Wrought Iron Votive Candle Holder


To add a charming look to the interior you need for example a wrought iron votive candle holder. The designs vary from very elaborate to quite minimalist and simple. With a flickering candle inside, the space gains ambience in no time. Check my collection below.

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Our Picks

Antique vintage church 24 candle holder votive very unique wrought

Antique Vintage Church 24 Candle Holder Votive * VERY UNIQUE * Wrought Iron

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Wrought iron candle display

Wrought iron candle display

The stylish and highly practical candle holder is a great combination of attractive style and beautiful details. The design of wrought iron with glass containers for candles captivates bringing the charming decor atmosphere.

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Wrought Iron Centerpiece Candelabra

Wrought Iron Centerpiece Candelabra

It is a centerpiece candelabra that is made of iron and holds five pillar candles. It is perfect for your dining room table, fireplace, bedroom and more. The iron banding is strong and wide. It looks very beautiful and elegant.

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Wrought iron votive candle holder 27

10in Hanging Glass Votives to hang from the wrought iron entrance to bar?

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Waldemar Wrought Iron Candelabra

Waldemar Wrought Iron Candelabra

This wrought iron candelabra has got a sophisticated look and is perfect for your elegant home. It is a great decoration for living room or bedroom for romantic accent. You will be impressed how amazing this candelabra is.

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Tealight votive candle flower vase centerpiece candelabra table lighting dining

Tealight Votive Candle Flower Vase Centerpiece Candelabra Table Lighting Dining

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Primitive Wrought Iron Star Votive Candle Holder Wall Hanging Free Grubby Candle

Primitive Wrought Iron Star Votive Candle Holder Wall Hanging Free Grubby Candle

Made from wrought iron, this votive star candle holder shows how simply you can add brilliance into the room. A charming wall decoration, which will provide a positive, bright appeal to your living room or bedroom.

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This handcrafted curved table top cross display offers nine round

Prayer candle holder with a vintage look. There’s a total of 9 candle holders, with 8 of them arranged in ascending order on both sides of the center holder. The whole structure sits on a curved baseline. There are jewel-colored crosses arranged vertically beneath each holder.

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Amish handmade vintage heart shaped

Amish handmade vintage heart shaped

Handmade votive candle holder with clear glass cup for a single tealight - traditional Amish design and make; add all wrought iron construction - this item wis meant to last! Its base is heart shaped.

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Wrought Iron Votive Candle Holder

Buying Guide

Decorating your living space with candles is an excellent idea. Candle lighting can help set the mood into something romantic or magical. Of course, before you can do that, you'll need a candle holder. For the best effect, use a candle holder made of wrought iron as the material comes with an "old world" appeal.

Buying a wrought iron votive candle holder can be tricky because of the many options. The following questions will help you navigate through your choices.

  • Size. One of the first things to consider is the size of the candles you'll be using. Votive candles vary in sizes. Hence, you'd want to make sure that your candle holder is appropriate for the size of your candles. If the candle holder is too big, then a candle would look out of place. Also, it may be susceptible to being knocked out of the votive, which then becomes a fire hazard. If it's too small, the candle won’t fit inside it. Or, you'll have a problem taking it out after use.
  • Height. Votive candle holders usually come with a receptacle for the candles. Keep in mind that if the candle rises above the container, it will needlessly burn faster. Hence, make sure that you find the right height so the candle will burn slightly lower than the height of the receptacle.

Generally, you want the style of the room and the wrought iron votive candle holder to be the same. At the very least, you want it to be similar. What you don't want to do is buy an item that is on the other side of the spectrum. For example, purchasing a beautiful minimalistic candle holder and placing it in a Victorian setting. Interior design can be a complicated subject, but you can categorize the styles into classic, contemporary and modern.

  • Classic - Typically, this style carries lots of intricate detailing that are not at all essential but aesthetically pleasing.
  • Modern - Most modern styles tend to run on the philosophy of "simplicity is the best expression of beauty." Hence, the style makes use of sleek lines and thin profiles. The non-essential additions are typically non-existent and the candle holder only has the bare minimum.
  • Contemporary - This style sits in the middle between modern and classic. It will usually feature non-essential style additions, but not as much compared to the classic. Since the style lies in the middle of the spectrum, it's usually a safe choice if you are not so sure about the style of the room.

The main idea behind making the shopping task a lot more enjoyable is to know how to weed out choices that are not applicable to your situation. The key points mentioned above should help you narrow down your choices into a more manageable list.

Best Ideas

Table top chandelier candle holder

The curiously-made and very stylish wrought iron candle holder is a lovely combination of functionality. Beautiful form with glass holders presents stylishly in every interior design, and together with the sticks brings a unique atmosphere.

Wrought iron votive candle holder 1

Nature inspired votive candle holder mimicking a tree with bronze leaves. The twiggy base was cast from wrought iron and finished satin black. Clear glass candle holders accommodate popular standard tealights.

Wrought iron votive candle holder 10

Prayer candle holder made out of wrought iron. The frame is polished with a brown hue, and can hold up to 8 prayer candles. The candle platforms are connected by curvy designs, which span from one end to the other. The entire structure sits on a pair of caliper-shaped legs.

Wrought iron votive candle holder

A captivating candle holder for outdoor usage, characterized by durable wrought iron construction and attention to every detail. The holder is suspended from a strong metal chain, and accommodates up to 3 candles at the same time.

Crystal Drop Wrought Iron Candelabra

Crystal Drop Wrought Iron Candelabra

Wrought iron tealight holders

A charming traditional votive candle sconce crafted of wrought iron with a beautiful finish in brass tones. It features a wavy main frame adorned with showy scrolls with finials. The sconce has 3 ring holders for candle jars of transparent glass.

Wrought iron votive candle holder 7

Bird Leaf Branch Votive 3-inch 3-Pillar Candle Holder Wrought Iron 16 inch Black

Adeco Iron Table Desk Top Candle Holders, Detailed Scroll Stand, Various Heights (Set of 3)

Wrought iron votive candle holder 21

Center Piece Votive Candle Holder Tray Steel Metalwork by GTHENRY

Wrought iron votive candle holder 5

Fall Decor Harvest Votive Candle Holder Set

Wrought iron hanging votive holder with stand diamond 7 high

Wrought Iron Hanging Votive Holder with stand. Diamond - 7" High X 6" Wide - Stand - 13" High X 6" Wide Does not include Glass Votive, & Candle. Material: Hand-crafted, High Quality Wrought Iron Made in the USA!

Wrought iron votive candle holder 26

Fireplace Candelabra | Candelabra Centerpieces ~~for sale~~~~ #wedding, centerpiece, home decor or gift idea. ~~~~

Cobalt blue glass square votive tealight candle holder black metal

Cobalt Blue Glass Square Votive Tealight Candle Holder Black Metal Folding Base

Check out the imax worldwide 84004 centerpiece candle holder priced

Check out the Imax Worldwide 84004 Centerpiece Candle Holder priced at $98.25 at Homeclick.com.