Round Stone Top Coffee Table


Another in our series of coffee tables with stone tops, these are round, sturdy, very heavy, and ready to find a place in your home. Don't let this opportunity for a coffee table no one you know will already have. These are special, designed to be unique, and can be the most attractive fixture in your home. See collection for more details and options.

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Our Picks

Round stone top coffee table

The low round stone top coffee table is a captivating combination of a solid base with walnut wood and attractive design. The whole adorned in modern design is universal and beautifully presented in the decor.

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Stone Forge Coffee Table Set

Stone Forge Coffee Table Set

An attractive antique coffee table with a black iron frame, 4 legs with rolled up bottom ends and curved X-crossed stretchers. Its round top of wood with a worn brown finish has inlays of brownish and greyish stone tiles in the centre and near edges.

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Wrought iron cocktail tables

A fine cocktail table that is perfect for hosting intimate gatherings. Its frame is made of premium iron and strenghtened with an X-shaped stretcher, while the saltillo travetine top boasts of natural-finished wood construction.

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Round marble top coffee table 1

Sleek, round marble tabletop on a cube of aluminum legs is a perfect choice for a modern or contemporary living room. Easy to clean, moderately durable, it will look good for guests but hold up to everyday wear and tear.

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Round Stone Top Coffee Table

Round Stone Top Coffee Table

Natural stone fits well outside, in the bosom of nature - and inside the house. This versatile, sturdy coffee table presents round stone top, based on dark beech wood legs. If i tell you that it has origin in Denmark-you can be sure,this is the best quality.

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Round stone top coffee table

The elegant round table for a modern cabinet or living room in a modern style. The product is made of an stainless steel frame and a grey marble table top. The diameter about 55 inches makes it a perfect coffee table.

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Stone coffee tables 6

An elegant coffee table made of a combination of a wood base and a stone counter. A round shape and natural colors will adapt into any interior. It's made of high quality, solid materials so it will serve you well for long years.

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Round stone top coffee table 4

Perfect for pairing with a curved sofa, this round, marble-topped coffee table is elegant, yet easy to clean and maintain. The bottom brace forms a shelf that helps hold the legs in place. An easy place to store magazines or craft supplies.

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Round stone top coffee table 14

Love this coffee table

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Granite top coffee tables

This round granite top coffee table will strike the eye in every living room. Furthermore, it works with the modern and the old-fashioned style of your place. This is so big that the whole family can seat and spend some time together.

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Round Stone Top Coffee Table

Buying Guide

When choosing between a square or round stone top coffee table, you should look at the other design elements in your room. Think about the current rugs, chairs, end tables, and couches that you currently have in your living space: do they have soft, rounded corners? Do they have sharp, 90-degree corners or sides?

Once you have this general information, you then need to think about whether you want your stone coffee table to blend in with what you currently have in your space, or if you want it to stand out. If you want it to stand out, pick a silhouette that differs. If you want the space to feel more cohesive, select something similar.

For our take, we recommend a round table. Furniture and area rugs and rooms in general tend to have straight walls and sharp corners. Selecting a round table gives the eye something different to look at!

Your round stone top coffee table should be big enough to be practical and yet not too big that it looks awkward in your living area. It should also be able to fit at least 12 to 18 inches away from your couch comfortably and about 24 to 30 inches from your TV stand and look cohesive with the rest of your furniture and decor.

Also, consider what you will be placing on the coffee table - will it be your TV remote and magazines or would you like it to serve as an accent or display surface to house your favorite flowers and vases? If so then choose a table that is spacious enough. If you would just like to place your cup of coffee down while relaxing in front of the TV then a smaller round coffee table will do.

Round stone top coffee tables can make a rather bold statement on their own, but look even better when coupled with a few decorative objects. There are a few golden rules that you should follow, though, when styling these bold and durable pieces of furniture.

For starters, visual triangles are key to working with round coffee tables. This simply means displaying your decors in a triangular shape for an eye-pleasing effect. One mistake to avoid is grouping items with similar heights. A boxy arrangement is a recipe for a boring coffee table that lacks visual interest. Instead, use a stack of books or candlesticks to elevate the height of certain accessories.

Aside from varying heights, one other way to visually arrange your round stone top coffee table is by adding something square or rectangular to the mix. This could be books, a tray, or a small basket. Since your coffee table is already round, avoid placing too many round pieces on the table. Only one to two will suffice (a vase or shallow bowl for instance)!

Don’t forget to add a beautiful flower arrangement or some potted plants to bring life to your coffee table!

Best Ideas

Stone top coffee tables

A beautiful and elegant coffee or cocktail table. It's in a round shape with a distinctive top made of lacquered stone in a wooden frame. It features a functional, bottom shelf. The table looks good in classy interiors in warm colors of the earth.

Sierra Round Coffee Table

Sierra Round Coffee Table

Beautiful round coffee table made of solid wood in durable finish. This functional design features bottom shelf for added storage, metal strap embellishing on top panel, and sturdy metal legs for extra stability.

Granite coffee table 1

granite coffee table

Round marble coffee table for your home 2

Round Marble Coffee Table for Your Home

Round stone top coffee table 3

This compact-sized, 40-inches round coffee table registers the characteristic mid-century inspirations. It delights with its gorgeous green marble top and golden bevelled legs.

Round stone top coffee table

round stone top coffee table

Travertine stone coffee table

Round marble tabletop supported by dark wood legs. Perfect for use as a coffee table or as an occasional table. The simple design and unassuming color will go with nearly any sort of décor, from Victorian to contemporary era.

Round stone top coffee table 2

Have to have it. A.R.T. Furniture Capri Round Coffee Table - Claret $1260.00

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Rajasthan Global Bazaar Terrazzo Stone Round Coffee Table

Hand0crafted of durable stone and spiced up with a geometric design, this striking set of 1 coffee table and 1 side table boasts of bold craftsmanship. Each has also a round top made of white stone.

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Stone round coffee table

This round side table will for sure enchant all enthusiasts of industrial style. It features a solid metal frame and waxed gray stone countertop, Whole constitutes a massive, stable construction, that will serve its role for years.

Round stone top coffee table

Round Marble Coffee Table for Your Home