How To Choose A Shoe Rack


Most of us own more than four or five pairs of shoes and that’s where shoe racks come in. When you consider that your home has more than one person living in it, you may end up with a shoe problem without even knowing it. Keeping your shoes neatly organized is very important.

The last thing you want is to come home after a very long day only to find shoes littering the entire floor. It’s not a pretty sight but don’t worry, you can take care of it with shoe racks. Shoe racks are innovative furniture pieces designed to provide storage and organization for your shoes.

They also bring aesthetic value to your interior space. We are going to show you how to choose the best shoe racks.

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What size shoe rack is good for your space?

Size is perhaps one of the most important considerations to make when deciding on furniture. This is because we don’t have unlimited space. If you are going to buy any additional piece of furniture, then there has to be enough room in the house to accommodate it.

Luckily for you, shoe racks come in many different sizes. Even if you have a small bedroom or a compact apartment, you can find an equally small and highly functional shoe rack to take care of your needs.

But how do you get the measurements right? Follow these simple steps:

As far as the depth of your shoe rack is concerned, it should correspond to the size of your shoes. As a general rule, a depth of 13"" (33 cm) will work for most people, unless the're a need to store shoes in boxes.

Small Metal Espresso Freestanding Stackable Shoe Rack
Small Manufactured Wood Freestanding Shoe Rack
Plastic Freestanding Organizer Shoe Rack
Manufactured Wood Chipboard Freestanding Shoe Rack
Brown Manufactured Wood Freestanding Shoe Rack
Weathered Brown Manufactured Wood Freestanding Shoe Rack

How Many Shoes Do You Have?

So, as much as you don’t want to clutter your hallway with a large shoe rack, it still makes sense that you would prefer a rack that is big enough to accommodate all your shoes. In that case, figure out how many shoes you have and the amount of space you will need for them.

Remember that shoe racks are not just there for storage. They can also be used as a display platform for your shoe collection. Ideally, you want to place your shoes at least five centimeters apart on the rack.

If you have many shoes, consider picking out a multilayer rack. Such racks utilize the vertical wall space in your room and require very limited floor space. As a rule of thumb, give around 12 inches of space for each pair. Not all shoes are created equal, of course, but this can help you work out the ideal length of the rack. Once you know this measurement, you can estimate how many shelves you need.

You may also consider buying two smaller racks. To make it fun, designate one for casual wear and the other for official shoes.

White Manufactured Wood Freestanding Stackable Shoe Rack
Manufactured Wood Particle Board MDF Freestanding Shoe Rack
Metal Plastic Stackable Shoe Rack
Natural Bamboo Entryway Freestanding Shoe Rack
Pine Solid Wood Freestanding Shoe Rack
Manufactured Wood Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

What shoe rack design should you choose?

As we have already hinted above, how the show rack looks also matters. This will become an important part of your furniture ensemble and it should definitely look the part. The design you choose totally depends on where you intend to place the rack.

Natural Bamboo Solid Wood Freestanding Shoe Rack
Paulownia Solid Wood Freestanding Shoe Rack
Teak Manufactured Wood Freestanding Shoe Rack
Black Iron Metal Freestanding Shoe Rack
Polypropylene And Metal Plastic Stackable Shoe Rack
White Manufactured Wood Vertical Freestanding Shoe Rack

Should you go for a closed or open shelve rack?

It is important to ensure that your shoe rack is easily accessible. Different designs offer different accessibility options and each come with its pros and cons.

What is the Best Material for a Shoe Rack?

Shoe racks are also made of an array of different materials. However, wood is the most common option. Wood is versatile. It can feature various finishes and will easily blend into any type of décor. In that case, it should be your first choice of material. The only downside is that wood can sometimes be harder to maintain.

You may also find metal-based racks that come with excellent durability. Usually, metal racks tend to feature a black industrial finish. It will be a huge compliment for any modern décor or room. Plastic is also used these days to make shoe racks but it’s not nearly as popular as wood and metal.

Black Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench With Stool Entryway Storage Organizer
Cotton White Serene Cherry Laminate Over Engineered Wood Shoe Rack
White Body Chestnut Particle Board MDF Manufactured Freestanding Wood Shoe Rack
Black White Yellow Metal Manufactured Wood Stackable Freestanding Shoe Rack
Steel Metal Chrome Freestanding Shoe Rack
Steel Metal Freestanding Shoe Rack
Plastic Stackable Freestanding Shoe Rack


Height is also an important consideration, especially for people who don’t have a lot of floor space. Although you don’t want the rack to be too tall, if you have a lot of shoes, you can use the vertical space in your home by leveraging a taller rack. However, it still needs to be shorter than you so that you don’t have trouble accessing the shoes.

Shorter racks, on the other hand, may eat up large floor space but there are more aesthetically pleasing compared to taller ones. They may also offer additional countertop space depending on the rack’s design.

Getting a quality shoe rack is the best way to get your shoes organized. We all love our shoes and getting the right storage has to be the first priority.

With the huge variety of shoe rack designs out there, it should be easy to get one that will take care of your storage needs.