another interior living space. In one piece of furniture, you could have rattan used in different ways. Its woody stems can be fashioned into different sturdy shapes and its softer core can be woven into wicker. Rattan comes in natural-looking colors like gold and beige, which add a rustic as well as a cozy and relaxed feel to a room.

Rattan end tables have a place in your home all year. Use one of them on a hot summer day to fit right in with the climate that palm trees grow in. Or, if you live where the winters are harsh, and you just want to let your mind focus on warmth, choose one of the rattan end tables available. Surely some room in your home could use one. A species of palm, rattan is very durable and will most definitely serve you for years to come.

Before going shopping for rattan end tables, measure your sofa from the floor to the arms of the sofa or just below it. Purchase an end table of that height or a little shorter. Do not purchase one higher than that because a person who’s sitting should be able to reach over and touch a glass or cup on the end table easily.

If you can’t find a single table that meets your height requirement, then look for a set of nesting rattan end tables. They let you get away with a little extra height because you can pull the shorter table out a little bit or completely from the taller one. Another benefit is that you get a nice layered effect.

The variety of rattan end tables is broad. While the round or rectangular tops on them can be glass, they can also be woven rattan or wood. Their other features vary. Some of them have four legs, and other examples have no legs. Since the woody parts of rattan are sturdy, the legs on many rattan end tables are often made of rattan too. Those in the form of straight rattan poles give the appearance of solidness. Other shapes include:

  • Ovals or hoops
  • Twists
  • Look of tree branches

Because rattan is so versatile to work with, the look of rattan end tables can be either simple or elaborate. The curves and shapes achieved in many of these tables are no different from the ones in tables made of wood that have been intricately carved. When the tops are of woven rattan, they have an exquisite and delicate look. Though many of these tables come in natural-looking colors, they also come in white, pink, bright green and other dazzling colors.

Best Ideas

Lionel 3-Piece Wicker Nesting Table Set

Lionel 3-Piece Wicker Nesting Table Set

This unique table set would be the perfect option for every fan of modern and original solutions. If you're looking for stylish and functional items for your house, these perfect tables may be the best choice.

Delta Rattan Nesting Table

Made of rattan nesting tables is a perfect combination of functionality and beautiful appearance. The whole finished with solid wicker is durable and can be a great end table for any decor of the living room.

Rattan end tables 5

Casual rectangular end table with bentwood legs and rattan details. 3 types of finish available. (pecan glaze, whitewash, natural). Goes perfectly with the Islamorada set offered by the same manufacturer.

28.5" Country Rustic Natural Rattan Two-Tiered Side Table

This is a two-tiered side table that is perfect to display your favorite accent pieces. It has got a country and rustic design, natural rattan construction and dark neutral color. It fits to any style and décor.

Round rattan side table

This round end table enhanced with its warm and cosy rattan finish. It will be a great accent in any coastal decor, fitting perfectly well to your summer house or will help you create a rustic, bohemian vibe.

White wicker end tables

With this stunning wicker end table that sports the glass on its surface space and a strong rattan frame you will beautifully decorate your interior. It comes with the polished edge on the glass and is your sofa's or loveseat's best friend.

Set of 2: Chicago Sonoma Wicker End Table All Weather UV Resistant Indoor / Outdoor - 22" x 22" x 22" Cappuccino Color

It is a set that includes two wicker end tables. They have got a cappuccino finish. They are very easy to clean with soap and water. They measure 22 inches high, 22 inches wide and 22 inches long.

Seagrass End Table

It is an exotic and tropical end table that has got a round top and is made of seagrass. This product is designed to beautify your home décor. Everyone will tell you how great it looks in your living room.

Resin Wicker End Table

The wicker end table with the glass countertop. Such a beautiful piece of furniture will fit perfect to the covered patio or living room. The shelf under the table will be a great place to put the actual newspaper.

Rattan side tables

An elegant traditional end table of natural materials. Its frame of sturdy rattan poles with wicker bindings features gently curved legs and heavily bowed stretchers. Sides are of woven seagrass. A rectangular clear glass top has a rattan frame.

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