Prayer Benches

Choose a proper piece of furniture for meditation, contemplative studies or prayer. In the selection below you'll find a set of prayer benches of different designs and materials. See if any of these suits your needs.

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Prayer kneeling bench

This raw wooden prayer kneader is a great solution for religious people who are seeking for simple help during their daily rituals. The convenient base, elbows, and shelves for the prayer book create a very effective whole.

Prayer benches
Susan Wal

This massive kneader is a beautiful oak wood construction. The interesting decoration of the design gives the whole style and unflinching style and make an excellent impression. Comfortable base and soft place on the elbows create a warm place for prayer.

Prayer bench 1
Renee And

This type of furniture is obligatory accoutrements in every church. It is prayer bench made of bright wood and is decorated of little carved cross. This bench has prie-dieu covered with comfortable and elegant cloth.

Prayer benches 2
Gonzalez Lauren

If you've a penchant for antique pieces of furnishing, you for sure won't overlook this unique prayer kneeler bench. Its walnut wood construction features green plush padding and slanted top that opens.

Prayer desk

Prayer kneeler with a durable construction based on wood. It features a padded knee area finished in brown color. The upper part provides support and it includes a special shelf for books and other items.

Prayer benches 1

Prayer bench kneeler made of wood. It is covered with faux leather and reinforced with decorative nail heads.

Prayer bench 1
Evans Liliana

A prayer desk that is also called a prayer kneeler can be a good choice for prayers and meditation. The whole piece was made of durable wood with a nice polish, allowing you to quickly fold the bench down for easy storage.

Prayer kneeler plans
Sarah Lew

Antique approach to a classical French provincial prayer chair made with a very low frame. The prayer chair provides a unique addition to any house and brings an element that looks as if taken straight from a church.

Prayer kneeling bench 1
Alyssa Wilsonify

By using this device, a prayer bench the user really kneels. What's more, it is a position in which you can withstand many hours without the need to frequently break away from work. It is also used traditionally for prayer. Made - always made of wood.

Promise 2 Prayer Bench
Cassandra Reed

A very simple prayer bench that has got a small top equipped with soft padding. This element reduces stress on knees and back, so it is good for health. This construction is based on a very solid wood.

Prayer Chair Meditation Quiet Time Qt Praying Stool Bench Knee Kneeling Chair Ivory Yoga
Alexis Milani

Crafted of quality materials, this prayer chair can be successfully used for all types of meditations. The streamlined, ivory design gives you the chance to fit the piece to almost any decor, accentuating your interior with curvaceous accents.

Solid Oak Seiza Kneeling Meditation Bench (fixed legs) and Personal Prayer Altar combo by EarthBench
Caitlin Robi

A set of simple meditation bench and a prayer altar made of real oak wood with a lacquered natural finish. They have rectangular tops with smooth edges. The bench has 2 full rectangular fixed legs. Altar legs have small triangle bottom cutouts.

Love the prayer board beside the bed gorgeous bedding
Bell Erica
Prayer kneeler
Mary Bak

A pretty portable prayer bench of pine wood with a natural finish and protective clear acrylic coating. It's decorated with doves etched on legs and pale green lines along edges. Foldable legs and a rectangular top are gently inclined for comfort.

Kneeling prayer stool
Peyton Donaldson

Indoor bench mounted on folding base. Construction is made of wood. Folds flat for easy storage. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Prayer bench kneeler
Dana Harr

This prayer bench constitutes a great example of the Gothic revival. Made from carved oak, it enchants with its solid construction and refined, traditional character.

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Torres Melanie
Antique prayer bench
Roberts Isabelle

Richly decorated prayer bench kneeler with antique finish. It is made of wood and finished with sophisticated ornament.

Prayer bench not in stock available in different lengths
Caitlin Ward
How to build a prayer kneeler
Brittany Scott

An elegant traditional woody prayer bench in browns. It has 2 wide upright posts on feet, a shelf for a cushion (covered in blue flowery fabric), a rectangular slanted top with a safety slat. A base is adorned with a cross between 2 candlesticks.

