How To Ensure Monkey Bars Safety


Monkey bars can turn your garden into the ultimate playground area and give your kids something to go bananas over. They will help them overcome exciting challenges and develop their balance and motor skills.

However, if they don't meet relevant safety standards or are used incorrectly, monkey bars could also result in unpleasant falls and injuries.

Let's avoid you choosing the wrong model so that you can let your cheeky monkeys enjoy playtime without stressing out!

Once you know exactly what to look for, you can find a large variety of monkey bars here, in all sizes, colors and prices to suit all needs and budgets.

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Metal Monkey Bars in Purple

Metal Monkey Bars in Purple

Make sure that your monkey bars follow playground regulations and meet safety standards

The best way to ensure monkey bars' safety is to refer to relevant safety standards and regulations. While they can change slightly depending on where you live, these are the most widely accepted rules:

Give your kids enough room to swing around

While their height must always meet these strict requirements, you've got a lot more freedom when it comes to the length of your monkey bars.

However, when choosing where to place them in your garden, you should also leave at least four or five feet around them. That way, you won't have to worry about your kids hitting something with their legs while swinging around.

Wood and Metal Monkey Bars

Wood and Metal Monkey Bars

Prepare for potential accidents by softening the fall

Better safe than sorry! Even if your kids are becoming particularly skilled at swinging from one monkey bar to another, falls are inevitable sometimes. You just need to make sure that they won't hurt.

That's especially relevant when you choose the location for your monkey bars:

Metal Monkey Bars Area

Metal Monkey Bars Area

Check smaller details and features

Run periodic checks to maintain your monkey bars' safety

Even if your monkey bars met all safety standards and regulations when you first bought them, it doesn't mean that you can just forget about them and let your kids use them all the time!

Colorful Metal Monkey Bars

Colorful Metal Monkey Bars

Show your kids how to use the monkey bars safely

Your kids will probably go ape and want to jump on their new monkey bars as soon as you install them, but this could lead to falls and accidents: