Narrow Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Small bathrooms call for space-efficient solutions. A narrow recessed medicine cabinet is one of them, and it doesn’t necessarily take a major remodel to have one. Built-in, mirrored cabinets look fabulous when fitted directly above the sink, but it is not the only option. You can squeeze out some precious storage by creating a custom shelf unit in the unused space between wall studs.

Caroline Stone Interior Design Expert
Narrow recessed medicine cabinet
Thomson Marisa

A space-saving addition for smaller bathrooms, that emanates with sleek design and modern aesthetics. The medicine cabinet is narrow and wall-mounted, offering a mirrored front with 3 clear glass shelves concealed behind it.

Narrow recessed medicine cabinet 1
Peyton Donaldson

The beautiful narrow recessed medicine cabinet is a perfect fit for your bathroom. The simple form and plenty of storage space inside the enclosure allow for interesting use. The effect mirror is very stylish.

Narrow recessed medicine cabinet 2
Gonzalez Lauren

We are always looking for functional yet beautiful solutions.Great narrow recessed medicine cabinet,with round shape mirror-it's inspired of an antique 19th-century ship's porthole.Finishing with shining metal,where you can hide your medicines or cosmetics.

Broan-NuTone 625 Bel Aire Narrow Body Frameless Medicine Cabinet
Peyton Donaldson

Very delicate, practical and useful cupboard for drugs. It is perfect for the bathroom in a discrete place. At the same time it does not interfere with the whole concept of design, and it can only complement and closed.

Built in mirrored medicine cabinet
Coupe Andrea

Sleek contemporary recessed medicine cabinet. An alternative for traditional medicine cabinets - it offers a no-nonsense design, devoid of unnecessary ornaments. Just sleek, tall form with two doors and mirrored surface.

Custom medicine cabinets with mirrors

Wall-mounted, this narrow medicine cabinet constitutes will be a smooth addition to any bathroom decor. Its front features a frameless beveled mirror. The interior conceals 4 shelves for your accessories and stuff.

Narrow medicine cabinet
Wilson Gabrielle

A space-saving addition for smaller bathrooms, that blends together modern solutions and vintage charm. This narrow medicine cabinet is wall-mounted, holding a rectangle door with a mirrored front panel and stylish pull-knob, and concealing a quite capacious inside storage.

NuTone 735M34WHG Pillar Medicine Cabinet with Polished Mirror, 12-Inch by 36-Inch
Hilton Emily

It is a pillar medicine cabinet that has got a polished mirror, three adjustable glass shelves and door that can be mounted with left or right hand opening. It is very easy to assemble and perfect for your bathroom.

NuTone 735M34WH Specialty Pillar Recessed 12"W x 36"H Mirrored Single Door Medicine Cabinet

The elegant narrow recessed cabinet is perfect for small bathrooms. It will fit any little space you have and use it entirely to give you enough space to hide all your cosmetics and the other utensils needed in the bathroom.

Cute medicine cabinet
Jenna Daviesful

This long narrow cabinet with a dark wood finish constitutes a perfect space-saver. Not only, it is wall-mounted, preserving your floor space, but also its clever design allows to organize your bathroom accessories in one place.

Small medicine cabinet
Martinez Marisa

Medicine cabinet designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with mirrored doors. Great addition for any bathroom. Simple form and functional design. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Tall narrow medicine cabinet
Julia Lambertify

The efficient and very stylish form of this narrow recessed medicine cabinet is a perfect combination of style and functionality. Beautiful mirrors and additional shelves allow you to store various trinkets.

Tall recessed medicine cabinet
Liliana Gadjus
Profile narrow recessed medicine cabinet recessed medicine cabinets
Peyton Marthy
Skinny medicine cabinet
Weber Lily

Elegant narrow recessed medicine cabinet with various drawers is the perfect solution for any home. Beautiful two sink built into the cabinet, beautiful countertop and lovely bright finish details along with mirrors fit perfectly.

Narrow bathroom wall cabinet pictured
Green Jamie
Broom storage closet

When you choose white and beige to decor your bathroom, a neat and cozy effect is guaranteed. Look how these hues were incorporated in this medicine cabinet nook. Though it's narrow, there's enough place for two sinks with vintage faucets.

