Folding Camp Stools

A folding camp stool can come in handy in many ways. And it doesn't necessarily have to be just for camping. A folding camp stool can be used for barbecues or for fishing trips or for even hunting because they are small and lightweight and designed to hold just about any person. They are versatile, functional and compact. Discover the wonder of camp stools in this collection

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Folding Teak Camp Stool with Canvas Seat

Folding Teak Camp Stool with Canvas Seat
Take this little stool with you for camping, fishing, outdoor sport events or use it when you need extra seating space. This stool is eco-friendly, lightweight and foldable for easy transportation. Canvas seat on strong, wooden frame.

Hermes pippa leather campaign stool

Hermes pippa leather campaign stool
A stunning leather campaign stool that sports an original design that corresponds well with any type of decor, elevating it significantly and ensuring that you always have more than enough place for your guests to sit.

Vintage camp stool pendleton wool seat

Vintage camp stool pendleton wool seat
A small camp stool with durable wooden folding frame. It is easy to store or transport such space-saving item. The seat of this stool includes a stylish and comfortable material with blue and white pattern.

Pair of vintage striped folding stools

Pair of vintage striped folding stools
The simple and perfectly composed design of this stylish folding camping stool makes the whole site look fabulous. Beautiful wood design and sleek striped seat material fascinate and add a touch of decorative accents.

Serenity Chair

Serenity Chair
Comfy modern beach recliner with a folding frame of weatherproof dark-coated steel. It has multi-position regulated both a back, a footrest, a padded headrest, a sunshade on rods. Covers with holes for springs are of blue vinyl-coated polyester.

Camping stool pendleton native american

Camping stool pendleton native american
Folding stool for indoor and outdoor use. It is mounted on crossed legs made of wood. It folds flat for easy storage. Handy gadget for each place as needed.

Camp stools

With this camp stool you will surely have an option of completing your minimalistic and charming interior, since it sports the cottage styled design and comes with the strong, material seat and the wooden frame.

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After a long day at the campsite, there's nothing like kicking back in front of the fire to relax and cook some good food or roast marshmallows. In a pinch, rocks and logs may work as temporary seating, but a folding camp stools are far more comfortable. No matter if you're looking for comfort or portability, this buying guide will help you select the best folding camp stools for your next trip into the great outdoors.

What are the different uses for folding camp stools?

These camp stools have uses for many people including:

  • Fisherman and hunters: for those who are staying outside for extended periods, these camping stools can become a lifesaver for someone's back. Selecting the right stool will provide a comfortable place to sit without ruining posture.
  • Outdoor lovers and campers: these stools are an excellent option for relaxing, resting, and working. Their portability allows you to take them to the beach, on golfing trips, and in the car for last-minute outdoor adventures.
  • Spectator events: if you're attending an outdoor event and seating isn't available, use of these chairs is a great solution.

What types of folding camp stools are there?

Generally, there are three types of folding camp stools available including:

  • Minimal: these camp chairs are available in two different styles. You can find them as folding seats and folding camp stools. If you're going on a backpacking trip, this is the most optimal choice.
  • Regular: under most circumstances, these folding camp stools have aluminum legs, seat backs, and armrests. They're the best choice if you plan to stay in one place during your camping trip.
  • Luxury: considered the high-end of camping chairs, these feature the most options including leg rests and reclining capabilities.

What are the best materials for folding camp stools?

Here are some factors to keep in mind regarding materials when shopping for a high-quality camping stool:

  • The legs of a top-quality camp stool will feature aluminum construction to support maximum strength to weight ratios.
  • Fabric featuring rip-stop nylon coating is the optimal choice for the seating material for comfort, water-resistance, and durability.
  • Closed-cell foam padding doesn't absorb water and is the best choice for those who enjoy activities on or near the water.

What's the average weight capacity of folding camp stools?

Under many circumstances, a child's camp stool will handle between 150 and 225 pounds. Many adult stools will accommodate between 225 and 500 pounds. While this may seem like enough weight, consider if you're going to have children on your lap. In that case, you'll need stools that will hold additional weight capacity.

What practical features to look for in folding camp stools?

  • Portability. Folding camp stools are optimal for those who are packing for long hiking trips due to their portability. They will strap directly to your backpack. Some styles are available with carrying cases with straps. These features make folding camp chairs easy to take when you’re not staying at one campsite.
  • Lightweight. When picking out folding camp stools, one of the primary factors should be the weight. The main reason is that you may have to carry it around. So, the least amount of weight the better. Therefore, the camp stool should weight two pounds or less.


Wooden camp chairs

You can do it on your own, and each new trip or camp will be designed from the bottom by you! The folding camp stool is made of wooden lumber. It has a warm orange shade, visible screws that do not interfere with anything and cross the shape.

Wooden folding stools

Love rustic pieces. Even when it comes to camping chairs. Retro camping chairs are the coolest. Look at these beauties! Tall folding chairs with X shaped, metal reinforced wooden bases, white sling seats and tall backrests.

Folding camp stools 2

A cool collapsible portable stool which can serve as a kayak stand. It's constructed of white plastic tubes and elbows. It has a lightweight X-shaped frame and a sling seat of durable blue meshy fabric with sewn-in tunnels to put on the frame.

Folding camp stools

Folded camp stools are perfect for many occasions. They are lightweight, robust, durable and easy to store. Based on a solid steel base they are portable and very practical. Universal seat fabric fits any decor.

Folding camping stool

This durable camp stool can easily be used as an indoor or outdoor extra seat. It's made of a tubular metal frame with criss-crossed legs for stability, while holding an elastic leather seat. It's foldable, portable and easy to store.

