French Bistro Chairs


For that feeling like you're in a French restaurant outside the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, might we suggest you add some French Bistro chairs to your patio or breakfast area. These Bistro chairs will make you feel like a continental awash in the city of lights. Take a look at this extensive collection of French Bistro chairs and see all we have to offer for your home.

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Our Picks

French Cafe Bistro Chair

French Cafe Bistro Chair

Tasteful seat in the French style. Stable frame is equipped with a carefully woven rattan seat. Made in China. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It has good marks for quality.

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French bistro chair 21

French Bistro Chair

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Outdoor chairs cafe rattan french bistro chairs decormore net cafe

outdoor chairs cafe rattan french bistro chairs decormore net cafe ...

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Enchanting with its bistro design and fabulous upholstery, this lovely chair will bring a smooth climate into the space. It catches the attention with its shiny, rattan, rounded framing, which creates the arched backrest.

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French bistro chairs 24

Covered in creme white, evoking memories of the best French cafes and bistro, this dining chair will bring warmth and coziness to your dining area. Made from lightweight wood, proves to be fresh and solid.

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French bistro chairs 34

Affordable French Bistro Chair Oui!

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French bistro chairs 37

French Bistro Chair

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French bistro chairs 18

French Bistro Chair

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French bistro chairs 1

French bistro chair

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French cafe chairs 1

Obsessed with this modern take on the french bistro chair.

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French Bistro Chairs

Buying Guide

Nothing beats lounging in comfortable French bistro chairs in your very own porch while sipping lemonade on a slow, breezy summer day. Regardless of where you are in the country, these chairs are essential components of any backyard. As you'd want to give your home the perfect set, here are some tips that will lead you to the right one:

The most popular materials used in making French bistro chairs are:

  • Wood - Wooden chairs have a natural beauty so they can easily fit well in any outdoor setting. Wood is a material that’s classic and low maintenance. It’s durable so it can last years with proper care. The most popular type of wood that’s often used in making French bistro chairs is teak as it’s a type of solid wood that’s durable and dense. It doesn’t require lots of care and maintenance, and it resists warping and repels water. It can be more expensive compared to other types of wood but its resilience is what makes it a really attractive option.
  • Wicker - Wicker is also used in making French bistro chairs for wicker’s comfortability, durability, and strength. Your natural material options when it comes to wicker bistro chairs include bamboo and rattan. Synthetic ones are made of PE or polyethylene. Both natural and synthetic wicker makes lightweight and versatile French bistro chairs.
  • Metal - With metal French bistro chairs, your common options are steel and aluminum. The latter is rust-resistant, lightweight, and low maintenance. As for the former, it’s heavier and it’s more durable.

When choosing French bistro chairs, an important consideration is what material a set is made of. You have numerous options so there’s a material that perfectly fits your personal preferences as well as your weather enduring needs.

Survey the empty area in your outdoor space and envision what you want it to look like. Remember: a smaller space isn’t suitable for full outdoor dining sets. In this case, you can only have one set of bistro table and chairs. When you’re making a decision on where to place the set that you’ll be buying, make sure that you leave enough space that you can easily move around the furniture and people can easily get on and out of the chairs. The recommended space between the table and the wall or another obstacle is 36 inches.

Your main goal for getting French bistro chairs is to create a space outdoors where you can relax. So, when picking the best set, make sure that it’s comfortable. With that in mind, you shouldn’t also forget about durability as your chairs will be subjected to weather fluctuations. You wouldn’t want a chair that will break down as soon as you sit on it.

Best Ideas

French bistro chairs 6

A lovely chair that looks as if it was taken from a French bistro. It features a graceful and light base made of wicker and a beautiful, beige, and patterned seat with a backrest. The piece is both functional and comfortable.

French bistro chairs

This classic French style bistro chairs invites to get yourself comfy outdoors with its oval back, wooden frame with gray rope reinforcing, and the most distinctive hallmark: navy blue resin wicker weave.

Bistro Side Chair (Set of 2)

Bistro Side Chair (Set of 2)

It is a set of two very elegant and at the same time original side chairs. The chairs are dark, fairly massive. They look good in a specific, severe interior. They are not only interesting, but also very original.

Traditional dining room schranghamer design group suzy q better decorating

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Mediterranean bistro chair 1

Mediterranean Bistro Chair

French bistro chairs 40

French Bistro Chair

French bistro chairs

Dining in the garden on the back patio ideas, Ron Holbrook's Landscape Designs | House & Home

Bistro chairs happy as a clam hello there new french

Bistro Chairs Happy As A Clam: Hello There + New French Bistro Chairs

French bistro chairs walnut frame brown ivory weave

French Bistro Chairs Walnut Frame Brown/Ivory weave

French bistro chairs 20

The elegant French bistro chair made of teak and covered with dual-colour wicker plaiting. In my opinion, it will be a perfect choice if you would like to decorate the Provence-style interior for the small cafeteria.

French bistro chairs 44

Bistro chair mounted on wooden base and reinforced with crossed supports. Seat is covered with rattan. Ideal as dining chair or extra seating in all kinds of interiors as needed.

French bistro chairs

A cool bistro chair having a light brown frame with bindings of grey resin wicker. It has straight legs, 1 X-crossed stretcher as well as strongly bowed ones, an arched halfback, sloped arms. A seat and a back are of grey, white and beige resin.

Parisienne Bistro Transparent Stackable Monoblock Chair (Set of 2)

This is a set consisting of two chairs. They are made very carefully and with extreme precision. They have a gray color. They are simple and minimalist. Ideally will fitin equally simple and minimalist kitchen or dining room.

French bistro chair 19

French Bistro Chair