Atlanta 12" x 36" Recessed Beveled Edge Medicine Cabinet
Danielle Thom

Atlanta 12" x 36" Recessed Beveled Edge Medicine Cabinet
Suitable for modern interiors, this Beveled Edge Medicine Cabinet is characterized by sturdy plastic construction. The cabinet offers a spacious storage area properly secured by a rectangular mirror smoothly operating on piano hinges.

Classic recessed medicine cabinet
Patterson Jamie
Custom medicine cabinets
Marissa Cook

Not much free space in your bathroom? Still some washroom sundries must be organized, and a narrow recessed medicine cabinet is a fine pick in such case. This one sports mirrored front and unobtrusive cream frame.

Newport Medicine Cabinet

Newport Medicine Cabinet

Narrow medicine cabinet surface mount
Thompson Alyssa
Recessed medicine cabinet white
Rivera Lindsay
15" x 19" Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet
Lauren Martinezify

15" x 19" Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet
Gorgeous looking medicine cabinet made of solid wood in durable finish. This functional item is designed to provide ample space to keep your items organized and at hand, while offering stylish, elegant looks.

Saturn 20.5" x 20.5" Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet
Torres Rebecca

Saturn 20.5" x 20.5" Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet
Excellent blend of functionality and impeccable beauty, this 20.5 x 20.5-Inch Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet in White Finish is suitable for any bathroom decor. The cabinet include an oval mirror door that conceals a spacious storage area consisted of four adjustable compartments.

Custom medicine cabinet
Abigail Wrightful
Tall medicine cabinet
Brooks Christina

Crisp white bathroom decor with rectangular white tiles backsplash for retro feel, a traditional sink with old-fashioned silver faucets and cute small-scaled recessed medicine cabinet with mirror front.

Berkshire 23.63" x 30.13" Surface Mounted Beveled Edge Medicine Cabinet
Laura Anderson

Berkshire 23.63" x 30.13" Surface Mounted Beveled Edge Medicine Cabinet
This Medicine Cabinet is characterized by sturdy MDF construction. The cabinet offers a spacious storage area properly secured by a smoothly operating door with rectangular mirror and stylish pull-knob.

Shallow medicine cabinet
Rachel Massonable
Recessed built in bathroom mirror cabinet
Wood products baldwin 15 5 x 43 5 recessed medicine
Anna Rive
Hutton medicine cabinet
12 inch wide recessed medicine cabinet
Cintia Brook
Video description best mirror designs 2500 models top list part
Julia Lambertify
Framed lit right opening inset medicine cabinet
Jenna Delicata
Slim medicine cabinet
Stacy Jackson
Recessed cabinets
Tara Evan
Small medicine cabinets
Christine Harris

A practical space-saving pull out medicine cabinet. It's of white-finished wooden materials. It has a framed front panel with a gently recessed centre and a metal C-pull. Three narrow shelves inside have security rails of metal wires.

Narrow bathroom mirrors
Mary Brown
White recessed medicine cabinet
Mackenzie Poly

Medicine cabinet with mirrored doors. Frame is made of wood. Functional accent for any bathroom according to taste and need.

Afina radiance venetian contemporary medicine cabinet
Patterson Gracie
Narrow surface mounted medicine cabinet with a shaker flat panel
Jasmine Lee
Small recessed medicine cabinet
Kathleen Wal

Elegant bathroom mirrors redone from 1 large mirror. They have wide rectangular frames with concave picture rails over top edges. An open 3-shelf cabinet features top and bottom mouldings. Frames and the cabinet are of white-finished plywood.

Croydex croydex wc796005 nile tall mirrored medicine cabinet in
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Low profile narrow recessed medicine cabinet signature hardware
Olivia Smithist
Nexio 11.8" x 23.6" Caduceus Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet
Craven Zoe

Nexio 11.8" x 23.6" Caduceus Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet

See the extra large recessed mirrored cabinet we designed and
Isabella Martinable
Heartland 16.63" x 23.75" Surface Mounted Medicine Cabinet
Kristina Gon

Heartland 16.63" x 23.75" Surface Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Panel wall medicine cabinet magnificent medicine cabinet design jpg