Prayer kneeler bench 1
Chloe Hughesful
Kneeling prayer bench
Alicia Gre

Such a drained prayer bench kneeler has a distinctly sacral meaning. Depending on the taste and interior design of the church, you can decide on a light or dark color. For the knee of the faithful - he takes care of the bright flowery upholstery.

Antique prayer kneeler
Zernike Laetitia

If prayer in a kneeling position is the most important moment in your life and you spend a long time in it. To make it worthy to survive, a wooden prayer bench kneeler was designed, made of maple wood with an additional black cushion on the lower step.

Personal Meditation Prayer Altar by EarthBench. Solid Red Oak Construction. Meditation Bench.
Jacqueline Cart

For meditation, you need nothing more that a sturdy construction of your meditation bench. This one, crafted with durability in mind of solid red oak, provides you that. Natural finish gives a feel of harmony to the surroundings.

Deluxe! Small ALTAR w/ Shrine 'Nook' Shelf: Solid RED OAK Personal Meditation Prayer Altar By EarthBench - Meditation Bench Co.

A convenient nook shelf is always a good idea to save some space in your room. This one is crafted from solid red oak wood, along with its smooth top and 1 open shelf. You can also use it for prayers and meditation.

Kneeling bench

A lovely prayer bench for smaller interiors, which is going to spice your home with vintage style. Crafted from durable wood and nicely-polished, the bench has comfortable cushions and a convenient storage compartment.

Prayer benches 5
Outstanding early old antique primitive simple wooden prayer bench w
Altar bench
Standard prayer bench 1
Catherine Ross
Prayer stool
Rogers Jaclyn
Portable prayer kneeler
Prayer shelf
Kneeling meditation bench has rounded legs so you can tilt
Krystal Smi
EarthBench Shrine Table - Petite Floor Altar (5" inches tall) - Solid BUTTERNUT ("White Walnut") Construction for Meditation, Prayer, or Contemplative Studies.
Elizabeth Coupe
Folding Prayer Bench in Maple, Meditation Bench Upholstered in 4 Batik Fabric Choices to Enhance Your Prayer Time.
Patricia Brya

This folding bench is a great tool for lowering all the stress off your back. Crafted from sturdy maple, the bench also features a comfy seat, upholstered in batik fabric. The legs can be folded under the seat for easy transport or storage.

Promise PFA Prayer Bench
Miller Amanda

This kind of product is a solid and comfortable prayer bench. The whole construction is based on durable wood. The top is very soft, covered with leather and finished with a very attractive nailhead trim.

Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf - EarthBench - Solid WALNUT Construction for Meditation, Prayer, or Contemplative Studies.
Ashley Mar
Beautiful Personal Altar by EarthBench - Solid CHERRY Hardwood Construction for Meditation, Prayer, or Contemplative Studies.
Erin Jon
Prayer kneeler for home
Rachel Massonable
Promise Flag Prayer Bench
Alicia Perr

This kind of product is a prayer bench that has got an attractive top with an American flag stylization. The top is soft and it reducrs stress on knees and back, so the product allows for comfortable prayers.

Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf - EarthBench - Solid CHERRY WOOD Construction for Meditation, Prayer, or Contemplative Studies.
Cintia Brook

Prayer bench in simple form. It is completely made of wood and fitted with open shelf.

Praying bench
Memorial garden benches stone
Jasmine Par
Prayer bench 5
Shannon Sco
Antique furniture french antique gothic kneeler prayer bench chair 3
Holly Kelly
French 19th c prie dieu
Some excellent detail images of recent walnut prayer benches
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Michelle Ward
Solid Pine Small Personal Meditation Prayer Altar w/ Deluxe Metallic BRONZE Finish - By EarthBench Meditation Bench Co.
Zernike Laetitia

A small bench that is ideal for one person. It can play the role of a personal meditation prayer altar. It is made of solid pine wood with an interesting metallic bronze finish, so it has also got a decorative character.