Foldable camping stool

A handy solution if you’re looking for a tiny piece to take with you on camping trips with your family and friends – a folding camp stool with a vibrant, blue canvas seat – comes in really handy during fishing trips!

These vintage rustic folding camp chairs would be so fun

These Vintage Rustic Folding Camp Chairs would be so fun to use in a ...

Folding canvas stool

How to make a folding camp stool | How About Orange.

Mabef MBM-39 Folding Stool with Leather Seat

This folding stool sports quite unique tripod design and fine cognac leather seat, which gives it a drop of Wild West inspired look. It is collapsible, so the storage and moving around is a piece of cake.

Folding camp stool wood

Ideal for camping, this folding stool constitutes a great example of the cottage design. Modeled after an antique, it will add charm and warmth to your outdoor as well as indoor spaces.

Canvas stool

i promise I won't stack library books on it. Actually we probably have too many stools but i like the camp/military feel of the x base

Double tap to exit

Double tap to exit

Wooden folding stool

Peregrine Camp Stools | Remodelista The oak-framed Tick Tuck Stool is adjustable to various heights and folds flat; ¥13,000 ($126.75).

Deluxe Folding Stool in Forest

It simple and quite tiny but it works hard: let me present you a folding stool that occurs so useful on beach or terrace. It has durable wooden base and forest green fabric seat. It is so easy to store and to move around.

Set of Two Camp Stools with Folding Leather and Wood

My family love the outdoor activities, so we purchased this set of two camp stools. They have got the folding mechanism and leather with wood construction. They are comfy, high quality and very solid.

Folding camp stool with backrest

danish folding stool: lina bobardi would have had this in her home

Folding wooden stool

This would be a semi-easy DIY

Free folding stool plans use for ironing board next to

Free folding stool plans, use for ironing board next to sewing machine.

Deluxe Folding Stool in Atlantic Blue

This folding stool has got a solid wood frame, blue polyester seat and classic design. It is fantastic for your favorite outdoor activities. It adds comfort to any picnic, camping, beach and other.

Folding camping stool

Folding Camping stool

Folding wooden camp chairs

A very functional item for outdoor applications. This camp stool is foldable, so it is easy in transportation and it offers space-saving storage. Its white wooden frame looks very good with blue and white stripes on its fabric seat.


Slacker Folding Portable Travel Chair/stool Outdoor Camp Fishing Hiking

A functional travel chair with a 600D polyester seat and a tubular, powder-coated steel frame. The chair is lightweight, space-saving, durable, easy to fold and easy to transport. The legs have non-marring rubber caps. It also works well as an extra seat.

Folding leather stool

Crafted of hardwood in natural finish, this camp stool can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It features criss-crossed legs for stability, and it can be easily folded for storage or transport.

How to make diy folding camp stools 1

How To Make DIY Folding Camp Stools

Folding bar stools

This unusual combination of table and four stools in one neat piece of furniture that is the perfect solution for the terrace or garden. Solid wooden construction, simple design and a combination of two shades of wood captivate.

Camp stools folding

Camping Stool Build a camping stool for him and tell him to just kick back and relax on your next trip. Check it out at Design Sponge.

Camp stools 10

An anthropological approach to interior design - taking into account the roots of human nature is reflected in this acacia camp stool. The crispness of the line, monocoque form, and beautiful delicate bronze color.

Wood folding stool

Vintage Camp Chairs-Took Some Just Like These to Big Ridge State Park

Folding wood stool

How to make a folding camp stool ? Super easy - how about orange DIY tutorial fabric and wood. Simple in use. Cool folding luggage rack wood, can be also a camp stool. Fun narrow pattern on it, totally colorful.

Camping stools

A classic tripod camp stool can be stylish in terms when it boasts sturdy dowel base and premium cognac brown leather seat. English bridle accent gives this folding stool kind of farmhouse lifestyle vibe.

Folding camp stools 1

A compact camp stool that is lightweight, portable and beautiful. Made of wood planks in a natural finish, the stool has criss-crossed legs with a stretcher, and it can be easily fold for transport and storage.

Royal Home Collection Padded 18" Black Folding Stool

This 18-inch height black stool can be easily folded for transport or storage. The tubular frame is made of durable steel, and features a round cushioned seat, 2 sturdy leg braces, spring action secure lock, and crisscrossed legs with non-marring caps.

Camp stools 10

With this semicircular, three-legged shape, this small, Viking stool will be a practical addition both indoors and outdoors. It can be smoothly used in kitchens, as well as gardens or campings.

Wooden camp stool folding


Camp stools 5

A nice design and comfort for any user. This outdoor stool is an element that provides some sitting space in the camp, garden or other area. This simple, folding construction offers space saving and problem-free storage.

Folding step stools 2

Do you need help in the kitchen or basement? You need the wooden folding step stool. It's not only very useful, but it looks classic, so it fits to any decor. It features the aspen and red oak finish.

Vintage wood folding camp stool chair versital furniture

Vintage Wood Folding Camp Stool/Chair - Versital Furniture

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Vintage folding camp stool metal camp stool by vintagepickin

Vintage Folding Camp Stool Metal Camp Stool by VintagePickin

Rothco folding camp stool black

Rothco Folding Camp Stool - Black

Wood camp stool

If the stool is going to be kept indoors simply rub all the pieces with a Minwax WipeOn Poly before assembling the stool. If it is going to go outdoors use Minwax SparUrathane and coat all pieces before assembly.

Camp stool pine 45 95 this period correct folding camp

camp stool pine $ 45 95 this period correct folding camp stool is made ...