Wood Base Floor Lamp


Metal based lamps transitioning from wood floors can be jarring. Instead consider the possibility of a wood base floor lamp. The transition is smooth, and they add a continuity to the flow of the look that instills a level of warmth metal just can't provide. If you are looking for a wood-based floor lamp you came to the right place. For more information see the collection

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Our Picks

Transitional Floor Lamp

Transitional Floor Lamp

It is a standing floor lamp, which is perfect for a wide variety of interiors. It has a wooden leg. Such material introduces warmth and gives the impression of cosiness. The cover is soft and soothes the light emitted by the lamp.

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Diy arc floor lamp

Arc floor lamp with a rectangular base that provides good support and stability. This arch lamp features a rustic wooden frame and standard cotton shade finished in neutral white color. This lamp perfectly matches modern indoors.

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Stilt Wooden Floor Lamp

Stilt Wooden Floor Lamp

It is a wooden floor lamp with beige colors and contemporary design. It is great for any room in your home. If you looking for something special you need to buy this one. It is a perfect choice.

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Floor lamps wooden base

Minimalist floor lamp designed with a thick square-shaped wooden base and a slender frame to hold the lamp. The piece also comes in a rounded fabric-based lampshade, finished in white to match up to the recessed finishing on the wood. The lamp delivers superb visual balance!

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Woobia wooden floor lamp design ideas


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Wood base floor lamp 3

Floor lamp with a round wooden base for enhanced stability and support. Its wooden post includes some decorative accents . Natural burlap drum shade is durable and it is a perfect accent for any traditional or contemporary home decor.

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Contemporary floor lamp with wooden base unique furniture design from

Contemporary floor lamp with wooden base, unique furniture design from ...

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Diy floor lamp base

Handwork carving from solid wood, makes the base and body steady. Vintage style will suit for most home decoration style. It is in bronze finish with painting. The whole lamp will be shining aside your sofa or bed.

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Rustic Living Wooden Boat 65.5" Floor Lamp

Rustic Living Wooden Boat 65.5" Floor Lamp

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Wood base floor lamp 4

Sculptural Danish Floor Lamp | From a unique collection of antique and modern floor lamps at

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Wood Base Floor Lamp

Buying Guide

A floor lamp should be between 58 and 64 inches tall. Your floor lamps should be at about eye level for the average person in order to make the room seem proportioned in the best way - and to allow for the best, most even light distribution. In particular, you don’t want the bottom of the shade of your lamp to sit at a lower point than the eye level of a seated person. In other words, if you’re in doubt as to how tall your wood base floor lamp should be, it’s always best to go slightly taller for utility’s sake.

Choosing the right shape of wood base floor lamp will harmonize your interior decor and make the whole room come together effortlessly.

Your existing interior decor style and theme may determine the shape of the lampshade you go for.

Fluted shades offer an elegant look and would go well with classy and traditional interiors, while pleats are more casual and give your living space a cozy feel. For lamps in the bedroom, scalloped works best to bring on a relaxed ambiance.

Bell shades are versatile enough to fit in with any interior to make the room look traditional or ultra-modern. So, our take is that when in doubt opt for the safer choice which is the bell-shaped floor lamp.

Much like metal floor lamps, there is a great deal of wood base floor lamps to discover! As an example, contemporary floor lamps with wooden legs are available in so many shapes—and the same goes for traditional lamps! There are floor lamps that feature a three-legged base, a sculpted profile, a distinctive spiral design, along with those with square bases to name but a few. More classic and elaborate types of wooden floor lamps include a turned-wood or twisted base or any other design with intricate carvings. You might also stumble across rustic-style floor lamps that are made up of intertwining branches as well as less fussy, minimalist lamps designed with a much slender wooden silhouette.

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