Throw pillows are an easy and low-cost way to redecorate your living room. They are also an opportunity for you to tap into your inner artist and create a “pillowscape” with all the shapes, colors, patterns and textures that an almost limitless variety of pillows bring to your décor.

It is a time to throw caution to the wind! You don’t have to worry about making a mistake, as you might with a large and expensive purchase. If a pillow doesn’t work in one place, it may in another. Or it is easy enough to pick up and take back to the store.

As wonderful as that “limitless variety” may be, it can also be daunting. Here we offer some insider tips to help you relax and have fun while creating a new look with the simple addition of throw pillows.

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What are the Different Shapes and Sizes of Throw Pillows?

Square White Polyester Blend Soft Hypoallergenic Throw Pillow Insert
Blue Square Polyester Blend Quilted Throw Pillow
Rectangular Cotton Geometric Lumbar Pillow
Pink Soft Double Carrick Knot Velvet Throw Pillow
Round Polyester Blend Floor Pillow
Green Heart Polyester Blend Throw Pillow

What Are the Most Effective Ways to Use the Various Shapes and Sizes of Throw Pillows?

How Do You Know What Colors to Use?

Pick an Anchor Color First

Find a color that is “popping” around the room, perhaps in the upholstery, carpet and ottoman—and that you love, of course. There is your anchor and, usually, the color of your largest throw pillow(s). From there, you go to the complementary or analogous colors for the other pillows.

Red Microsuede Polyester Polyfill Throw Pillow
Blue Square Cotton Polyester Throw Pillow
Yellow Cotton Blend Throw Pillow
Green Faux Fur Polyester Blend Throw Pillow
Orange Square Polyester Blend Throw Pillow
Purple Square Polyester Blend Throw Pillow

Use Three Colors

Choose three colors that pop out in the room and use them in your pillows for a cohesive design. Here are three successful color combinations, but only if they work in your overall color scheme:

Rectangular Indoor Outdoor Polyester Blend Pillow
Polyester Blend Cow Hide Print Throw Pillow
Black White Polyester Blend Throw Pillow
Red Orange Purple Cotton Floral Pillow
Navy Blue Soft White Rectangular Cotton Pillow
Pink Polyester Blend Velvet Pillow

How to Decorate with Patterned Throw Pillows?

Don’t think of it as difficult, think of it as adventurous! Plus we are going to make it easier for you.

Pick out a large pattern that contains “your” three colors. Then a medium-sized pattern (stripes work great for this) that contains one or two of those colors, then a small subtle pattern also with one or two of the colors. Here are a few pattern mixes to try:

A variation is to use a busy pattern, a simple pattern and a solid color. The busy pattern should be the largest pillow or the one that is front and center, since it will dictate the tone of the arrangement. Plaids and stripes work well as simple patterns.

Each pattern needs to stand out from the others. Too many like patterns compete with each other and cancel each other out. Your eyes do not know where to look. A large pattern, medium and small make an attractive and balanced arrangement.

How Important Are the Fabrics to a Pillowscape?

The fabric can make or break your throw pillow design. You want your throw pillows to fit in with your décor, your lifestyle and the ambiance that you want to create. The fabric of the pillows is as much a design element as the shape, size, color and pattern are.

What Kinds of Trim Look Best on Throw Pillows?

Trim adds a finished look to your pillows. The best part may be that you can buy pillows with trim or you can add your own trim to throw pillows that have become “ho-hum” or because you want pillows that are unique. There are countless varieties of trim. Here are only a few ideas:

Rectangular Polyester Blend Polka Dot Pillow
White Gray Polyester Blend Deer Pillow
Ivory Square Natural Jute Throw Pillow
Faux Leather Polyester Blend Square Decorative Throw Pillow
Square Acrylic Polyester Polyfill Throw Pillow
Cotton Polyester Polyfill Buttons Throw Pillow
Synthetic Cotton Blend Red Green Brown Floor Pillow
Wool Blend Ivory Black Square Throw Pillow

What Type of Pillow Insert Is Best?

It mostly depends on how you are going to use the pillows.

Cream Navy Pale Blue Cotton Polyester Polyfill Pillow
Geometric Cotton Rectangular Blend Pillow
Rectangular Eco Fill Cotton Pillow
Red Black Polyester Blend Pillow
Red Square Polyester Blend Throw Pillow
Green Red Polyester Polyfill Linen Pillow

Quick Tips

Yes, that is a lot of information. You may be feeling as overwhelmed as when you started. Not to worry. We have for you a “cheat sheet” of sorts—the main things for you to keep in mind when shopping for or arranging your throw pillows.