Wood Base Floor Lamp

Metal based lamps transitioning from wood floors can be jarring. Instead consider the possibility of a wood base floor lamp. The transition is smooth, and they had a continuity to the flow of the look that instills a level of warmth metal just can't provide. If you are looking for a wood-based floor lamp you came to the right place. For more information see the collection

Best Products

Transitional Floor Lamp

Transitional Floor Lamp
It is a standing floor lamp, which is perfect for a wide variety of interiors. It has a wooden leg. Such material introduces warmth and gives the impression of cosiness. The cover is soft and soothes the light emitted by the lamp.

Coastal Delights Starfish Lamp

Coastal Delights Starfish Lamp
This type of lamp is a functional and decorative product that provides appropriate level of light indoors. It has got a large size and a very attractive starfish shape. What is more, the lamp is very solid.

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp
Add this charming floor lamp and enjoy the instant illumination to your living room or hallway, since the black, metal base features a climbing vine motif, while the drum shade blends effortlessly with any traditional setting.

Starfish 30" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Starfish 30" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
A contemporary table lamp with a sturdy base which is starfish-shaped. The lamp also features a bell shade which increases its attractiveness. The bulb type is incandescent. The voltage is estimated at 110V.

Starfish 32.5" H Table Lamp with Oval Shade

Starfish 32.5" H Table Lamp with Oval Shade
A starfish-shaped table lamp with an oval shade. Its base is consturcted from high-quality woods only while the shade is made of fabric. The starfish in the middle adds more style to the overall design.

Beijing Floor Lamp

Beijing Floor Lamp
Are you looking for some intriguing and stylish decorations for your house? Then, you're gonna fall in love with this charming floor lamp! Check it out and enjoy an incredible design and functionality.

Stilt Wooden Floor Lamp

Stilt Wooden Floor Lamp
It is a wooden floor lamp with beige colors and contemporary design. It is great for any room in your home. If you looking for something special you need to buy this one. It is a perfect choice.

Our advice Buying Guide

How tall should a floor lamp be?

A floor lamp should be between 58 and 64 inches tall. Your floor lamps should be at about eye level for the average person in order to make the room seem proportioned in the best way - and to allow for the best, most even light distribution. In particular, you don’t want the bottom of the shade of your lamp to sit at a lower point than the eye level of a seated person. In other words, if you’re in doubt as to how tall your wood base floor lamp should be, it’s always best to go slightly taller for utility’s sake.

What's the best shape for a floor lamp?

Choosing the right shape of wood base floor lamp will harmonize your interior decor and make the whole room come together effortlessly.

Your existing interior decor style and theme may determine the shape of the lampshade you go for.

Fluted shades offer an elegant look and would go well with classy and traditional interiors, while pleats are more casual and give your living space a cozy feel. For lamps in the bedroom, scalloped works best to bring on a relaxed ambiance.

Bell shades are versatile enough to fit in with any interior to make the room look traditional or ultra-modern. So, our take is that when in doubt opt for the safer choice which is the bell-shaped floor lamp.

What are the different types of wood base floor lamps?

Much like metal floor lamps, there is a great deal of wood base floor lamps to discover! As an example, contemporary floor lamps with wooden legs are available in so many shapes—and the same goes for traditional lamps! There are floor lamps that feature a three-legged base, a sculpted profile, a distinctive spiral design, along with those with square bases to name but a few. More classic and elaborate types of wooden floor lamps include a turned-wood or twisted base or any other design with intricate carvings. You might also stumble across rustic-style floor lamps that are made up of intertwining branches as well as less fussy, minimalist lamps designed with a much slender wooden silhouette.


Diy arc floor lamp

Arc floor lamp with a rectangular base that provides good support and stability. This arch lamp features a rustic wooden frame and standard cotton shade finished in neutral white color. This lamp perfectly matches modern indoors.

Wooden floor lamp base

Floor lamp mounted on wooden base. Drum lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Ideal as additional source of light in the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Wood base floor lamp 2

Floor lamp with natural looking wooden post and base. Its unique barn design looks very natural. Upper part of this lamp is equipped with a white drum shade, so it also looks very good in traditional indoors.

Floor lamps wooden base

Minimalist floor lamp designed with a thick square-shaped wooden base and a slender frame to hold the lamp. The piece also comes in a rounded fabric-based lampshade, finished in white to match up to the recessed finishing on the wood. The lamp delivers superb visual balance!

Turned wood floor lamp base

An extraordinary floor lamp in a modern design. It's characterized by a unique, decorative base made of wood and a classic lamp shade in a white color. The piece will suit contemporary or minimalist interiors.

Turned wood lamp base

Constructed from naturally grained wood and still retaining its rugged natural look, this floor lamp is a bold piece of décor accessory. It’s fitted with a heavy stone base too and a half globe lampshade for excellent functionality and versatility in style for all to see.

Contemporary floor lamp design makes the most of a natural

Contemporary floor lamp design makes the most of a natural materials and indoor plants combination, offering a torchier with an elegant wood base and an attractive glass plant terrarium. This contempo

Wooden lamp stand

A nice set of very minimalistic, simple standing lamps, great for a modern, contemporary living room. Made out of metal with a wooden stand, these are bound to invigorate your room with their unique look.

Wood base floor lamps

Superb wooden lamp base designed with a strong rounded base and finished in a neat balance of colors. The stand comes with a predominant light beige coat, touched with beautiful bold elements of green, red, and blue for outstanding two-tone finishing.

Wooden floor lamp base

Beautiful lamp with a nice rounded base. Constructed from wood, the floor lamp features a slightly glossed natural wood grain finish that should easily add immense style into your spaces. It’s also fitted with a nice fabric shaped shade at the top, neatly finished in white for impeccable elegance.

Wood base floor lamp 21

Beautiful floor lamp designed to look like a faux candlestick. The stand comes with a strong rounded base for extra stability and an intricately carved stem for impeccable style. It’s then topped by a white fabric-based lampshade to complete this stunning design.

Woobia wooden floor lamp design ideas


Floor lamp with wooden base

floor and desk lamps. Maybe a modified bersion of this for the base or too of a bookcase

Wood base floor lamp 3

Floor lamp with a round wooden base for enhanced stability and support. Its wooden post includes some decorative accents . Natural burlap drum shade is durable and it is a perfect accent for any traditional or contemporary home decor.

Contemporary floor lamp with wooden base unique furniture design from

Contemporary floor lamp with wooden base, unique furniture design from ...

Wood base floor lamp 5

Yamagiwa: Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin 2 floor lamp | NOVA68 Modern Design

Starfish lamp 43

3-dimensional and very meticulously crafted, this unique gold colored starfish lamp is a sure pick to embellish any beach style or sea themed decor. It's really, well, extraordinary and somehow futuristic.