Coastal Themed Quilts

Your love to visit the coast because of the pace of the sea, the smell of the salt, on the side of Seagulls, and people laughing and playing. And if you want to see that even when you're at home and remember those memories make coastal themed quilt is a good item to have. These quilts come in many available styles and everyone is handmade and absolutely beautiful.

Best Products

Sun Sand Sea

Sun Sand Sea
Quilt with natural looking and very stylish coastal theme. It features attractive colors of sun, sand and sea. This material is also very soft, so it provides good comfort and safety of sleep. It is resistant to frequent washing and wear.

Contemporary art quilt turtle ocean art

Contemporary art quilt turtle ocean art
Art quilt made of fibre, which looks like a beautiful picture of coral reef. This handmade underwater ocean scenery can be used as a bedding or decoration, so it would be unique and personalize birthday gift.

Holmes Blue Quilt Set

Holmes Blue Quilt Set
It is a quilt set that includes quilt and pillow sham. It is made of 100-percent cotton and is easy to care for an machine washable. You will be impressed how soft and beautiful this set is.

Coastal baby quilt with sealife applique

Coastal baby quilt with sealife applique
This incredible gadget can be used as a little rug and towel. It is made of cotton and has colorful (green, yellow and pink) pattern in the oceanic style. It is not only useful, but very stylish too.

Baby quilt beach island themed cabanas

Baby quilt beach island themed cabanas
Maritime linens charm with fresh colors and charming motifs, seafront beaches and Caribbean resorts - you will find this on presented here coastal themed quilt, perdect for kids - made of soft fabric, 100 % cotton hand-finished material.

Coral singing quilt pattern

Coral singing quilt pattern
An applique quilt pattern for an oblong 24" wide x 54” high. It features a beautiful coral pattern sewn on a striking blue background. Its whimsical borders add some dotty fun to this quilt that you could use as a table runner.

Coastal Palm Postcard Duvet Cover Collection

Coastal Palm Postcard Duvet Cover Collection
This duvet cover collection includes a duvt cover, a sham and two pillows with a coastal palm stylization. They look very attractive and original in any decor. They are also made of very solid, attractive materials.

Our advice Buying Guide

Quilts have been an American tradition since the Mayflower arrived. The history of quilting to add warmth as bed covers and clothes goes as far back as the Medieval times in Europe. America has embraced this skill as a form of comfort as well as a decorative display for beds.

There are thousands of patterns for quilts. Coastal themed quilts are sunny, bright and fun. If you are looking for a lift in your spirits, surround yourself in the luxury of quilt warmth and the dreams of ocean side paradise.

How are quilts constructed?

Quilts are different from blankets, comforters and bedspreads in that they are constructed of 3 separate layers of fiber. Machine stitching has taken the place of hand stitching that was common in the past. Quality thread is used to guarantee the strength and form of the cover.

  • 1st Layer - A full woven backing will commonly consist of 100% cotton quilt fabric, fleece, flannel, or muslin. It has the same stitching detail as the 3rd layer and can be reversed to expose a solid cover.
  • 2nd Layer - The middle layer consists of a batting that provides insulation for the spread. It is made from cotton, wool or polyester. Other forms have recently been introduced, such as bamboo fibers. This filling can be thick or thin, depending on how much insulation you wish to have.
  • 3rd Layer - The top layer traditionally has several even pieces of cotton fabric sewn together that present a colorful display of a theme. However, one full piece can be used and stitched for a more uniform scene. Different types of material, such as polyester microfiber or cotton denim.

What are the common styles of quilts?

The form of a quilt is consistent. The edges and sides are squared, rounded or scalloped. This makes them very accepting to any type of decor. The cotton blocks or full piece on the front make up the style with different themes. Coastal themed quilts work well with coastal, contemporary, beach, or shabby chic decors. Shams are included with many quilts.

What colors and prints are typical for coastal themed quilts?

Reflections of the sea are common with blue, green, white, tan and orange. However, all the colors of the rainbow and every shade in between can be found in available colors and prints. Sea shells, palm trees, fish and boats are examples of prints that represent coastal designs. Stripes and geometric shapes can also be found in this category. Any kind of patchwork is always welcome.

What are the available sizes of coastal themed quilts?

Coastal themed quilts come in 3 sizes. Some spreads come in a lap throw blanket, as well.

  • Twin - 88 inches wide x 68 inches long
  • Full/Queen - 90 inches wide x 90 inches long
  • King - 105 inches wide x 95 inches long
  • Lap Throw Blanket - 50 inches wide x 60 inches long

How to clean and dry a quilt?

The fabric used in the quilt construction is eco-friendly and machine washable. Air dry to reduce any slight shrinking.


Jacquard Bedspread

Jacquard Bedspread
Elegant and versatile jaquard bedspread with avalon pattern, rounded corners and self hem. It's tastefully crafted from cotton rich woven jacquard that only gets richer and more comfortable over time. Need no ironing.

Coastal themed quilts 14

This beautiful handmade quilt may enchant all fans of nautical themed. Depicting a mermaid on Maire's block, it presents the wildlife in a beautiful form, enchanting for both younger and older audience.

Beachy quilts

Don't let your nautical bedroom theme wilt away - boost it with a beach themed comforter set. Coastal theme is embodied with naval stripes, shells, coral and starfish pattern, which is of course navy on cream. The beadspread is textured.

Coastal themed quilts 29

Adorned with beautiful graphics, this patchwork quilt will appeal to both younger and older users. Coastal themed fabric will evoke positive associations, taking you straight to the sunny seashore.

Coastal themed bedspreads 1

If you want your master suite or guest bedroom shine with colors then this bedspreads set will help you do the trick with its charming and colorful patterns with palm trees and flowers everywhere, ensuring that it stands out with appeal.

Beach bum fabrics designer collections and quilt kits a line

Beach Bum Fabrics -Designer Collections and Quilt Kits - A line of beautiful overcast tones by Janet Clare. [my favorite? the tan in the lower third with seaweed]

Coastal living throw

coastal living throw

Coastal themed bedspreads 7

Vintage simple bed made of blanched wood with set of stylish bedding. This set is composed of ecru comforter, striped bedspread and five white pillows with ecru decoration (they have different sizes). It will be fit perfectly to rural bedroom.

Coastal themed quilts 16

A beautiful patchwork quilt with a coastal motif. It features a tasteful combination of soft hues of blue and brown with subtle sea images. The quilt will create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

Coastal themed quilts 5

Nautical approach to a unique teen bed made in twin size with an elaborate set of quilts and beddings as well as a large number of pillows of different sizes, all fitted with aquatic decals and blue and green colors.

Off designs including on the beach crazy quilt now sewaz

... Off Designs! Including "On the Beach Crazy Quilt" Now @ SewAZ Designs

Blue beach theme mini quilt art quilt wall hanging custom

Blue, Beach Theme Mini Quilt, Art Quilt, Wall Hanging, Custom made One ...

Beach themed bedroom

Incorporate a bit of the sunny, holiday ambience to your bedrooms with this beach themed bedding set and large wall-hanged painting, depicting sea waves. An easy way to start your day in a positive mood.

Coastal themed quilts 34

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Beachcomber Quilt Set

Beachcomber Quilt Set

Excentricities delray beach fl www excentricities com a little too

Excentricities, Delray Beach, FL A little too cluttered for my taste. it would look nice with less ''stuff.''

Tropical duvet cover king

Aesthetic eye-catching trendy contemporary duvet covers and bedspreads crafted of nice to the touch white fabric. They feature beautiful detailed sea animals images printed in an array of blue shades.