How To Choose A Toddler & Kids Table & Chair Set

If you're looking to design a child's bedroom or play area, toddler and kids table and chair sets should definitely pique your interest. While your kids will outgrow them, they still provide a versatile place for kids to do art projects, read or play.

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Like many home goods, kids table and chair sets come in many different styles, materials and functions. Below we'll cover major considerations when shopping for this product and help you pick the one that's right for you.

How to Select the Color of Kids Table & Chair Sets?

These types of sets come in a wide variety of colors. Because children's areas tend to be colorful, you can find many different color designs to fit your interior design choice. Below we'll outline different color schemes in toddler & kids table & chair sets and when to choose each.

  • Bright multicolor: One of the most common styles you'll see is a bright multicolor. The table is often one color and the chairs are each a different color. These styles are usually in bright primary colors. Choose a bright multicolor style if you are going for a bold, colorful and artistic style in a children's room or play area.
  • Pastel multicolor: This is the same multicolor style as above. However, the colors are all pastel. Often, the table may be white and the chairs each a different shade of a pastel color. If you're going for a soft and bright color scheme in a child's area, choose a pastel color scheme.
  • Solid bright color: Another common design is some shade of a bright color that is on all the chairs and table. Baby pink is a common color to find in toddler & kids table & chair sets, as many children's areas have a pink theme. Choose one color if you're designing a space with either one accent color or a single shade theme, like a pink princess space.
  • Woodgrain: It's also common to see kids table and chairs that are simply an unpainted wood color. Choose a woodgrain if you're decorating a classic or transitional space. Woodgrain is also good if you're placing the table and chairs in a room that is also used by adults, as this will often match existing furniture, molding or flooring.
  • Solid neutral: You can also find toddler & kids table & chair sets in solid white, black or gray shades. Solid neutrals are great for classic or transitional spaces especially, though these styles can fit in with just about any décor style.
Modern Solid Wood Table And Chair Set
Brown Hardwood Table And Chair Set
Green Manufactured Wood Table And Chair Set
Classic Manufactured Wood Table And Chair Set
Simple Plastic Table And Chair Set
Classic Metal Table And Chair Set

Which Materials Do Kids Table and Chair Sets Come In?

You also have a decent variety of materials to choose from. These table sets often come in:


Wood is a classic and sturdy option that makes a great base for any table and chair set, even those for children. Wood is commonly used in table and chair sets for older children. Choose wood if you want a style that is starting to look like classy miniature versions of adult table and chairs sets.

White Manufactured Wood Table And Chair Set
Manufactured Wood Table And Chair Set
Classic Solid Wood Table And Chair Set
Brown Solid Wood Table And Chair Set
White Stylish Manufactured Wood Table And Chair Set
Classic Manufactured Wood Table And Chair Set


It also very common to see children's table and chair sets made out of plastic. Since plastic holds less weight, it's commonly used for smaller children. The rounded shape of the plastic also gives more of a playful feel, like the set itself is one of the toys in the room. Choose plastic sets for smaller children or if you're looking for very colorful and playful designs.

Stylish Plastic Table And Chair Set
Simple Plastic Table And Chair Set
Colorful Plastic Table And Chair Set
Simple Plastic Table And Chair Set
Classic Plastic Table And Chair Set
Purple Classic Plastic Table And Chair Set


Some toddler & kids table & chair sets make use of metal, but it is not the go-to material for kids furniture, except for beds. Metal tends to be cold, but on the other hand, almost indestructible which does become an upside in a kids' space. Choose metal for a more casual, modern or even industrial space. 

How to Select the Overall Style of Table Sets For Children's Table Sets?

Children's table sets also have many different styles and features to choose from. Here are some of the most popular categories:

  • Basic table and chairs: It's common to see simple table and chair set-ups. Choose basic styles if you want a simple furniture addition to a classic, modern or minimalist room theme.
  • Character, object or animal themes: Toddler & kids table & chair sets can get quite creative in their styles, from chair and table legs that look like pencils to animals drawn on the table's surface to motifs featuring characters from cartoons. If you're going for a theme room, look into tables and chairs with the same theme. Great for stimulating kids' imagination and sense of coherence .
  • Art tables: If your child loves arts and crafts, you can find tables and chairs that are built as miniature art studios. These often have space on the table for holding crayons or pencils. There is often space under the table to store art supplies, as well. Art tables also go great in overall colorful and artistic room styles, as many designs are boldly colorful.
  • Storage tables: Another option is a table that focuses on storage. Many of these have cubbies under the table that can slide out and give added storage. These can work well in smaller spaces where multifunctional furniture is a must.
Yellow Gray Manufactured Wood Table And Chair Set
Colorful Plastic Table And Chair Set
White Traditional Solid Wood Table And Chair Set
Classic Manufactured Wood Table And Chair Set
Stylish Plastic Art Master Desk
Blue Classic Vinyl Table And Chair Set

What Are Some Safety Considerations for Kids Table and Chair Sets?

The safety of your children is a top priority. So anything you purchase, especially children's furniture, should be manufactured to keep kids safe. Make sure to follow common safety standards set by ASTM International when looking for toddler & kids table & chair sets. Factors to look out for include:

  • No small parts should pose a choking hazard, such as loose screws
  • No sharp edges
  • No splinters
  • Made from non-toxic materials: no lead-based paint and preferrably no Polyvinyl chloride - PVC
  • The set should be sturdy with no tables and chairs wobbling

Keeping your children safe may require a complete check of the product after it is set up. Make sure where you buy the set from has a good return policy.

Quick tips

Manufacturers seem to enjoy making as many wild and creative designs in children's furniture as they can. Children's rooms and play areas tend to be creative places devoted to whimsy themselves, so it makes sense that there are a plethora of choices. To help you pick the toddler & kids table & chair sets that could work for your space, below are some quick takeaways to keep in mind:

  • In general, choose a colorful design for bold artsy spaces and a neutral color for more classic or timeless spaces. 
  • Wood works best for tables and chairs for older kids. It has a classier appearance.
  • Plastic works well for younger kids because it tends to hold less weight. 
  • Metal tables and chairs work for casual spaces.
  • Choose the type of table and chairs that match your goals. For instance, if you need more storage, choose a storage style.