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6 Essentials For the Ideal Vanity Area

Treating yourself to a classic white vanity with a mirror to apply makeup and do your hair is one of the greatest gifts when it comes to self-care. While having one of these exquisitely lit vanities might be a childhood dream for many girls, there's no reason you can't fulfill this fantasy as an adult too.

There are a variety of ways you can create your dream vanity area, from a chic mirror to comfortable seating.

Vanity Table

The number one consideration for your vanity area is the table. There is a huge assortment of traditional and contemporary looks available on the market, depending on your interior aesthetic.

If you're designing an urban space or an industrial-inspired home, a modern vanity table will blend perfectly with your decor. The contemporary look is streamlined and based on rectangular and square shapes in both the vanity's draws and legs. It will typically feature sleek metallic hardware or feature drawers with cutouts instead of handles or knobs.

A classic white vanity with ornately turned legs, antique handles, and an ornate mirror is a perfect choice for a country or traditional home.

Look for a table that offers ample surface space for storing and displaying your cosmetics and hair care products, while also keeping a compact footprint in your dressing area.

Driftwood Gray Vanity With Mirror
Driftwood Gray Vanity With Mirror

A Comfy Seat

A good stool or chair is essential for creating a cozy vanity area where you're excited to spend time.

If you've chosen a relatively basic white vanity, then a unique stool with a bit of flair is an excellent way to add your personal touch to the set. A vanity seat or bench should offer comfort with a foam cushion or light padding, while also appearing trendy and feminine.

The seat also provides you with the opportunity to add a touch of glamour to your vanity area without overwhelming the space. Try a chair with a gold metallic frame, or faux fur upholstery, if you have a simple vanity table.

For those who plan to spend a lengthy amount of time in front of the mirror, you might benefit from selecting a chair with a back for extra support. If you don't want a chair with a full back, you can find vanity stool to low backrests that offer plenty of lumbar support.

Solid Manufactured Wood Vanity Set With Mirror
White Wood Vanity Set With Mirror
Silver Glass Vanity Set With Mirror
Brown Metal Vanity Set With Mirror
Bedroom Makeup Vanity Set With Mirror

A Glam Mirror

Your vanity area becomes a statement piece within the room, and the mirror is a focal point. But to make the most of your ideal vanity area, the mirror also needs to be functional for accurate makeup application.

The style possibilities for your mirror are endless. Most vanity tables come with a built-in stand mirror that matches the design; however, you can also find a detachable mirror to customize your vanity area.

An oval mirror pairs well with a classic vanity, while a contemporary vanity suits something more minimalistic, such as a frameless mirror.

Luxury Lighting

The perfect vanity area should be well lit with a soft, warm light. Natural light is preferable to bulb lighting, so you should place your vanity area close to a window, if possible. However, for makeup application at night or in low light, the light in your room is likely too harsh to flatter your features, so investing in proper lighting for your mirror is essential.

You can purchase a mirror that comes with the lights installed, but if you're on a budget or you're just trying to spruce up a vanity you already have, you can buy daylight bulbs and install them yourself. This lighting style is very flattering because it lights you evenly from all sides and casts a realistic glow to enhance your features.

It's vital to avoid fluorescent, yellow, and pink lighting as these bulbs different cast hues on your skin and can cause you to apply the wrong amount or shade of makeup. You should also avoid downlighting, as this will cast unflattering shadows. Front-lit, soft lighting is the most natural approach you can take, besides sunlight.

Lighted Vanity Set With Stool And Mirror
Lighted Vanity Set With Stool And Mirror

Personal Decor

Your vanity area won't be complete until you personalize it. A white vanity can appear plain until you make it your own through design. Plants, photos, scented candles, and chic storage are great ways to enhance your vanity area's style.

Add a cute faux floral arrangement to the corner of your vanity table to create a color scheme that pops against the white vanityfinish. Hanging picture frames on the wall around your mirror or placing a frame on your desk adds to the personal touch.

You can add a throw for your stool for added texture and coziness in the vanity space. If you're going with a seat that has a back, you can add a soft throw pillow.

Playing with details is a fantastic way to give the vanity area a unique feel so it becomes a part of the room you instantly gravitate towards. Don't be afraid to try out bold color schemes that pop against the white table when decorating. However, limit yourself to three colors in the room so that it doesn't become overwhelming.


Compact vanity tables can quickly become cluttered with makeup bottles and brushes, detracting from the style of your vanity area. Storage is essential to reign in the mess and adds a chic finishing touch to the tabletop.

You can use something as simple as matching mason jars to organize makeup brushes and small hair accessories. Or add a hint of glamor to your vanity area with a crystal or gold organizer for your makeup.

Clear plastic boxes and trays are ideal for a modern vanity and offer a durable and low maintenance way to store your tools and cosmetics. Baskets and bamboo boxes are perfect for Scandi or boho-style vanity areas due to their sleek design and natural texture.

Get Started Creating Your Ideal Vanity Area

Designing your ideal vanity area can be so much fun if you're willing to give yourself the freedom to experiment and express yourself through personalized decor. Less is usually more when it comes to the surface of desk space, so be sure to factor in how you're going to keep your products organized in a visually pleasing way so that clutter doesn't distract from all the incredible design work.

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