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9 Ways to Use a Small Desk with Drawers In Your Home

Whether your home is large or small, a small desk with drawers can serve in various ways and purposes. From the home office or kid's homework station to a beautiful make-up vanity, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how to best use a small desk for your needs.

Here are nine brilliant ways to put that small desk with drawers to work for you in your own home.

Work from Home Space

Whether you work from home full-time or just a day or two a week, having your own designated space helps you stay in the zone and focus on the work at hand.

If you are limited on space, scan your home for any available corner, open wall space, or spare closet. If you have stairs, see if there's room on the top landing or even behind the stairs down below. Fitting your desk into a cozy nook or as a stylish addition to your living room can create the perfect work from home space for your needs.

Small desks are often prone to clutter. Look for a model with a cable management feature to keep computer and modem cables organized. Add shallow boxes or containers to your small desk with drawers to keep office supplies tidy.

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Corner Desk
Writing Desk

Homework Station for Children

Getting your children to do homework often can be a challenge. Make this easier by creating a homework station specifically for each child in the house. A small desk can be squeezed into the smallest bedroom, a hallway, or even a kitchen corner. If possible, find wall space where you can put up a corkboard with push pins or a chalkboard with an eraser. Add hooks for your child to hang up his or her latest art projects.

Customizing the space for each child can go a long way in inspiring them to take their homework seriously. If you have two children in the home, consider placing two small desks back to back. This still provides individual space but keeps them close together.

Go further and inspire your children to keep their space organized by creating drawer organizers for pencils, crayons, art supplies, and other necessary items.

Modern Dorm Design
Modern Dorm Design

Vanity Table

What better way to create a custom vanity with ample drawers to store makeup and other beauty items than by converting a small desk with drawers? Place it next to your bed, inside the bathroom, or a walk-in closet to create a luxurious dressing area.

Once you find the ideal spot, accessorize the desk for added functionality. Add a mirror that matches the desk's finish and style and fits with your room's decor. Lighting is crucial for a vanity. If you have natural light available, set the desk near that light. If not, select light fixtures and bulbs that provide the right amount of light for applying makeup.

The desk drawers serve as the perfect spot to organize and store all your beauty products, from eyeshadows to hair clips.

Modern Bedroom Design
Modern Bedroom Design

Entryway Console Table

Create a unique focal point in your foyer or entryway with your small desk.

The drawers provide a space for incoming mail, keys, phones, and bags, while the desk surface is ideal for displaying decorative items and photos.

Hang artwork or an oversized mirror above the desk to provide a beautiful, eye-catching space each time you enter your home.

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Kitchen Use

Placing a small desk in your kitchen can provide several potential uses. This is the perfect place to get organized if you enjoy perusing through cookbooks or creating your own recipes.

If you've always wanted your own hot beverage station, a small desk with drawers is perfect for this. Place your coffee maker on the top along with a tray with stirrers, sugar, and cups. In the drawers, organize napkins, utensils, K-cups, filters, tea bags, and hot chocolate packets.

You can also turn your small desk with drawers into a cocktail bar, perfect for storing cocktail napkins, coasters, and mixing tools. Store an ice bucket with tongs and a nice set of wine, rock, or margarita glasses on top. Place a decorative tray on top along with your favorite bottles so you can serve guests easily.

Traditional Design
Traditional Design

Room Divider

Another place to position a small desk is behind your sofa in place of a console table. This allows you to use the desk as a divider between two rooms, designating each space.

With open floor plans, the back of your sofa is exposed. Draw attention to the desk instead by keeping it clutter-free and artfully decorated with a soft, ambient table lamp and coffee table books.

Traditional Living Room Design
Living Room Design
Rustic Living Room Design

Craft Station

If space is at a premium in your home, but you love to craft, consider using your small desk as a craft station. The drawers provide storage space for supplies, such as your glue gun, paints, and brushes, sketch pads, or beads for beading.

It can also be used as a sewing station if you have a small, portable sewing machine. Threads, needles, patches, and other sewing gear fit nicely in the desk drawers, keeping you organized.

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A small desk with drawers makes a stunning nightstand for a tall bed. The tabletop provides ample space to place your lamp, alarm clock, scented candle, hand lotion, and cell phone charging station.

Stack books you plan to read before falling asleep and keep sleep aids such as eye masks, earplugs, and nose strips out of public sight by organizing them in the desk drawers.

French Country Bedroom Design
French Country Bedroom Design

Indoor Workbench

Placing a small desk near the mudroom or back door can provide you the perfect indoor workbench for those small jobs around the house. Store the most often needed tools and other items in the drawers, such as a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, nails, and picture hangers.

Ensure you choose a model with a durable tabletop surface that won't scratch or stain easily, such as MDF or laminate.

Improve Your Home's Style and Practicality with a Small Desk

A small desk with drawerscan serve a variety of purposes in your home. Use your imagination to create a beautiful space you will want to return to again and again. Whether your desk is for taking care of yourself or organizing your home life, don't overlook the potential possibilities.

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Coastal Design

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