Marble Top Round Coffee Table


There is truly nothing like a marble tabletop. It is one of the most gorgeous tabletop surfaces is available. To that end we offer you the marble top round coffee table. with its thick top and round design This coffee table will accent your home beautifully. It has stable supports to keep your marble top safely elevated.

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Mid century vintage round coffee table with marble top

Mid century vintage round coffee table with marble top

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Global views olivia marble top coffee table contemporary coffee tables

Global views olivia marble top coffee table contemporary coffee tables

Round coffee table in the Art Deco style. Includes open shelf for storing books, magazines and others needed stuff. Frame is made of metal and fitted with marble top. Elegant accent for any living room.

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1960s Marble Top Coffee Table Vintage 33 Round 15 High Rose Beige Antique

1960s Marble Top Coffee Table Vintage 33 Round 15 High Rose Beige Antique

This beautiful marble top coffee table evokes associations with the 1960s, which shall appeal to all vintage enthusiasts. Its removable marble top was made in Portugual, ornamented wooden legs derive from the mid-century, having withstood the test of time.

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Slate top table

Rustic, primitive design for a circular coffee or dining table with a stone top made out form slate and a rough, wooden frame. Great addition to a modern, contemporary living room or a dining room, sure to bring a unique detail.

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Round stone top coffee table 4

Perfect for pairing with a curved sofa, this round, marble-topped coffee table is elegant, yet easy to clean and maintain. The bottom brace forms a shelf that helps hold the legs in place. An easy place to store magazines or craft supplies.

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Italian Round Marble Top Coffee Cocktail Table

Italian Round Marble Top Coffee Cocktail Table

Lovely italian round coffee cocktail table with its wonderul marble top. We like the style of its legs. You can use it as your dining room table or would be even cooler if you put it outside of your house with couple of wooden chairs around it.

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Round mid century marble topped coffee table image 3

Round Mid-Century Marble Topped Coffee Table image 3

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Marble top round coffee table 1

A simple, round coffee table with a steel, high-gloss base and a beautiful marble top in the shades of white and grey. It's a unit that features modern design, but its subtle elegance will also suit traditional interiors.

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Great outdoor concept with round marble coffee table

Great Outdoor Concept with Round Marble Coffee Table

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Round marble coffee tables for sale

A round coffee table in a classic design. It features a wooden base in a warm, honey hue and a top quality, marble top in beige shades. The table has a timeless character that will suit both modern and traditional decors.

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Marble Top Round Coffee Table

Buying Guide

A marble top round coffee table is a chic, sturdy decor option for your living room. While these tables are generally heavy, the specific weight depends entirely on the table you select.

Marble tops are typically available in two different thicknesses, ¾” or 1⅛”. While the ¾” top will weigh roughly 13 lbs./ft², the heavier option will weigh closer to 20 lbs./ft². Your coffee table’s overall weight also depends on the material the base is constructed from and how thick it is.

Some designs for marble round-top coffee tables are more refined with thin, metal-framed square bases. Others offer a bulky, rustic wooden frame that creates a more traditional aesthetic.

The size of the table also directly affects how heavy it is. While a thicker top increases weight, if the table’s diameter is small, it will be easier to lift and rearrange within your living space.

A marble top round coffee table is a unique and elegant statement piece for your living room. Tables with marble tops are pricey but they are well worth the money. Marble tops are a beautiful way to tie a room together. They come in many patterns and colors to blend with your existing decor, but more importantly, the marble always lends sophistication and class to your living space.

Marble is a sturdy and durable material, and it is also environmentally friendly. When cared for properly, including regular cleaning and sealing your marble table, it will last a lifetime. A marble coffee table is a gorgeous piece of furniture to keep in a formal living room where it elevates the design and shines as a functional centerpiece.

A marble top round coffee table is an excellent addition for a luxe feel in your living room - but, if you plan on eating at your coffee table (or drinking coffee at it), you should probably invest in coasters or small coffee trays.

Marble is gorgeous, but it is a softer stone. This makes it vulnerable to strong or acidic liquids, such as coffee. However, as long as you have coasters or easy ways to clean up spills immediately, marble is a great material for a coffee table top.

Best Ideas

Granite coffee table tops

Stability and the highest strength are ensured by the materials used to make this coffee table. Stainless-steel base performs with inch-thick marble top. White color allows to feel its lightness and modern tone.

Marble top round coffee table 9

French Victorian Round Redish Marble Top Coffee Table Large Carved Figures | eBay


Marble top round coffee table 4

It is difficult to understimate the table, it is a silent witness to important events in family and human life. That's why this round dining/coffee table was created of solid marble top and stable metal one-leg base. Everything in shades of white and gray.

Marble top round coffee table 16

Carve round coffee table with black marble top

Marble top round coffee table 12

French Round Coffee Table with Swan Legs in Blue Green Bronze and Copper and Black Marble Top Circa 1920

Marble top round coffee table 7

oh marble topped round french provincial coffee table. why did someone else have to purchase you with your stain and crack free marble? *sigh*

83h round marble top coffee table 16 5 high 29

83H: Round marble top coffee table, 16.5" high, 29" dia

Rubik round coffee table

An Italian project of marble top round dining table as you widh. The name of it is "Tornasole" which means - come back sun! So it brings you sun to your interior with wooden base and central decoration in bronze, round wooden top with radial inlay.

Round coffee table marble top

This coffee table resembles what's best in modern design. Its white-grey marble top combined with slick polished chrome frame stand for prestige and style. Sports low-rise genes just 12" off the floor.

Marble top round coffee table 11

Caleb Gold leaf coffee table w. Black Marble Top36” diameter black marble top on gold leafed iron base. 36“dia x 19“h stock #: Caleb GB worlds away

Vintage marble coffee table

Cool round coffee table made from white marble with 3 copper legs. The key to this beautiful furnishing item is the contrast between its 'heavy' table top and its lightweight legs, slender yet sturdy. This coffee table number one!

Marble top round coffee table 1

Carved French Antique marble Top Coffee Table Round Coffeetable

Gray veined marble mimics pricey carrara at a fraction of

Gray-veined marble mimics pricey Carrara at a fraction of the price. Smart round marble top 33"-diameter coffee table, $329,